Japanese Professor Delivers Stunning Message Everyone Needs to Hear

By Masayasu Inoue, MD, PhD, THE VIGILANT FOX    11 April 2024


Masayasu Inoue, MD, PhD, and Professor Emeritus at Osaka City University Medical School, recently released an eight-minute video with a groundbreaking message for the world.

He said, “The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in the world.”

Inoue also declared that the fraudulent use of “experimental gene therapy to healthy people” was not only an “extreme violation of human rights,” but “the result was the induction of the terrible drug-induced injury that has never [been] seen in human history.”

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. This brave and principle man should be widely applauded. But why hasn’t an Israeli counterpart said the same things? And just as importantly, why is it even necessary for people to listen to someone like this four years after the start of the so-called pandemic to finally see the light? The signs were there for anyone with eyes at the start.

    The Diamond Princess “petri-dish” experiment in July 2020 should’ve been enough for anyone to realize from the beginning that if the so called “novel” Corona virus wasn’t contracted by more than 80% of its passengers (many if not most of whom were likely seniors) the worldwide population likewise wasn’t at significant risk since the vast majority of people apparently had some degree of resistance if not immunity, innately and/or via similar prior infection. No less than Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt tried to explain this data at that time and talk people down.

    But the media quickly put a stop to that. It ginned up the fear porn and repeatedly lied about everything, including that:

    the infection fatality rate was “projected” to be 3-4% when we knew from people like John Ionides very early on that it was about .25%, no worse than a bad flu year, and even less so for anyone without comorbidities under the age of 75;

    COVID originated in a wet market, when Senator Tom Cotton said in February 2020 it was probably a man-made Bioweapon, and was pilloried by the NYT, Washington Post, and the rest of the MSM;

    COVID was equally dangerous for all ages, when we knew very early on the younger the person the less risky it was to the point where it was never life-threatening for anyone otherwise healthy under 20;

    vaccinations were “necessary” for all ages when, as mentioned, the risk diminished with age to the point where the risk of hospitalization, never mind death, was negligible for anyone under 65;

    natural immunity wasn’t a thing, when we’ve known it is since the Athenian plague of 430 BC;

    vaccinations stopped infection and transmission, when this was known not to be the case no later than September 2021;

    the vaccinations were FDA approved when they’re actually still under EUA (emergency use authorization) to maintain the liability shield);
    etc., etc.

    People need to be less trusting of their governments, regulatory and health agencies everywhere including, I’m sad to say, The Holy Land, which I love with my heart, but which has been broken by it’s unconscionable policies and actions, from the highly discriminatory “green pass” relegating others to Yellow Star status, to coercing vaccinations, a clear breach of the Nuremberg Code, something that’s still inconceivable to me in a country with citizens who survived forced experimentation in the Shoah. How does the purported light unto the nations do something so shocking? Not sure I can ever come to terms with this. Worse still the majority of Israelis and diaspora Jews still seem largely oblivious to all of this, with the exception of most ultra Orthodox who sensed the truth early on and were vilified for it by almost everyone, including the vast majority of their own brethren. But they resisted in part because they were used to not finding it necessary to be like the other people, to be like the other nations. If there are truly signs from God, that definitely looks like one to me.

  2. Oy Vay! And I don’t mean to use this phrase in its usual ironic or humorous sense. It is terrifying and deeply depressing that our world has apparently come under the control of such conspirators and evildoers. Never before in human history haas the human race come under the conctrol of genocidal or omnicidal conspirators who pose as humanitarians concerned with improving everyone’s health, The evil perpetrated by military and political conspirators of the past, even Adolph Hitler, pales incomparison withthis horror. May God save us!