Kiev Regime’s Big Summer Offensive Officially Kicks Off with Big Push in Zaporozhe and more.


Radio Interview on the Critical Hour 07/06/23

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  • Kiev Regime’s Offensive Officially Declared with Big Push Against Russian Defensive Lines from Orehov in Zaporozhe
  • Expectations for Kiev Regime’s Summer Offensive and What Comes After
  • Kiev Regime Forces Destroy Tagliatti-Odessa Ammonia Pipeline on its Own Territory and What This Has to Do with the Black Sea Grain Deal
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  1. Hi, Ted 🙂

    That is total bullshit

    Thank you for your choice of words. I was starting to feel guilty about flying off the handle. You’ve sort of evened the score, so we can start being civil again.

    If Scott Ritter is “discussing it in great deal”, you know exactly what he’s full of. The Ukrainians are not the idiots you might think they are. They have been keeping this whole operation secret, and have even told us so:

    As a result, nearly ALL the information getting out on social media is unadultered Russian propaganda. That is what has been going into Scott Ritter’s hopper, and which to his great discredit, is what he’s been marketing as “fact”

    Meanwhile, “Shhh!”