Israel is at War!

By Mordechai Ben-Menachem 8 October 2023

Fifty years to the day of the Yom Kippur War; and once again a surprise attack of unprecedented viciousness.

The war began at 06:30 with the intentional targeting of children and families. They intentionally murdered children and mothers in their beds.

Expect a conflict that will last several weeks. As the poet said: “The vengeance of children’s blood is on the hands of Satan.” First, some 5,000 rockets were fired at civilians in the first half hour, then an additional 2,000 later. It then continued with attacks by land, sea and air. The sea attacks was intercepted and failed. Some of the attackers were apparently people from Judea and Samaria who infiltrated via work permits. Some 60 hang gliders were used to fly over the fence. Near Kerem Shalom, the southernmost border crossing, Gazan ‘civilians’ used tractors to bulldoze the fence so that Hamas operatives could enter using bikes and jeeps, while also entering the Erez crossing a little farther north. The initial objective of the infiltrating pigs was to butcher entire families in their homes, particularly children. E.g., they entered Kibbutz Be’eri, went house-to-house, to slaughter women and children. The world has not seen this kind of action since WWII. The incursions occurred in 9 towns: Netiv Haasara, Sderot, Kfar Aza, Nahal Oz, Be’eri, Ofaqim, Kibbutz Sufa, and Kerem Shalom. For context, I lived and grew up there.

At the end of Shabbat & High Holiday, when I turned my devices on, the first report that I saw was from the BBC. True to form, true to their history at least since the Holocaust, the BBC report was that 198 Gazan were killed by Israel because they had fired “a few dozen rockets”. The BBC has never been famous for the intelligence of a scarecrow, so let me make this clear so that even they can comprehend; 7,000 is nearly 590 dozen, and even for unintelligent cowards and antisemites like the BBC, 590 is not a few. This is not new to them.

There is NO DOUBT that the US’ $6B ransom payment funds this action DIRECTLY, despite Blinken’s nonsensical statements. Iran stated clearly that they fully intend to use these funds for whatever they chose. There is no doubt the Biden-Blinken funding of Hamas has funded this since the beginning of the current admin.

There is NO DOUBT that Biden’s open subservience to Iran, while openly ‘distancing’ from Israel, emboldens Iran. Iran has ‘called-all-US shots’ since the beginning of Biden’s residency.
There is NO DOUBT that German and EU funding if Hamas is directly culpable.

250-300 dead, 1,600 wounded, and the ridiculous Australian FM demands ‘restraint’ from Israel. “Australia urges the exercise of restraint and protection of civilian lives.” The statement is repulsive and all Australians that consider themselves human should be completely ashamed. The real question is does the Australian FM believe that civilization exists and should be valued. What excuse does this creep have for her statement?

Turkey: “We call on all sides to act with restraint and stay away from impulsive moves that will heighten the tension.”

This is NOT a war against Israel. This is a war against civilization. In Iran’s Parliament the members of Parliament are chanting Death to America, in unity. $6B is not enough, nothing is ever enough. It should be noted that apparently, some 40 Israelis were taken as hostages, apparently, some of them have already been eaten while still alive — cannibalism! There is precedent. We also saw Hamas video of a bound woman beaten to death. Hamas has placed these horrific videos as their top priority. Mosques in Jerusalem are actively inciting war against the State of Israel over their loudspeakers. These religious bodies receive funding from the State, their Imams, receive stipends and salaries. In Istanbul, residents demonstrated in favour of war. Hezbollah is threatening to join the war from Lebanon.

Trump, like him or despise him, brought stability and peace, peace that spread. Biden, since he began, has brought war and destruction everywhere. Within months of Biden stepping in, Hamas attacked Israel and the US response was sick. Biden’s fomenting of conflicts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, West Africa, East Africa, Serbia, Taiwan and Korea, distract and dilute US resources. The planning and logistics, as well as the success in hiding this from Israeli intelligence, cannot be sourced in Gaza, they do not have the capability. There is no doubt that the Government has some explaining to do. Netanyahu’s message to Gaza residents: Get out now, what is coming has never been seen before. I sincerely hope this turns out to be correct. A lot depends upon the reactions of the world.

There is no time or place for equivocation.

There is no time or place for equivocation you are either in favour of civilization or cannibalism. It is that basic.

It is important to recognize that the MAJORITY of Arab countries are stating very strongly, that Hamas must be annihilated to its core, despite the blather of idiots like the FM of Australia US Congress must show that it remains a body monogamously married to morality. When does acting ‘morally’ towards the enemy become an immoral act? Do the people of Gaza deserve to be cared for? Does the civilized world have responsibility towards those citizens? The Obama people claimed ‘responsibility’ towards the citizens of Libya, and that was why Libya was reduced by NATO to hell.

Is that responsibility only relevant when it is convenient?

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