Kerry should STFU

It is Israel, not Kerry, who must decide what’s in her best interests.

By David Rosenberg, ARUTZ SHEVA

Secretary of State John Kerry made a foray into internal Israeli politics on Sunday night, slamming the Israeli cabinet and singling out Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) by name, saying that Bennett’s recent statements on the future of Judea and Samaria were “profoundly disturbing”.

Kerry spoke Sunday evening at the annual Saban Forum, hosted by the left-leaning Brookings Institute, one of whose overseas branches is in Qatar.


“There is no status quo – it is getting worse. It is moving in the wrong direction,” he said. “I have to tell you the truth. I have to share with you facts and describe to you why I am concerned. I come to you as someone who is concerned about the safety and security of Israel.”

Specifically, said Kerry, Israel must confront what he described as a binary choice: to either permit Jews to flourish in Judea and Samaria, or to separate from the area and establish a Palestinian state.

“There’s a basic choice that has to be made by Israelis – by the leadership of Israel. By all of you who support and care about Israel. Are there going to be continued settlements – continued implementation of settlement policy – or separation and the creation of two states?”

The Secretary then castigated Israel’s governing coalition, noting that a majority have explicitly rejected Palestinian statehood. He did not mention Abbas’ refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland.

“Out of the mouths of ministers in the current government have come profoundly disturbing statements recently. To wit, Naftali Bennett said… a few weeks ago: ‘This represents the end of the era of the two-state solution’. And more than 50 percent of the ministers in the current government have publicly stated they are opposed to a Palestinian state and that there will be no Palestinian state,” Kerry said.

“I’m not here to tell you that the settlements are the reason for the conflict, no, they’re not,” Kerry said.

“But I also cannot accept the notion that they don’t affect the peace process, that they aren’t a barrier to the capacity to have peace.”

Adopting the leftist canard that only the left wants peace rather than the right’s claim that a Palestinian state will become a Hamas stronghold, pose a security risk to the state and therefore be a bigger barrier to peace, he asserted: “And I’ll tell you why I know that: because the left in Israel is telling everybody they are a barrier to peace and the right that supports it openly supports it because they don’t want peace.”

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  1. Reposting the always timely:

    John Kerry Solutions Ltd.

    John Kerry Solutions Inc. Israel Tour, February 2014

    Though to be fair, his is just the latest face. Clinton and before her Condoleeza Rice were just the same. Kissinger was awful too. Probably all the others. Kahane wrote thus about the Rogers plan prophetically in his parable about the stinking fish which I posted and which I see was posted on Israpundit in 2013 with other writings.

    By the way, I thought it was a fittingly ironic comeuppance for Rice to be uninvited from a campus where she had been asked to speak at the behest of the very Muslim bullies she had so hard to appease at Israel’s expense. It’s like the recent stories about Left-wing Israeli judges and political leaders being indicted for war crimes and attempts made to arrest them by foreign left-wing judges and left-wing Israeli actors being boycotted by foreign left-wing theater companies that hate all Israelis. Time to boycott the boycotters. I was heartened to see this:

  2. Klein: John Kerry’s Dangerous Ignorance On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    listening to kerry is like listening to the “special student” giving a speech… everyone listens to be curteous.
    Over 90% of 242 was withdrawn from, Israel can take the rest and still comply… but the dunce is an anachronistic clueless parrot who keeps repeating what his dead trainers taught him

  3. I would suggest to those that threaten the Jewish State, that those threats are likely to be responded to with entirely credible reciprocity and in due time and place. Threats to the Jewish people in Eretz Israel carries a significant personal jeopardy to those that threaten us.

  4. This report has more of Kerry’s words, and good analysis. I did not know Kerry cited that pesky problem of Palestinian textbooks at same Saban Forum when I posted my comment here last night. I believe those textbooks have to change first, before anyone pushes for the elusive unicorn of peace.

    Thought y’all would like to read the comments on jfkerry from the USA, HotAir is an interesting site.

  5. Kerry’s time in Purgatory will be spent listening to Abbas reading today’s Palestinian textbooks at another Saban Forum.

  6. Time to put pressure of the SuShi and Pal to put up or to shut-up!
    As long as SuShi Islamofascism remains alive and well, there can be NO solution to the Pal problem. They are the problem.

  7. Lurch II is at it again. So what? The disgustingly disturbed specimen is on his way to gonnership.
    From that specimen will remain only the stench he left behind at State.

  8. Kerry spreading the lie that Jews are illegitimate in their own homeland. Kerry is disturbed that Jews should move beyond the walls to which they are designatied to live… the euro designated boundries of the major blocks… the swift boat fraud, the serial liar, says that Jews are dangerous when they settle in Judah samaria….Kerry’s lies lead to the murders of Jewish children… his libels end in dead Jews.

  9. Someone please explain to Kerry that the Palestinians idea of their own state is one where Israel is not next to it.