Kellyanne Conway EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW – 6/11/16

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  1. Trump will sweep in a landslide 100% Haaaaaa

    You can get $275 for every $100 you bet on Trump.
    Please bet every penny you have.

  2. @ babushka:

    Idiot this has nothing to do with The tracking polls by USC in coordination with the Times that was ignored by the authors of this hit piece aimed to sway idiots like you, and they made really off the wall assumptions not based on any MSM poll like Ohio going to Clinton. Pls read and try to focus on context of what you are trying to peddle here…Trump will sweep in a landslide 100% Haaaaaa

    Will American politicians be prosecuted like Netherlands’ Geert Wilders?


    those jews voting for hillary and the dems will usher this in
    the same muslim money that funds hillary funds IS and funds this attack on free speech, trying to equate an intolerant violent cult with other legitimate religions

  4. babushka Said:

    if not for Forrest Gump clones like you who insisted that the GOP nominate someone incapable of winning the general election.

    In other words you are still pining for the middle management loser. There is no chance that any of the gop could have got anywhere near where trump has got. Trump has brought in the most gop voters in years and certainly they had no chance of any crossover votes. I think you are one of those establishment gop who contributed to trumps lagging due to GOP betrayal and reneging on their agreement with Trump.
    babushka Said:

    in addition to wining later:

    your choice of wine is equal to your choice of candidate in excellence.

  5. @ bernard ross:

    you appear to be happy with that outcome, dont whine later

    Clinton is a felonious anti-Semitic degenerate who belongs in prison. She never would have become president if not for Forrest Gump clones like you who insisted that the GOP nominate someone incapable of winning the general election.

    I therefore will be whining later, in addition to wining later:

  6. According to Nate Silver of Trump is one state away from winning. Which also what I calculate when looking at the Swing States and polling averages.

    Nate has Clinton up in 2-3 points which as he points out is a normal polling error size in elections. So Trump has a 1/2 decent chance to win though Hillary is still in a slightly better position.

  7. yamit82 Said:

    Trump should announce if elected he will fire every political appointment in the DOJ and Comey. Appoint thru new AG a special prosecutor.

    I think guiliani would be a good AG and would seek to prosecute the crooks.
    I am concerned, I didnt realize the extent of the crooked networks power… I thought they were crumbling for this election with the latest investigation but the electorate might be too dumb and I think they have many plans for stealing the election… I cant imagine how bad it would be if they get in again. This rally is before the announcement of her “innocence”.

  8. @ psydneyh:
    thx 4 Oregon update. was thinking more of Sanctuary cities in all the current swing states being prime trove of illegal migrant votes, especially OH, PA, WI, MI, MN.

    I voted in Portland, OR in 2000 and mostly remember the mail-in only ballot system which makes sense when there are always lengthy ballot initiatives to study. Forced to move back east in 2001, to the Bronx, where getting my new drivers license was so easy it was fun. But, NO I.D. needed to vote in NY, just sign in, and be intimidated since they introduced optical scanner voting machines, and deployed the Working Families Party thugs from Brooklyn.

    Interesting to watch Obama try to move black voters to vote for HRC. Does he not understand how Identity Politics works?
    ok, NOT interesting, does he not have a day job?

    Actually, I think the lack of enthusiasm of African-American voters might be they KNOW the postmodern/transnational DemocraticParty is hostile to people of religious faith AND maybe they do NOT want to be the next Ferguson/Baltimore protest gone wild.

  9. BREAKING: Hillary OFF the hook as FBI Director James Comey reveals the department will NOT change its July decision after further email investigation

    Read more:

    I said they would try to clear her before the election but I expected it to come from the DOJ… they had comey do it…. better if it comes from the guy who last appeared “honest”

  10. @ birdalone:
    Oregon law requires a birth certificate to get driver’s license. The law was passed by citizen initiative. Now automatic voter registration comes with driver’s license. But people who registered before the law had only to aver they were citizens. Portland is a “sanctuary city”.

  11. Sanctuary cities will let illegal migrants vote. THIS is why the Dems fight Voter ID (whilst pretending to care about black American vote access.)

    Where are these Sanctuary Cities? THAT could make the difference in this election.
    [this list may not be accurate – I know North Carolina has state law forbidding sanctuary cities – and this is the first state in which I had to show my birth certificate to get a driver’s license. By contrast, New York relies on your signature at the polls – I always thought that was sketchy – now I know that is why NYC stopped teaching cursive handwriting – no signature available! I do know the NYC City Council (legislature) wants to give illegals the right to vote in local elections – the thick edge of the wedge to allowing them to vote in any election, which would mean a Democrat no longer has to worry about winning statewide by triggering the single woman vote in Manhattan – the source of that “war on women” trick since 2010. apologies again if this too cryptic.]

  12. @ Ted Belman:
    thanks, incredible, that gov should go to jail.. I hope trump tells the world that the dems are winning by giving jailbirds and illegals the vote. He should announce that he will not accept an election stolen by registering jailbirds and illegals.
    It might be a lot more becuase the clinton crook mccauliffe had 240,000 provisional ballots printed… so it was all planned to go around the courts decision.