The EU has failed to manage the pandemic

Hypothetically, the EU’s current state of affairs is ideal for Israel in terms of its plans to annex the Jordan Valley and settlement clusters this summer, but the EU’s many ills should not blind Israel: It has always found a way to align against the Jewish state.

That could make it all the more dangerous to Israel


Belgium, whose capital city Brussels is also the capital of the European Union, aptly reflects the difficult situation in which the EU finds itself, and which has only become more desperate in the wake of the coronavirus. With nearly 7,000 dead since the onset of the pandemic, the country of 11.5 million people has the worst mortality rate in the world in relation to its population size.

Worse than the US, Italy, and Spain.

Over the past two weeks, Belgium’s daily coronavirus death toll is similar – often higher – than Israel’s total coronavirus death toll since the beginning of the crisis. The heart of Europe is sick, very sick.

The reasons the coronavirus is ravaging Belgium are manifold. First among them: The collapse of the country’s federal system of government in recent years. The nursing homes, which were entirely unprepared to cope with an emergency health situation, became “houses of death.” This systematic failure and the consequent chaos led the authorities in Belgium to respond far too late an ineffectively to the pandemic. Additionally, Belgium is a primary transport hub in Europe, a fact that helped the virus spread.

Belgium’s systematic failure is reflected in the EU’s approach to the pandemic: A misunderstanding of the danger, slow responses, and lack of coordination between the various bodies.

The EU failed miserably in coping with the pandemic in its early stages and is now facing the next test, which could prove fateful – preparing for the challenges posed by the harsh new economic and social reality in several leading EU countries, chief among them France, Italy, and Spain, with countries such as Belgium alongside them.

Hypothetically, the EU’s preoccupation with its own current state of affairs should make it less inclined to interfere with Israel’s affairs. Increasing Israel’s ability to carry out its plans to annex the Jordan Valley and settlement clusters this summer, in accordance with the Trump administration’s “deal of the century.”

However, Israel should not become complacent: In its toughest moments, the EU – mainly its central axis of Germany and France – has always found a way to fall in line against Israel. We can add two more key countries to this list – Italy and Spain – in which leftist and anti-Israel governments have risen to power.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become quite adept in recent years at bypassing the hostility of European bureaucracy, mainly from the EU’s foreign office, through direct contacts with the various blocs.

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  1. Is Belgium not a made up country? 2 language’s, it will have nothing no industry, little history other than good chocolate and good waffles when soon the e u falls apart. The original idea of a free trade area won’t help Brussels as they have nothing to trade.

  2. @ David melech:

    Moreover, there is no way of knowing if any of them have the virus ’cause they’re sickly all the time. Their politics we know is toxic but even their language is Phlegmish!

    Apropos of nothing, there is a terrific chain of Belgian restaurants in Manhattan; I’ve eaten at the one on W. 43rd, just east of Broadway, called, “BXL.” They have or had all-you-can-eat mussels served with complementary beer and all the french, escuse moi, freedom fries, you can eat, for $17 a person or something, and the mussels comes in your choice of all kinds of delicious curries, Thai and other Asian sauces. Down the block from Town Hall (the concert hall).

    They had paintings of all the Belgian Kings on the wall, including the charming fellows who conquered and tortured their way through Africa and whose descendants are now acting as though they have the moral high ground to groundlessly talk down to Israelis, who are NOT guilty of these crimes, except against their fellow Jews, on occasion.

    But, here’s the thing. When I asked, as I was leaving, why they didn’t have brussels sprouts on the menu, the manager looked at me blankly and said he did not know, as fellow patrons, looking on, began laughing.

  3. Covid-19 is taking more than 10 years off of the life of people dying from it a British Study found. They adjusted the study for the pee-existing conditions

    Getting coronavirus ‘will take 13 years off your life’, UK researchers claim

    The researchers are calling for years of life lost to be reported on more to allow the public and policy-makers to “better understand the burden of this disease”

  4. Bear Klein Said:

    They adjusted the study for the pee-existing conditions

    Intentional or not, I like it. Bravo! I think it might very well enter the lexicon given the degree of its hitherto unspoken explanatory power, as it were, in particular for the diabetic among other things, among us. There was a popular song in the 60s, “Breaking up is hard to do.” For the same crowd,”Our Crowd,” the song might now be, “Getting up is hard to do.”

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