Jordan Option Conference Videos

T. Belman. Unfortunately the audio is not crystal clear here. Peloni and I spent hours editing the sub-titles so that it will be easy to follow.

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  1. @Bear
    Don’t know.
    At the time of the conference I was given a choice of whether I wanted to hire the begin Center’s video man or have one of my own do it, I choose not to hire him due to the cost. Big mistake.
    I assumed that my guy who was video-taping the conference would get it right.. Unfortunately, he got the sound volume very low.
    He then set up a youtube channel for them and I linked to that. Many years later he lost the video channel and its videos. So my videos were no longer. Unfortunately I also lost my copies of the videos due to stupidity.

    Recently I went back to my guy and asked him to go to his own files and provide me with what he could. Only my videos survived. I went to a technical person to put them into a new video linking them together and to increase the sound volume if he could.. Peloni and I edited the auto translation into subtitles. as best we could.

    I took all this trouble because the JO is coming to fruition and I believed that my talks at the conference were very important.. Please watch the video and read the subtitles. Let me know what you think about what I had to say.

  2. @Ted
    Here is the content of the US House Congressional Debate on June 30 1922:
    The portion of the debate related to the National Homeland of the Jewish People begins on page 28. The relevant section to which you are referring with regards to the Arabs, however, begins in the last quarter of page 39. Rep. Walter M. Chandler from New York is speaking and his statement begins back on page 31. Let me know if this is not what you were looking for, but I believe it is.

  3. Unfortunately the audio is very problematic here and so is the automatic translation. I am correcting this translation but it will take a day or two. I want to correct what I said about the congressional record during the debate in 1922 in Congress. Does anyone have a link to that record?