Kedar: This Is The Real Reason The UAE Made Peace With Israel

T. Belman. I disagree with Kedar. First Trump announced that he expected the signing to be in 3 weeks. That puts it around Labor Day. Secondly the Jewish vote is insignificant. The vast majority of Jews will still vote Democratic.

In general though, the break throughin the ME will help Trump get reelected.

Click Here To Watch This Is The Real Reason Why The UAE Made Peace With Israel

Mordechai Kedar discusses the real reason the peace agreement with the UAE is happening now. While many people believe this agreement is a huge deal – it may not be a altruistic as the administration is making it out to be.<

August 19, 2020 | 3 Comments » | 548 views

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Does anyone think Americans who hate Trump will vote for him because of the UAE – Israel deal most Americans do not even is coming into existence.

    Americans except for a small group do not follow foreign affairs.

    Yes, Trump will brag about the deal and those who already like him will say good job Trump.

    This is not a big deal in the election. If you do not believe look at some of the polls which are done to what issues people are voting on.

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