Israeli Ministry of Health loses track of 82% of Covid “vaccine” side effects

Peloni:  Our own Eve Rowell, MD, (ret.) provides us with the latest news regarding the scam surrounding the Covid countermeasures masked as a vaccine.  She relates of a recent report that nearly all the reports on vaccine injuries in Israel have mysteriously been lost.  Despite this horrifying revelation, Eve explains that she is in fact no longer shocked by such revelations, as she explores the long train of events which have been revealed over the past more than four years now, and all the duplicity, skullduggery and fraud which has been perpetrated to the cost of an untold numbers of lives, and yet not a single member of those whose guilt and intrigues are known to us has been charged for even the slightest crime.  Hence, I would argue, to Eve’s point, the time for us to be shocked has long passed, just as the time for remedies and retribution is long overdue.

Reflections on the articles in the Israeli media about the Ministry of Health losing most of their reports of side effects from the COVID “vaccines”

By Eve Rowell, MD    9 June 2024

A June 5th article in Frontline News by Yudi Sherman was brought to my attention. The article states that the Israeli Ministry of Health lost track of 82% of reports of side effects from the COVID vaccine.  The article was based upon a TOI article from 21 May that read in part, “State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman’s office released a report Tuesday criticizing the Health Ministry’s conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing that the ministry didn’t process or analyze thousands of reports it had received about various vaccine side effects.”  However the article focused on misinformation about vaccines as if this was an equal or greater problem than the loss of 82% of side effects reports.  This is now standard fare in the mainstream media across the western world:  everyone must stick to the script that the vaccines are “safe and effective” and vaccine “misinformation” is dangerous to your health.

This lapse in oversight at the Israeli MOH also occurred at the US CDC and the medical database for the entire US Military health care system.  Perhaps there is some kind of infection being transmitted between health authorities of various countries that lead to sudden and unexplainable database losses.

I am no longer shocked.
We need to understand how this happened.
It happened in every Western “democracy.”

In the US a series of federal laws were passed (without telling the American people) about dealing with “national medical emergencies.”  Under the guise of medical emergencies these laws essentially enabled the development of biological, biochemical, radiological, and nuclear weapons supposedly for defensive purposes.  In addition, in the US following 9/11 the Patriot Act was passed to enable the federal government to surveil foreign terrorists.  Taken together these laws enabled the “legal” development of a biosecurity surveillance state. (

Unbeknownst to Americans, the Department of Defense had become legally able to use a national medical emergency to deploy a “medical countermeasure.”  A military countermeasure is a response to a military threat.  The so-called “pandemic” allowed the military to deploy a “medical countermeasure” to respond to a supposed biological “attack.”( .) This “medical countermeasure,” purchased by the DoD, was not classified as a drug.  It was taken out of the federal regulatory system under which all new drugs must be assessed.   Under usual regulatory standards pharmaceutical companies used to have to meet standards such as “good manufacturing practices.”  (Many of the regulations required by the FDA have been changed or jettisoned, including the rule that drugs must first be tested in animals before human trials).  But instead, these “medical countermeasures, were the equivalent of weapons.  Weapons require no FDA approval.  FDA approval was, however, granted under emergency status, because if the FDA didn’t grant “approval,” the DoD knew there would be serious vaccine hesitancy from Americans.  But there was no regulatory process required for the “vaccine” emergency approval.  It was all for show.

The pandemic planning committee under the Joint Chiefs of Staff sold Americans on a new drug technology, never safety tested, because Americans wanted to get out of the lockdowns.  That is why lockdowns were used.  It was the predicate for insisting that people get the injections.

The health freedom community has been attempting to find out the facts about the so-called pandemic (which we now know was fake) and the so-called “vaccines,” which we now know have affected a portion of the population with serious medical illnesses, fetal death, clotting disorders such as pulmonary embolism, stroke, myocarditis, paralysis and death.  Some portion of those injected experienced very few if any side effects or adverse effects, while others experienced life threatening ones or death.

To this day, no one in Congress has had the courage to tell Americans that Congress passed the laws that made all of this legal.  This should be considered a crime against humanity.   It was treason to not let Americans know they were doing it.  Now the fact that they are attempting to cover up what they have done is another instance of treason.

While we do not yet have all the facts that would allow for specific verdicts for each person involved, we have enough information that should allow for charging officials involved with Crimes against Humanity in all the western democracies that took the same steps such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates, etc.  In the United States the pandemic planning was officially under the responsibility of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the DoD.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff should be held primarily responsible and should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity.

Event 201 was a pandemic planning exercise involving a supposed coronavirus in October of 2019 before there was a known pandemic.  At this conference discussions were held on communications during a pandemic and financing during a pandemic.  I found it curious that the main problem solving was not “how will we care for medically ill people?”  But “How will we combat vaccine hesitancy?”  If true pandemics exist, which is scientifically in doubt at this point in time, they certainly cannot be predicted within two months of occurring and the organism certainly cannot be predicted with certainty unless those doing the planning are causing the pandemic themselves.  The fact that their main concern was combatting vaccine hesitancy is suspicious of premeditation.  If they knew in advance they were going to use a vaccine that was proven safe and effective, why would they need to spend so much time coming up with ways to combat vaccine hesitancy?  And if they focused much of their discussion on this issue, does that not imply they had reason to suspect there would be no time to establish safety and efficacy?  Those present at this conference bear some responsibility for the Crimes Against Humanity which occurred.

I and many others have come to understand that all of this has been planned for a long time.  In the US there was an economic plan for the Federal Reserve to directly inject into banks a huge amount of money, because of bank losses.  The plan, called “Going Direct Reset” was presented in the FOMC meeting in August 2019, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming before the pandemic started(

The pandemic caused a huge wealth transfer from the middle class in the US to the billionaires.  Many mom and pop businesses had to be closed and they lost their businesses.  Then the government gave out money to Americans which added tremendously to the US debt.  Our US debt is almost unsustainable at this point, so we are at risk of our economy being destroyed.

We must ask who benefits from any of this?  Who could have planned it all?

As Mudar said in his most recent YouTube video, there are a group of globalists who benefit no matter who wins in any war.  They fund both sides and make money no matter what.  They benefit from chaos and destruction.  They have had a plan for depopulation of the earth for a very long time.

The elderly apparently were targeted because of the money required to respond to the medical needs of the elderly compared with younger, healthier parts of the population.  In addition, Michael Nehls, Ph.D discussed studies which show that the survival of grandparents is highly correlated with the survival of their grandchildren. (The Indoctrinated Brain by Michael Nehls, Ph.D.©2023).

But depopulation efforts are most effective when targeted towards the healthy younger generation who bring new lives into the world.  Those who designed the mRNA platform in such a way that it could not be broken down by the body due to its pseudouridine replacement made these agents capable of causing death and disability in large numbers of people around the globe.  Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, who won the Nobel Prize for the pseudouridine replacement should instead be charged with Crimes Against Humanity.

In the US and UK many COVID patients were sent to nursing or care homes and this led to many deaths of those most vulnerable.  In addition patients on the COVID wards of hospitals were often if not routinely not administered IV fluids so they became dehydrated.  They were refused nourishment.  Then they were given drugs that depressed the respiratory centers of the brain and they died.  Those with respiratory symptoms were put on ventilators which should never be used unless a person does not have the ability to breathe on their own due to severe loss of chest muscle strength.  This unwarranted use of ventilators caused death in many people.  Hospitals benefitted by bonuses for every patient on whom they used a ventilator.  They benefitted with bonuses when patients were put on an NIH protocol drugs such as Remdesivir known for liver and kidney toxicity and failure.  Pediatricians get bonuses for the number of little children they give vaccines to.  Even though childhood vaccines have NEVER BEEN STUDIED FOR SAFETY!

This is just a part of the planned depopulation program that went into the planning of the “pandemic.”

You may already know all of this.  I have tried to share what I know on Israpundit so our community will have the facts that are needed.  The globalists are planning to replay the entire pandemic scenario again, this time with “Bird Flu.”  Get ready for videos of people appearing to die horrible deaths, to create the fear in all the people that will be needed to get people to take another “vaccine” which causes more death and destruction.

There is nothing for you to worry about in terms of “bird flu.” It is all being created using the fake PCR test again.  But people who do not understand anything about science will be gullible and will be ready to get the “vaccine.”  Doctors, in order to keep their hospital privileges will tell YOU  to get the ”vaccine.”  Meanwhile in the US and in Canada they are culling huge flocks of chickens and other animals.  This will create a food crisis, something else that benefits those who love to create chaos and mayhem.  I have watched a video with Canada’s health team, and they are back at it again:  the need to prove to Canadians that there really is a crisis so they will accept the “vaccine,”  and with it the need to get rid of vaccine “hesitancy.”

Armed with knowledge we need not fear any infectious organism.  Bacteria and fungi are not lurking around just waiting to attack us.  In fact they have evolved with us and are part of our bodies to help us with everyday functions such as removal of dead and dying tissue, healing, disposal of the waste products of metabolism, etc.  The only pandemic we have experienced is a pandemic of lies, a pandemic of attempts to control us and destroy our God given liberties, and a pandemic of unscientific gibberish passed off as “trust the science.”

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  1. I would like to add to my June 10th editorial remarks on Dr. Eve Rowell’s excellent article and analysis. First, it is laughable to expect anyone with a functioning brain cel to believe that Israel’s Ministry of Health lost 82% of the reports of adverse effects of the vaccine that is NOT a vaccine. Also, let’s talk about the fake PCR test that was disingenuously used worldwide to deliberately create false positives. The test was created by the late American biochemist, Dr. Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for inventing the technique. Dr. Mullis state UNEQUIVICALLY the PCR test is NOT a diagnostic test, because if you run the test enough times you can find anything in anything. That is the specific reason the PCR test was used, and why it will be used again. It was run enough times to create enough false positives to generate public panic, and demand for the useless vaccines that are not vaccines! Kary Mullis died suddenly in 2019, and is now being smeared and reviled across mainstream media outlets.

  2. PELONI-

    We researched available material for a long time, and waited for 2 years for Novavax because of the properties already mentioned.

    Over 18 mths ago I got 2 shots with NO side effect,’

    Just a month ago I got another from a New Vaccine they’d produced. Very slight temperature FEELING, (didn’t register) for about 5-6 hrs.

    Info available showed and stated no statistical connection with Myo/Peri-carditis. Regarded as the safest of all the vaccines.

    Yes, I recall your previous opinion.
    But my situation is that I have to go out into potentially danger zones for med testa and worst of all, dental work, coming up. So prepqring myself to best of ability.

  3. @Edgar
    Novavax uses a finite amount of spike protein, as opposed to the spike factories injected in the gene therapy shots. This is a very important difference which should be recognized as being significant, but we should nonetheless not forget that it is still using the toxic spike protein to create an immune response. It uses an adjuvant because it does not have the PEG-LNP, though it is using some lipid construct to which the spikes are actually attached. Notably, Novavax is still associated with myocarditis and pericarditis, but it has far less data collected on it than either the other shots available due to the fact that for most of its use, it has been largely employed in nations without a pharmacovigilence program.

    As to its efficacy, as is true with the other spike shots, it uses a poorly matched protein to create a immune response which will lead to antibodies which are off target of the current strains in the world, which will result in it driving the creation of more variants, making the off target aspect of any protection provided by Novavax to be more off target and even less effective.

    I think I mentioned this previously, but I would never take any of these shots, and if for some reason I found myself being forced to take one of them with no other recourse, I would take the Novavax shot and simply hope that it failed to produce any effect at all, though I wouldn’t expect that this was likely the case.

  4. PELONI_

    What do you think of the Novavax Vaccine?? It is protein based and made by the old tried and true methods.

  5. The only pandemic we have experienced is a pandemic of lies, a pandemic of attempts to control us and destroy our God given liberties, and a pandemic of unscientific gibberish passed off as “trust the science.”

    To suggest the the laboratorium for covid treatment, Israel, has lost the information about all adverse side-effects is a very clumsy attempt to cover up the most malicious Holocaust against the Jews since Hitler, and in my opinion, this exceeds by far even X7.

  6. @Felix, there is zero proof that the “virus” known as SARS COV2 exists. I posted an article here at Israpundit on that very topic showing that the paper supposedly “proving,” the existence of the SARS COV 2 virus could not have proven it. The results of that scientist who supposedly “proved” the existence of SARS Cov2 could not be replicated.

    People get respiratory inflammation in a seasonal pattern (often called the “flu”) and can potentially die, depending upon the age and morbidity of the person.

    The year of the “pandemic” the “deaths” labeled as due to COVID consisted of people who tested positive based upon a PCR test which had as much as a 95% false positive rate, depending on the cycle threshold at which it was run. The people who died of “Covid” included people who died from everything or anything as long as they had a “positive” PCR test. They could have died from a motor vehicle accident but if they tested positive that was the diagnosis at death. I recall the day Deborah Birx announced this was going to be the plan. That is when I realized something very wrong was happening. How can you label a person who died from a heart attack as having died from COVID?

    That year, 2020 the “deaths” from respiratory inflammation were the typical number of deaths from the flu, and that year the number of flu deaths was not reported. Doctors did not even test for the flu, they just tested for COVID. There was no significant mortality that year. Starting about 6 months after the vaccine rollout is when deaths began increasing to a high level. Those deaths were not COVID deaths but are presumed now to have been due to adverse effects from the various toxins they called “vaccines.”

    In addition, in 2020, this was the first time in MEDICAL HISTORY in the US that doctors were not allowed to treat their patients as they saw fit if they had respiratory symptoms. They were told to send the patients home and do nothing for them. Again, this has never been done ever before.

    A few doctors such as Dr. Zelenko, McCullough, and others worked to discover a group of medications that they could use to help their patients manage symptoms of the respiratory inflammation, and when they did so, they lost their hospital admitting privileges and were threatened with the loss of their medical licenses. Again, this had never ever been done before, that a government official (not a practicing physician) was telling doctors all over the country to commit malpractice.

    I am stating that people were “diagnosed” as having had COVID based upon an unreliable lab test whose inventor (Kary Mullis) stated that the test should never be used to diagnose anything. All the PCR test does is magnify a tiny amount of nucleic acid and make it appear to be a large amount. That is all the test does. It was never meant to be a diagnostic test. To use it as one was a form of malpractice. But since the DoD got into the business of telling doctors how to treat patients in a so-called medical emergency and were using toxic shots designed to hurt if not kill people, the malpractice of the PCR tests is small by comparison.

    The goal was to create hysteria and panic by magnifying the number of “cases” of COVID 19, and spreading a false rumor that there was no longer room in hospitals to care for the sick. It worked. Most people believed that COVID was a real virus and a deadly one, and were eager to take a “vaccine” that had never been safety tested.

    The way doctors were told to treat patients on COVID wards was meant to kill them: they were starved of nutrition and not given IV fluids for hydration. They were given CNS depressants which depressed the brain’s respiratory system and they died. This has all been documented. People were made DNR despite the family saying they wanted their relative resuscitated. This happened in both the US and the UK and has been documented in both countries. This was a mass killing event, it was purposeful, and it is currently being lied about and a coverup has been ongoing since the beginning when this was planned.

    Many people to this day believe the government propaganda completely. They have outsourced their judgment to the mainstream media and to Dr. “I am the science,” Fauci.

  7. Peloni and Eve Rowell

    Dr Mike Hansen story about COVID from earlier in the pandemic

    This is a story from a doctor who worked on hospital wards with COVID. Did either of you work on hospital COVID wards.

    No I thought not.

    He gives a very full report of a patient who died of COVID.

    The doctors did all they could but COVID killed him (see the accompanying x-ray of his lungs.

    But you have just said this was a scam????

  8. Peloni introduced the topic like this

    “Our own Eve Rowell, MD, (ret.) provides us with the latest news regarding the scam surrounding the Covid countermeasures masked as a vaccine.”

    I am unclear what are you considering as a scam. The virus. The vaccine. Or both.

    What way were these things reported. How did the authorities collect the problems.

  9. Email from L. Goudsmait

    Ted, this is the political medicine I have been writing about for two years. Political medicine is the mechanism of the globalist elite to establish one-world government administered by the lethally corrupt United Nations, particularly the WHO. The entire campaign relies on fear and disinformation, the twin tactics used to dupe Netanyahu and Trump into participating in the COVID-19 conspiracy. It was/is the same in every Western country, but Israel and the U.S. were the biggest obstacles because they were leads by men who are nationalists and committed to national sovereignty. It is the reason the globalist elite used the leftists in both countries to try to take both men down––they had common cause.

    The globalists must destroy the entire Judeo-Christian tradition to “build back better.” Antisemitism is the easiest political tool to galvanize nations against Israel. The globalists are using Iran and its proxies to collapse Israel, and then the globalists will have control of the ME. The U.S. will be harder to take down, but the antisemitism in the U.S. is very powerful and is distracting attention away from the campaign against the Christians, who are next on globalism’s hit list. People forget we are a world at war: Globalism vs. Nationalism.

    The globalists rely on fear, disinformation, and incredulity. People simply refuse to believe that depopulation is also part of the globalist agenda. It is extremely difficult for the civilized mind to process the absolute malevolence of the globalist campaign to rule the world. But, if we look at the world through that war prism everything makes sense, including the COVID-19 bioweapon. The involvement of the federal agencies involved in the dual-purpose gain-of-function research has been peropetuated with the laughable excuse that the research had to be done to “protect” the ppopulation against a bioweapon. But again, people refuse to believe that their governments would ever use weapons/bioweapons against their own populations! But, when you consider the supremacist, artistocratic mindset of the globalist elite who are deeply invested in the military/industrial/pharmaceutical complex, it is easy to see where this is going.

    Do I have proof? Is there more about this expose in Israel? The answer is it is in front of all of us for those who are willing to see it. Eve sees it.