Keeping Up With The Anti-Joneses

By Ted Belman

A few days ago I cautioned that readers should not automatically embrace what Debbie Schlussel had to say. Within hours I got an abusive email from her. More on this later. But it caused me to have a discussion with Lawence Auster, View from the Right. He brought to my attention his post on Keeping Up With the Anti-Joneses. A great read.

Here are some of the people who are among the anti-Joneses; Sarah Palin, Brigette Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Dan Reil and Glen Beck. Included is what they had to say and the inevitable fisking of their remarks.

September 14, 2010 | 55 Comments »

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5 Comments / 55 Comments

  1. What did she expect the average person to do about stopping the creeping Shariah that we have been experiencing in the US over the last 10 years. Burn down every mosque?

  2. I doubt you read the article. If you have then go to the substance of her arguments and respond to her reasoning not a two liner or three and no information other than the quote from above.

    As someone who lives in NYC & had a relative murdered in the Twin Towers, I can assure you that I read her article very thoroughly. I hardly think people who have given up many hours of time & energy in the effort to stop the mosque from being built at ground zero are “Whining” or “wasting their time”. It is very insulting to even have the gall to make that claim if you haven’t been involved in this battle. What did she expect the average person to do about stopping the creeping Shariah that we have been experiencing in the US over the last 10 years. Burn down every mosque? Our powers are limited for the time being & we have to rely on a government to defend our western values. Neither this administration or the previous one have kept radical Islam in check. There is no argument on this point. Instead of Debbie attacking every conservative who gets more attention then her, maybe her time would be better served in reviewing new Motion Pictures. Isn’t that her real job anyway? To her… Every other conservative blogger is either a phony or a scam artist. Well it seems to take one to know one. As for our “wasting of time” in trying to prevent the victory mega mosque from being built at GZ. Guess What? Right now it looks like the odds of it going up are less then 50%. So Debbie can put that in her pipe & smoke it along with her other bitter words, from a very bitter woman.

  3. Ted,

    You make excellent points, and I admit to being a pessimist by nature. But how do you fight the “top” when they are in control, and the morons who walk the streets of Zoo York City are zombies? I heard on the radio recently (and I can’t verify it) that after Jones wanted to do his KKKoran thing, more New Yorkers were becoming supportive of the “mosque.” I agree that it has to come from the grass roots, but so many Americans have become “dumb downed” that they know absolutely nothing about what is going on. Or worse – they just don’t care. The problem is that we need a real “manhig” who will have the testicular fortitude to draw a line in the sand and say to these worshipers of Muhammad: “Enough is enough. No further.” I don’t see anyone in the U.S. saying this, with the exception of true patriots like Colonel Allen West, former Representative Tom Tancredo, and yes, Sarah Palin. And there is a guy running for governor in New York named Carl Paladino who has been outspoken against the “Masjid al-Fatah.” In the end, whether they get the mosque there or not is irrelevant. Because if they don’t, they will build it a few more blocks away, and make it even bigger than their original plans of 13 or 15 stories high. And I wondered why 13 stories, or why 15? Maybe because of their own form of “gematria”:

    Surah 13:13 really chilled my spine.

  4. yamit82 says:
    September 16, 2010 at 8:38 pm
    . (Americans will know Katyushas)

    HARDLY, think at a min. car bombs like the first WTC bombing. CBN weapons, whatever they can make buy or steal. It might not be needed as America is beginning to look like Eurabia.

    Yeah I haven’t thought it all through but there may be completely separated areas that will split off and segregate the Jihadists and their subjects from their territories. There might be several “Israels” of various sizes left in America in the endgame.

    No I don’t think it will be the same as Eurabia, it’s the last linchpin in world domination. For one thing there might be some core of serious resistance in America. Also they will need to make a show of force and there will be need to make some real destruction to vent their hate against the “Great Satan” and some symbolic act to remind others of their total conquest. – they will turn a few cities into holes in the ground.

    A good discussion – people need to start thinking about this – how will the endgame play out? Yeah Eurabia is a write off. North America should begin to isolate itself from them.