Trudeau Takes Down Canada

Danielle Smith interviews Jordan Petersen

June 8, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. Hi, EvRe. Here’s a 2021 election map of Canada:

    and here’s a 2020 election map of the US:,h_900,x_125,y_0,c_crop

    The “Red” states in the US (Trump) are ideologically similar to the dark blue (Conservative Party) — although even so, the Conservatives of Canada are more leftist than MAGA Americans. One Western Canadian once said that the border was drawn in the wrong direction: It should have been North-South instead of East-West.

    It can be fun to toy with the idea of re-drawing maps (many have been itching to do it in Israel for decades); but more often than not, the practice has usually accompanied great distress for the populations involved.

    In Oregon, there’s a move in most of the East to join Idaho (some Canadians have said they’d like to also be part of Idaho); and for decades, there’s been a movement to separate S. Oregon and N. California into the “State of Jefferson”. Either of these moves, unfortunately, would leave my wife and I in the rump state of “Oregon”, which would then be even more Leftist-crazy than it is today; and in the process, I would see the land my forebears prayed, worked and fought so hard to build and keep together broken in pieces.

  2. Thank you for this video. I am inspired by the conversations Albertans are beginning to have about loyalty to the Totalitarian State of Canada. It may become a model for states in the US which decide to peacefully separate from the Marxist-Islamist-Globalist States of America.