Jihadists Brutalize Non-Muslim Women, Feminists in West Remain Silent

by Uzay Bulut, GATESTONE •  June 19, 2024

 Naama Levy, an Israeli woman abducted and taken to Gaza by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023, when she was 19 years old. She is still being held hostage by Hamas. (Image source: Hamas)

Today, June 19, the United Nations will observe the annual International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. Yet, it took the UN five months to document and condemn Hamas’ sexual crimes on October 7.

  • These crimes are reminiscent of the crimes ISIS (Islamic State) committed against Christians and Yazidis during and after their violent takeover of large parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014.
  • Sexual assault as a military tactic has commonly been used by Islamic terrorists since the seventh century, worldwide.
  • More than 2,600 abducted Yazidi women and children are to this day still waiting to be rescued from the hands of ISIS terrorists.
  • Teenage girls abducted by Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria were sold in slave markets “for as little as a pack of cigarettes,” the UN envoy on sexual violence, Zainab Bangura, said.
  • “Since October 7th, the media has suppressed your [Israelis’] story, even going so far as to claim it never happened while others justified it as warranted resistance to Israeli oppression. Someone please tell me where children bound and shot to death with their guts cut out constitutes a warranted resistance… We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people are not offended…. The media is actively suppressing the events of October 7th to rewrite history according to their chosen narrative…. It all boils down to likes, views, and revenue for them.” — Steve Maman, founder of The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq.
  • “[On October 7], humiliation, mutilation and murder took place during those rapes. Woman raped in front of their loved ones and then shot. Knives inserted into their private parts. Scalped heads. Nails inserted into woman’s private areas. Indescribable pain must have taken place before death…. Attacking innocent people and subjecting hostages to torture is not an act of freedom fighting…. The global response to victims of radical Islam has consistently been one of silence, allowing such atrocities to continue unchecked, perpetuating a cycle of violence.” — Steve Maman.
  • Regarding the large numbers of Israeli women who were brutally raped by Hamas terrorists and their supporters, many of those women’s organizations have engaged in total denial, refusing to believe Israeli women and all the evidence in front of their eyes…. What their silence and denials have actually done is only to cover up and further the crimes of Hamas and other terrorist groups. In April 2024, the NGO CyberWell released a report on the widespread online denial of Hamas’s October 7 sexual violence…. The Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership, for instance, still has not issued a statement.
  • Many feminist and human-rights groups — such as Amnesty International and the National Organization for Women— have said little about the sexual crimes Gazans committed against Israelis. The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (also known as UN-Women) waited until December 1, nearly two months after the October 7 massacre, to make a superficial statement of condemnation.
  • Among others, UN-Women released a statement on October 13 equating the Hamas brutalities with Israel’s self-defense. Likewise, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) neglected to explicitly condemn Hamas’s atrocities. And the international #MeToo movement completely failed to mention Hamas — or the Israeli victims.
  • When it comes to abused and raped Israeli women, those women’s rights and human rights organizations have chosen to be on the side of rapists and murderers and to enable jihadist terrorism.
Sexual assault as a military tactic has commonly been used by Islamic terrorists since the seventh century, worldwide. Regarding the large numbers of Israeli women who were brutally raped by Hamas terrorists and their supporters on October 7, many women’s organizations have engaged in total denial.

Hamas terrorists, backed by Iran, invaded Israel on October 7, 2023. They massacred more than 1,200 people; burned families alive, tortured and raped women, children and men, and abducted roughly 250 hostages, including babies and children.

Since the October attack, however, Israeli women have faced public doubts and questions about the brutality and sexual violence they experienced at the hands of Gaza’s Muslim men.

Despite the silence, and sometimes even outright denial, by many women’s organizations around the world, Hamas’ sexual crimes are well-documented. The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel published a report in February entitled “Silent Cry – Sexual Crimes in the October 7 War”.

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  1. It almost seems that Palestinians have access to a DimCap defence based on the fact they are Arab Hillbillies nobody wants in their own country.

    So they get a pass for their vicious and sexually violent acts.

    The only thing these sub-humans understand is violence. So let’s visit it upon them in overwhelming numbers.

    Let’s dispatch them all to Allah and let him sort out the good from the bad.