Justin Trudeau Says American Pushback Against Woke Politics Is “Scary”



In a recent town hall meeting at the University of Winnipeg, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged in a lengthy Q&A with constituents which focused largely on socialist policies and woke ideology, eventually culminating in a rhetorical screed about the American public’s push-back against social justice agendas.

A member of the audience identifying as a “two spirited trans woman” says he is “horrified” by the growing US movement to stop identity politics from taking over the national culture, asserting that this makes trans people “feel like they are irrelevant in this world.”

He then goes on to ask what Trudeau is going to do to protect Canada’s youth from the anti-woke trend (Starts At 1:14:00):

Trudeau labels the reversal of woke politics in the US as “scary” and an “attack on 2SLGBTQI+ rights” (they apparently added even more digits to their club) as well as an attack on women’s rights. He promises his government will protect such groups and guarantee their freedoms.

It’s important to understand, however, that when trans activists talk about “protection” and “freedoms” what they really mean is government stepping in to enforce gender ideology on the public.  What they want is to be free from criticism and skepticism, which is not a right that any person is entitled to.

The notion stems from the argument that wide public acceptance is required in order for woke activists to feel safe, and lack of acceptance is the same as violence or “genocide.”  That is to say, if you refuse to bow to the demands and opinions of trans people, you are violating their liberties and are “literally Hitler.”  It’s backwards and the definition of special privilege.

It is not the job of society to make insecure people feel “relevant” in their life choices or their delusions.  It is certainly not the job of government to use its power to legislate acceptance of subjective theories.

Not all concepts are meant to be tolerated or embraced.  Specifically, the targeting of young children with woke propaganda.  There is no attack on LGBT people in the US.  Every law passed in red states has been specifically to protect children from indoctrination and sexualization.  The blocking of sex-change surgeries for minors as well as baseless gender fluid concepts in public schools does nothing to harm the gay community.

The mainstream political narrative conveniently and constantly omits the fact that red state laws revolve around children only.  This is not a mistake.  The goal is to construct a false assumption in the public mind that LGBT rights are being eliminated when no such thing has occurred. 

This is an international disinformation campaign that seeks to “shame” Americans for not complying – “The rest of the world is laughing at us…” leftists say.

But what if the rest of the western world is waiting for Americans to take the lead and fight back against the narrative?  It’s something to think about.

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  1. The Great Awakening
    Note: The fly in the ointment of the American Constitutional Republic, is a “pursuit of happiness.” What the colonists of 1776 were calling for – which was their motto – is the una-lienable – that no legal lien or encumbrance may be registered against these rights – were/are the “una-lienable, God given rights to life, liberty and private property. Whereas ‘happiness” is a relative abstraction, life, liberty and property are objective tangibles. Indeed, in an absence of a right to one’s own private property, the rights to life and liberty, especially a right to the fruits of one’s own labor, are circumscribed, i.e., forfeit. This is why the WEF/Klaus Schwab cornerstone of global governance is, “you will own nothing, but you will be happy.” This is a “happiness” that has never existed, and never will. The WOKE hear what they want to hear, and have been programmed to hear. It is important to remember, the rights for which American colonists fought were human, not Corporate.

  2. The WOKE Agenda panders to weakness, division, conflict and an ideologically framed and inculcated victim mentality. In the hands of “Liberals,” victimology has become a science of cultural infiltration and subversion. Its claim to “diversity,” is one of intimidation and compliance and a conformity and uniformity to diktats that undermine and destroy an authentic cultural diversity and social cohesion.

  3. Dr Don, I agree with you as long as trans-gender people stay in their “lane”. When they proselytize children, that is a concern

  4. In all honesty, Trans people are irrelevant. Sliver thin, mental illness. They should be marginalised, and not try to make them feel normal. All public coffers spent to try to make them feel normal should be diverted to mental health, and not conversions.

  5. “2SLGBTQI+” Wow! I had to cut/ paste that! It looks like a really bad hand in “Scrabble” x 2!