JOC invited to Congress

The office of the Jordanian Coalition for the Opposition in London received an official invitation, on a specific date, in the near future, by the US Congress, where the Jordanian opposition delegation will meet with a special, diverse subcommittee in Congress that was formed to look into the Jordanian issue..

June 18, 2023 | 1 Comment »

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  1. @Bear
    I don’t have personal knowledge if it is true or false. But here is what I do know.
    Mudar has been an outspoken Arab against the king, the PA, Hamas, among others since his twenties. The evidence for this is his conviction by the king for slandering the king, his address to the parliament committee of the EU and his debate with Col Kemp at the Oxford Union.

    While living in the UK he earned his PhD. Rather than seek a normal life and salary he chose to lead the opposition to the Hashemite Monarchy, putting his life and his family at risk and stuck to it. After 10 years of interacting with him, I can safely say, I know him. Whereas you do not. Since 2017 we have believed that success was at hand a number of times. Such beliefs were honestly come by. The only thing that might be said of us is that we were too optimistic. Nevertheless we never gave up. We believed in our cause and remained committed to it. In our judgement we believed the goal was achievable.
    As I have said many times, we did not want to enlist the Knesset or the Congress. So it is no surprise to me that no Israeli leader or Knesset member has mentioned his name or the JO. They don’t know about what is going on. Besides, who wants to publicly call for the end of the monarchy. No one but us.

    A year ago Mudar wrote
    “Change in Jordan, Easy, Cheap and Good for Everyone”. He wasn’t dreaming, he was reporting the facts.

    Yet you ignore all this and call the JO a “farce” and Mudar a “liar” and me questionable.