Israel should warn Hezbollah, “You attack us anywhere, we’ll wipe you out.”

By Ted Belman

Tom Gross commented in that the WSJ reported his death on Feb 13 under title Fugitive Militant Is Killed. After Gross complained in an orticle,The Jpournal added

    The accused mastermind behind Hezbollah’s deadliest terrorist attacks, including operations that killed civilians and U.S military personnel alike, died Wednesday in an apparent car bombing in Syria, an assassination that his organization is blaming on “Israeli criminal hands.”

Notice he is still not being called a terrorist even by the WSJ.

Meanwhile, dozens of other papers are still calling Mughniyeh – who mass murdered civilians in Argentina, Lebanon, Israel, on TWA airflights, and so on – a “militant”. Here, for example, at The New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune:Attacks blamed on assassinated militant Imad Mughniyeh

Today he reported


This is the big banner headline on today’s New York Times website. It also appears above the fold on the front page of the paper’s print edition today:

** Bomb in Syria Kills Militant Sought as Terrorist **

We know that other big media like Reuters (see URL below) and the BBC, have long shied away from calling terrorists by their name.

But now the self-styled “Paper of Record” seems to be getting itself into a real tizzy about whether Imad Mughniyeh, the terrorist who killed more Americans than anyone else before the 9/11 attacks, who blew up elderly Holocaust survivors together with their grandchildren in the Buenos Aries Jewish center, who personally oversaw the torture of American hostages, who pioneered (for Hizbullah) the suicide bombings, culvert mines and other killing methods that have become routine in Iraqi schools and markets, can just simply be called a terrorist rather than the more benign term “militant”.

(The writers of the Times article call Mughniyeh “one of the most wanted and elusive terrorists in the world.” Why can’t The New York Times editors and headline writers?)

Amazingly, headlines in both the Houston Chronicle (in Texas) and the Globe and Mail (in Canada) give Mughniyeh the even more respectable title of “Hizbullah official.”

Even the anti-American and anti-Israeli British paper The Guardian acknowledges Mughniyeh’s true nature in its headline today: “Car bomb ends life of Hizbullah chief wanted for string of kidnappings and mass murders.”

* Footnotes to the item above:

Now that Hezbollah Declares ‘Open War’ on Israel, Israel should be warning, “You attack us anywhere, we’ll wipe you out.”

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  1. Ted:

    Your headline says it all but I find myself agreeing with Bill Levinson. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist and Israel must do everything possible to wipe them out in order to protect its own.

    As far as the New York Times is concerned, McAfee keeps relegating it to SPAM. Enough said.