Why is the West protecting Hamas?

By Ted Belman

When the West supports Israel’s right of self defense it also calls for restraint. These are conflicting notions.

Why is the West enamoured with restraint. They don’t ask it of anyone else nor do they practise it.

Besides Hamas is recognized by all as a terrorist organization. Why doesn’t the West want Hamas to be destroyed. Instead they are protecting them.

And that’s the truth. Its why they keep asking for restraint.

July 18, 2014 | 8 Comments »

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Bear Klein Said:

    Israel needs to do what is right and needed:
    First in war you defeat your enemy!
    Then your explain how moral you are.

    If you are alive and well, all is good. Especially if you are victorious!

    Well said!!!

  2. Seems the historical facts support Yamit’s view. I add that a faction within the Jewish Establishment is also complicit in keeping the Palestinazis viable. (Not using the term ‘Palestinazi’ loosely… it’s the most accurate way to describe this group’s ideology and goals. Those who’ve tried to bring about policy change by working within the Israeli political system have learned that there’s actually no mechanism to accomplish a meaningful policy shift. Personally, I long ago lost hope that we can have an impact in the political realm. Add to that the endless bickering among Jews and the egomania that seems to drive even the best ‘Right Wing’ folks, we’ve got a long wait ahead of us. Josephus wrote that the best way to destroy the Jewish people is to leave them alone and let them destroy each other. Is there an antidote to this poison? If so, please spread it around.

  3. How easy it is when you are not the one being hit to urge your friend who is the victim to “use restraint”. Just like the restraint we used against Japan? Germany? Korea? VietNam? Iraq? Taliban? Should I go on? Don’t listen to anyone Israel who hasn’t got his own skin in the game.

  4. The biggest mistake is for the US to support the Palestinians. They are nothing more than a pawn for Hamas (proxy of Iran) and their objective is to destroy Israel and the Jews. Aint going to happen.
    Time for the world to wake up and cut all aids to the Palestinians.
    Ovomit is trying to convince the PM to go easy on Hamas. BS Israel should once and for all wipe them out of Gaza and retake it.
    Please Israel don’t let up the free world citizens are counting on you.
    G-d speed.

  5. This is the world of political correctness. Defend yourself but do not hurt the children the terrorists are hiding behind is an oxymoron.

    Many times the people saying this are basically in plain language full of it! One liberal who is not against Israel put it this way to me, “The Palestinians are the weaker side”. She listens to some of the stuff the lefty Israelis say like we keep them from getting their fair share of water. So she is not against Israel and thinks the Hamas are horrible but hates weapons of war. Israel will never make all the people like her love it.

    Israel needs to do what is right and needed:
    First in war you defeat your enemy!
    Then your explain how moral you are.

    If you are alive and well, all is good. Especially if you are victorious!

  6. @ XLucid:
    How did the ‘Palestinian movement’


    The British sponsored it. Then the German Nazis, and the US.

    Is the US an ally of Israel?
    The US pushed for a PLO state in the West Bank against Israeli objections 1981 by R. Reagan

    The US rushed to protect the PLO in southern Lebanon from the Israelis. Again folk hero (villain) R. Reagan 1982-83

    The Washington Post noted the contrast between the PLO’s earlier exit from Jordan, and from Lebanon:

    “From Amman [Jordan], the PLO troops left unheralded, in ridicule. From Beirut [Lebanon], they left in a compromise negotiated by the United States, waving their Kalashnikov rifles. Arafat left not in the middle of the night but with an emotional dockside sendoff from the Lebanese prime minister, a French Navy escort and U.S. air cover.”

    But why did the US do this? Because the PLO is the US’s pet, and the US meant to use it again as an attack dog (as we shall see). If any further evidence for this ‘master-pet’ relationship were needed, consider that, in Lebanon, the US had been using the PLO as its *guard* dog:

    “The Lebanese occupation by Israel caused the Palestinians to have to leave Lebanon eventually…They had been the protectors for the American diplomatic community in Beirut…There was liaison with the PLO, and the Americans were depending on them for their security.” — Vincent Cannistraro, senior intelligence official.

    It’s a love affair!

  7. Why is the West protecting Hamas?

    The reason is crystal clear. Both the West and Arabs have a common objective: the destruction of Israel and the eradication of Jewish national existence.

    The West has been injecting more than 800 billions of dollars during the last 70 years in order to subsidize and contribute indirectly to the Arab terrorism against Israel.

    The West and Arabs are partners: the first one is the funder while the second one is the armed wing.

  8. I believe there is a plan, accepted by top hamas echelon,to meld into the PA but that this is very dangerous a shift for hamas leadership and they want to preserve a political and economic future for themselves; to be in on the future deals that will never happen without an end to belligerence. first, I think that they want to exit into a political transformation by going out as the true and authentic resistance which will give them future votes and preserve their BS posterity. Without face-saving they will be viewed by their population as losers and failures getting nothing when they meld into PA under Abbas. They will be given something to save their face for a 10 year truce. I believe they will agree to going under Abbas who will do the demilitarization under the already existing agreements between PA and Israel and in this way Hamas will never have agreed to give up their resistance even though castrated. They will likely agree to cease-fire on the basis of saving lives and unity with the PA. There will be less disagreement from their street for a cease-fire truce after they have experienced the latest war. They will be given “open borders” under the PA Israel agreements. israel will retain supervision similar to that existing with the PA.
    the restraint is to allow them to live through this drama and make the agreements.
    just saying.