Jordan said to urge foreign ministers to discourage Israeli West Bank annexation

T. Belman. Jordan is trying to prevent the annexation because the less likely there will be a Palestinian state west of the Jordan, the more likely Jordan will become the Palestinian state. The question is existential for it.

FM Ayman Safadi reportedly approached counterparts in Russia, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Sweden and Norway and others in wake of Netanyahu-Gantz deal that includes potential move


A Palestinian boy riding a donkey near the E1 settlement corridor, with Ma'aleh Adumim in the background (photo credit: (AP/Sebastian Scheiner)
A Palestinian boy riding a donkey near the E1 settlement corridor, with Ma’aleh Adumim in the background (photo credit: (AP/Sebastian Scheiner)

Jordan last week approached a number of foreign governments and urged them to pressure Israel not to annex parts of the West Bank, Channel 13 news reported, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz signed a coalition agreement saying the move could potentially go ahead as early as July.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has reportedly approached counterparts in a number of countries including Russia, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Sweden and Norway.

Jordan was said to have warned that a possible annexation would have a “devastating effect,” marking the end of a two-state solution, and having potentially explosive consequences for the Middle East.

According to the report, the overtures made by Safadi were in coordination with the Palestinians, who themselves have launched a campaign against annexation.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (L) meets with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi on June 09, 2019, in Amman. (Khalil MAZRAAWI / AFP)

In addition, the Arab League is due to hold an emergency meeting on the matter, Channel 13 reported.

The Netanyahu-Gantz deal stipulates that any Israeli action would need US backing, and must take into account Israel’s peace treaties with neighboring Jordan and Egypt, the only two Arab states that have formal peace treaties and diplomatic relations with Israel.

Recent months have seen Amman recall its ambassador to Israel, no joint ceremony marking the quarter-century anniversary of the peace agreement between the two countries, and the termination of special arrangements that allowed Israeli farmers to easily access plots of land inside Jordan.

Senior officials in the European Union and United Nations on Thursday warned Israel against the intention to annex parts of the West Bank, with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell saying that such a move “would constitute a serious violation of international law.”

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Today is a convention to celebrate 100 anniversary of San Remo , most of the country’s listed in this article signed the accord.
    Jordan should be made to understand that it only exsists due to winny Churchills violation of the accord.
    The sodomites should be informed daily they have no rights west of the Jordan river.

  2. @ Ahmed:
    Churchill prevented that part of Palestine given to the Jews by San Remo lying east of the Joredan R. from being included in their homeland under the Palestine Mandate.

  3. @ Ted Belman:
    He also made the decision, as Prime MInister, not to bomb the tracks to Auschwitz. People make a big deal out of his opposition to the 1939 White Paper when he was out of power but, for his entire political career, he talked support for the Jewish people and for Zionism, but when he actually held the reins of power, he was no friend, at all. In the end, talk is cheap, even when you can understand what the limey bastard is saying, LOL. Paraphrasing from memory, Mel Brooks in character: “We all went hunting for Narzis. If Churchill had just been able to say, “Nazis,” we would have won the war sooner!”

  4. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    There is an article that Churchill wrote in 1935 (I saw it) where he says that Jews have been troublemakers since the Exodus.
    In terms of bombing the tracks to Auschwitz. Let’s say someone did – the Jews would be sent there anyway on a death march (on foot). It might have slowed things down somewhat but not by much. Anyway, the tracks could probably be fixed or rebuilt.

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