Kadima’s Mofaz wants to guarantee the Palestinians 100% of the land

By Ted Belman

In an Haaretz interview he said,

    I suggest an interim arrangement that addresses borders and security arrangements. An arrangement for more than 60 percent of the territory should be suggested to the Palestinians that will assure them continuity between Jenin and Hebron, where 99.2 percent of the Palestinians will live, as part of an interim arrangement.

    They should be offered international guarantees that in the final-status agreement, the territory they receive will be of the same size as the area they had before 1967. I think it is possible to obtain support from at least 50 percent of Jewish residents for such a move, in return for an evacuation-compensation law that would provide them with fair terms.

He only differs from Livni in that he wants an interim agreement first which by the way, the PA has rejected. Israel beware.

December 8, 2010 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Kadima was born from Likud:

    Likud was founded to represent a secular Jewish nationalism which was opposed to socialism (in contrast with Labor, which was founded to represent atheistic Jewish nationalism devoted to socialism).

    But the Israeli left has dominated education and the media from the start. Under an unrelenting barrage of propaganda, they have converted a number of Likudniks to a leftist post-Zionist position, which basically holds that Jewish Israel was born in sin, was established in the blood of the innocent sweet palestinians, and in atonement, must surrender Jewish Israel to the mercies of the Jew-hating muslims.

    Ariel Sharon noticed this trend, and used it to break off Kadima (“Forward”) from the Likud. He became brain dead shortly thereafter. Once he had lost control, he was succeeded by a trio of post-Zionist “true believers”: Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, and Shaul Mofaz.

    Mofaz is quite surprising. He was born in Iran, and was driven out of Iran along with most of the Iranian Jews when he was nine years old. He rose to become Israel’s Defense Minister. Apparently, he has now become a post-zionist megalomaniac. Although he has seen how Iran treats Jews, how Iran is building nukes to destroy Jewish Israel, and how Iran is equpping Hizbolla, Syria and Hamas with missiles to use against Jewish Israel in a co-ordinated attack, he still supports a complete surrender to the muslim savages.

    Is he a sincere post-Zionist? Is he crazy? Is he a paid agent of the muslims? Kadima has now completely transformed from Likudniks to post-Zionist Jew-hating Jews. How any sane Israeli Jew could support them is beyond me.