John Bolton considering bid for US president in 2012

[I prefer Bolton for Secratary of State and Palin for President]


In radio interview, former US ambassador to UN slams US foreign policy, says Obama trying to “restructure the American way of life.”

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton on Sunday night announced that he is considering a bid for US president in 2012.

Speaking on Jerusalem-based Aaron Klein’s WABC Radio show, Bolton said he was motivated to run for president over concern “about the direction of national security policy.”

When asked what factors he would consider in making his final decision, Bolton replied: “I think it’s very important on the Republican side that we have a candidate against [US President Barack] Obama who can address these national security issues and to be able to debate him as an equal when you get into the 2012 campaign.”

Earlier in the interview, Bolton, who also once oversaw US non-proliferation policy, came out strongly against the Obama administration’s foreign policy, saying that the US president seems to be ” very uncomfortable asserting American interests around the world.”

“He views national security as a distraction from his real priority, which is restructuring the American way of life. And his foreign policy really consists of making decisions, in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, only when he is forced to do it,” Bolton added.

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  1. The last commenter is full of crap.

    Question Ted…did Boltan and Palin travel to the demo run by pamela Geller and Robert Spencer against mosque…I mean were they there, speaking…remember actions speak louder

  2. “I prefer Bolton for Secretary of State, and Palin for President.”

    I think your instincts are sound regarding Bolton. Somebody’s got to clean out the Augean Stables at Foggy Bottom, and it’ll take huevos of brass to do the job [the work’s been “piling up” there since the freakin’ Wilson Administration….], and Bolton’s clearly the best man for the work of bringing the State Dept bureaucracy back to serving the country instead of making its own policy.

    Palin’s clearly an original, and she’s a good friend to Israel, and she’s genuinely pro-life; I like her — but I don’t think she really wants the Oval Office. She’s keeping her name & face on the national stage, I know, but the Presidency’s a 24-hour-per-day job — the kind that turns a young man’s hair gray after four years — and she doesn’t have that kind of time….

    If she really had her eye on the Presidency, she’d be playing coy about now, like most of the real hopefuls are doing: to avoid premature peaking, and also to keep from being taken out early by the lamestream media (the Democrats’ cheering section, spying & character assassination service), the way they targeted George Allen, last time out.

    But she’s not playing coy. She’s not measuring her words when the media come calling. (You don’t really think they’re battering down her door these days because they just “can’t get enough of her,” do you?) They’d love to ferret her out as early in the game as they can, in hopes of having the max amount of time to take her down before things heat up for the 2012 campaign; you know she really scares the pee-pee out of them….

    RNC Chair seems a better fit — it’s not an all-day-every-day kind of gig. She’s easily the best fund-raiser in the GOP stable. She’s lively & always interesting, she’s a reliable draw in any kind of weather, and she’s a natural link to the Tea Party (which is less interested in a junior partnership with the calcified GOP establishment than a hostile takeover). RNC Chair. Better than Michael Steele, for sure.

    After the 2012 election, she could take a spot in a Perry or West or DeMint, etc, cabinet — maybe at Interior or Energy, whatever.

    If she didn’t have a special-needs child, then 2016 or 2020 might be a real possibility for her & the White House: the nest would be empty by then & she’d be ready to clear her decks for action. But Downs Syndrome is a full-time job — a permanent full-time job, for a mother as much as it is for the actual child…. even WITH a man who’s solid, like Tod Palin, standing by. That’s just the way it is.