It doesn’t matter who is the next president

Apres moi le deluge

By Moshe Aarons

[..] The U.S.-Israeli relationship is based on firm foundations of common values, ideals and strategic interests that do not depend on whether the administration in Washington is Republican or Democratic. The relationship is a major part of Israel’s strategic posture and should not be impaired by Israeli politicians under any circumstances. Although some Israeli prime ministers have in the past made the unfortunate mistake of indicating their preference for one of the candidates in the American presidential elections, until now, no one until has been as blatant as Olmert when he declared that the next administration would not be as friendly to Israel as the present one. That statement is certainly not likely to advance our country’s relationship with the next administration. If at all, the contrary should have been said: We expect the relationship with the next administration, regardless of who is elected president of the United States, to be even better.

Good as relations between the two countries are, there is room for improvement. For years we have been waiting for America to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a matter of paramount interest to Israel. For years we have been waiting for Jonathan Pollard to be pardoned.

And certainly not least important: U.S.-Israel technological cooperation, which reached an unprecedented peak before the unfortunate Israeli decision two decades ago to cancel the Lavi fighter project, has regrettably fallen to the lowest level ever in recent years. The export of Israeli defense products now requires American approval, and the procurement in the U.S. of parts for Israeli weapons-system development has been made intolerably difficult. This situation has been deteriorating seriously in recent years, to the severe detriment of the Israeli defense industry, which is an essential element of Israel’s ability to defend itself.

We should hope that the next American administration will address some of these Israeli concerns, and we have a right to expect that the next Israeli government will make it its business to pursue these objectives, which have been utterly neglected by Olmert’s government. If he thinks that we have nothing to look forward to with the next U.S. administration, he is dead wrong.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. My take is that when gas prices are around 4$ a gallon that is what matters to America and Americans everything else has no validity of significance to Americans and if the prices rise further that will be the only input as to ho Americans view the world and our relations with everybody especially Israel. I remember the polls when the Arabs (Saudis) instituted a boycott of oil and Israel was polling in the low 30s in American popular opinion.
    I never put trust in popular opinion which can change on a dime and is largely manipulated and always determined by how any event effect the personal pockets of the people.

    The real test of American support for Israel is when the American people and he economy really start to go south , and I figure we won’t have too long to wait for that to happen.

    This election is not much different than past elections as those presented as candidates for the office of President are so bad and unsuited for almost any responsible public office that it is almost not relevant who gets elected, especially where Israel is concerned.

  2. Mr. Aarons: You better recheck your facts, it matters very much who heads up the next administration. And yes, Israelis and Americans share a lot of common goals. However, as of lately many important views held by most Americans are being ignored by renegade lawmakers. Regardless of the fondness that most Americans hold towards Israel, this is no positive guarantee of what a derelict administration might enforce on the American people and the world. We as a country are in a struggle for the very survival of our long held principals, we are under attack from every side. The moral codes of our constitution is plummeted on daily basis, laws are set up and passed ( such as the absurd notion of homosexual marriage)without the consent of the majority of Americans. We have enemies without and enemies within, we are battling undercurrents that are ripping at our very foundation as a nation. We are trying to hold on to a straight course, and you suggest that it is not important who is at the helm? Helloooooo…earth to Mr. Aarons!