Kerry: Israel risks turning into an ‘apartheid state’

By Ted Belman

Kerry said,

“A two-state solution will be clearly underscored as the only real alternative.  Because a unitary state winds up either being an apartheid state with second class citizens—or it ends up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state.”

Neither need be the case. If we annexed only Area C, we won’t be apartheid and will will be a Jewish state. If we annexed all and gave the qualified Arabs citizenship, we would still be a Jewish state with a 2:1 majority.

Kerry also warned that a freeze in the peace talks could bring about a violent conflagration in the West Bank.

“People grow so frustrated with their lot in life that they begin to take other choices and go to dark places they’ve been before, which forces confrontation,”

Once again, not so. Judea and Samaria are boming. The stores and cafes are crowded. Anyone who wants to work, can find work. The Arabs living there are better off that their brothers in Jordan, Lebanon Syria and Gaza. They blew it once and are not about to blow it again.

He called for a change of leadership on both sides would make the TSS more feasible. He said Livni, Barak and Olmert agreed that a two state solution is the only way Israel could remain a Jewish state that lives in peace with the Palestinians.

He wasn’t done yet. Kerry harshly criticized Israel for plans to build 14 thousand new housing units in the settlements advanced during the past nine months of negotiations.

Kerry also said that at some point he might unveil his own peace proposal, and tell both sides to either “take it or leave it.”

He neglected to say that Livni, Barak and Olmert all had a kick at the can and din’t come close to an agreement. Nor did he say that Livni is presently polling less than two seats, Barak is out of power and Olmert is going to jail.

The majority in Israel believes that an acceptable TSS is not available now or in the foreseeable future and that Israel must consider alternate options.


Dani Dayan: Kerry Hit a New Low With Apartheid Remark

Dani Dayan

Dani Dayan

On a lobbying trip to Washington DC, Dani Dayan, Chief Foreign Envoy of the Council of Judea and Samaria, slammed US Secretary of State John Kerry for remarks he made about how Israel would turn into an “apartheid state” if it stopped making concessions to the Palestinians.

“John Kerry has outdone himself this time, demonstrating a total lack of understanding of the Middle-East conflict,” said Dayan. “His equation of the democratic State of Israel and Apartheid South Africa is a new low in American diplomacy and an insult to the people of Israel and South Africa. Had Secretary Kerry come to Judea and Samaria, he would have learned about the potential for coexistence without the need for incendiary comments.”

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  1. @ honeybee:

    “As we say ‘out West’ do you think they could have been in ‘co- hoots’ ??”

    Maybe, on some level — but sometimes a wink-&-a-nod is all that’s needed.

    And sometimes not even that. TR called the presidency a “bully pulpit.” When the occupant of the Oval Office (or his emissary) speaks, the world always gets a message. . . . of some sort.

  2. @ yamit82:

    “Erekat: Israel wants annexation, to consolidate ‘apartheid’…”

    This all-‘round motormouth always knows when to chime in, shortly after the Executive Branch gives him his cue.

    In Sept ’09, when the Mahatmabama delivered his 1st-ever UN speech to General Assembly [“We continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements…)”]

    — Erekat wasted no time pressing his advantage by telling Agence France-Presse, within 24 hours, that “We are encouraged and highly appreciate President Obama’s statements on settlements being illegal…”

    Of course BHO didn’t use the term illegal, but the one he DID use was meant to be taken that way. And Erekat didn’t miss his cue.

  3. @ Ted Belman:
    I’d like to see that article supporting Jewish separateness, Ted.

    I used to discuss this matter at length with Rav Kahane when I was writing and publishing Kach Newsletter and also publishing, printing and mailing Kahane Magazine from Spring 1987 until his assassination in late 1990. Needless to say, he insisted I run his own articles with no editing changes. He was a better writer than me, so I never complained about that.

    I still remember him as though these past 24 years had never happened. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been with him in that New York hotel room that last night of his life, armed and ready to defend him. After what happened, I never again trusted the Jewish Defense League, which we all thought would be guarding him.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  4. @ bernard ross:

    Rumor going around that Israel (BB) was the leaker. One has to assume that Israel has her sources within the trilateral commission. where Kerry gave his speech. Last time I looked BB and the Govt. of Israel have remained silent. Only a few weeks ago they were praising Kerry as a true friend of Israel.

    Actually he didn’t say much wrong because even our ministers past and present have said essentially the same thing. What was of note was his allusion to changing the Govt. of Israel in order to change the political dynamic hoping to get a more compliant one next tiem. BB knows he is a target just like when Clinton worked to down him in his first term. Nothing scares BB more than the specter of being dethroned especially from the Americans. True or false it will only deepen his already well honed paranoia.

    Getting interesting now like watching a games of chess and poker at the same time by the same players. What is interestin is thatin the previous 35 times Hamas and Fatah have tried to reconcile their deep hatred for each other it was always Hamas who sought reconciliation but this time it is Abbas and Fatah seeking the deal even though most of the Fatah cadre and rank and file are against any deal with Hamas. Hamas is more popular in the West Bank than most pundits will admit to. Since Hamas is at a nadir and have more problems they can deal with they will be concessionary until they get their strength back they might even agree to sort of recognition of Israel or a Hudna for thirty years..

    This ain’t over as their there will be an internal war for who succeeds Abbas. Israel has their Best Guy in prison, The left and the Shabak want him released the Israeli people don’t… Bummer.

    Erekat: Israel wants annexation, to consolidate ‘apartheid’

    In stepping down from government, Hamas plans bid for greater power

    My view: Time is on our side Maybe “Rope A Dope” Best Tactic for now.

  5. @ Ted Belman:

    The Torah clearly instructs Jews to keep separate and to refrain from fraternizing with or breaking bread with the other.

    Our past 2500 years of history proves to us what happens to us when we do.

  6. @ ArnoldHarris:I just wrote an article which I have not yet published in which I extoll the virtues of separation Vs integration. The Torah clearly instructs Jews to keep separate and to refrain from fraternizing with or breaking bread with the other. This is a central notion in Biblical Judaism.

  7. “John Kerry has outdone himself this time, demonstrating a total lack of understanding of the Middle-East conflict,” said Dayan. “His equation of the democratic State of Israel and Apartheid South Africa is a new low in American diplomacy and an insult to the people of Israel and South Africa. Had Secretary Kerry come to Judea and Samaria, he would have learned about the potential for coexistence without the need for incendiary comments.”

    Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East.
    Secretary Kerry’s use of “apartheid’ for Israel is appalling!
    He should at least apologize to Israel. His statement hurts a relationship between Israel and USA. It encourages radical Arabs and anti-Semites to us it as a weapon against Israel.

  8. @ bernard ross:

    Pssst hey bernard, I’m not one to usually ask personal questions but I was just wondering, are you married? lol Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You must have the patience of Job and who would want to be Job?

  9. I like the concept of apartheid. And, as a matter of fact, apartheid was probably the sole characteristic of Judaism that kept the Jewish nation united for almost 2000 years of exile from the only place in the world in which our people could survive, grow have any degree of normality.

    As Rav Meir Kahane wrote and published in the Policies and Programs of the Authentic Jewish Idea:

    The Jewish people was made to be different, separate, set apart from all the others. Not assimilation or amalgamation or integration with the nations is the Jewish role but rather the creation of a separate people, living in a separate state, and building a separate and special society. That is the Jewish injunction and that is the true meaning of the Jews as “a light unto the nations”. The Jewish people must, thus, be isolated from foreign cultures that corrupt the authentic Jewish Idea.

    Apartheid — separateness — failed in South Africa because the Afrikaners imported and came to depend upon the sweat labor of a large African black population that grew to outnumber the whites who exploited their presence.

    America is making the same mistake with the Spanish-speaking population that may one day reclaim large parts of the United States for Mexican rule, thus undoing the Anglo-Saxon conquests of the 19th century. This is a process which the Jewish nation must not permit to take place in Eretz-Yisrael. Only limited numbers of the local Arabs can be permitted full citizenship in the Jewish state, and Jews must learn to perform their own labor, exactly as the kibbutzim of the early yishuv insisted upon.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  10. the Obama/Kerry admin have deadlines to create legacies and achievements for themselves(midterm elections, 2016). Therefore, they will stoop to any dishonest behavior to accomplish their goals. Kerry was voicing Obama threats as a trial balloon and warning: first, that Obama will use the apartheid card to push Israel into suicidal arrangements; two, that he will instruct the jihadis, through his Saudi proxies, to start murdering Jews. [He armed the Pal militias, he armed through Benghazi, the Syrian jihadis through the saudis]; three, he will seek once more to topple the current Israel gov and replace it with his lapdog leftists. We will soon see the mole fake Soros Jewish org Jstreet echoing Obama as that was the purpose of their creation.

  11. @ Bear Klein:

    Since I wasn’t able to respond on the correct post. What does Orwell have to do with what I was saying? Your reading something into it that does not exist.

    I could do the same thing. Telling someone to take their meds could be construed as an anti-Semetic remark. Anti-Semites tried profusely to have me put on meds to diminish and control my mind. They did not succeed. Others….not so lucky.

    Why do you think prescription drugs are the most abused drugs in North America?

  12. Kerry’s success story is merging Hamas and the PLO. That is his one foreign policy success.

    I guess he is gunning for bringing Israel to it’s knees and helping destroying it as his next foreign policy goal. Obama has pulled him and his Jewish sidekick off of the Israel Palestinian issue (at least for the time being). He is just bitter about being a failure so he is lashing out.

    Remember when he was a senator he helped Obama out in his first term when he coined Assad a reformer.

  13. Secretary Kerry doesn’t even live in Israel and he has the arrogance to lecture to it about its future.

    The Secretary Of State has chutzpah and the worst thing about his offense is the credence he gave to Israel’s enemies with the “apartheid state” slur.

    Israel needs Kerry as a friend like it needs enemies.