Israel-India ties & why Adani’s purchase of Haifa Port is Jerusalem’s message to America

Dr. Oshrit Birvadker is a leading analyst of India’s foreign policy in Israel, a Senior Researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS), a business development expert, and an entrepreneur. She tweets @birvadker.

Change of government in Israel didn’t stop Gautam Adani’s $1.2 billion privatisation deal. Israel’s outgoing ministers approved the purchase six months after the Adani Group won the tender by a wide margin. Is this a proof that the India-Israel relationship is getting stronger & goes beyond left-right political dynamic. Oshrit Birvadker, leading analyst of India’s foreign policy in Israel says the tightening of relations with India & the expansion of the foothold of Indian companies in strategic infrastructure in Israel may be Israel’s answer to American pressures.
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  1. The Obama regime which is still commanding is not the US. It is anything but the US. The US is allied. Obamatoids are mortal enemies there and here.