Left-wing Israeli public figures urge the British Parliament to recognize Palestinian state

By Tova Lazaroff, JPOST

Some 363 Israeli left-wing public figures including former Knesset members called on the British Parliament to recognize the state of Palestine when it debates the matter in London on Monday.

They signed a letter which stated: ”We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state.”

The document continued, “For this reason we, the undersigned, urge members of the UK Parliament to vote in favor of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014, calling on the British Government to recognize the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel.”

The letter was initiated by former Foreign Ministry director-general Alon Liel, Peace Now founder Amiram Goldblum and “Breaking the Silence” founder Yehuda Shaul.

Among its signatories are veteran left wing activist Uri Avnery, former Meretz ministers Ran Cohen and Yossi Sarid as well as former MKs Yael Dayan of Labor and Mossi Raz and Naomi Chazan of Meretz.

Other personalities who signed the document are: Gen. (ret.) Emanuel Shaked of the Paratrooper Corps and former Attorney General Michael Ben-Yair as well as four authors, Yehoshua Sobol, Yehudit Kafri, Savyon Liebrecht and Amos Mokadi.

The British Parliament debate in the House of Commons comes less then two weeks after Sweden announced it would recognize the state of Palestine.

Some 138 nations recognize Palestine as a state, but very few of them are from Europe. The European Union calls for a Palestinian state that is created through a negotiated two-state solution. Three EU countries – Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – recognized Palestine before they joined the 28-member bloc.

Sweden will be the only European country to decide to recognize Palestine while it is a member of the EU.

In spite of the British Parliamentary debate, the United Kingdom is not expected at this time to formally recognize Palestine outside the context of a two-state solution.

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14 Comments / 14 Comments

  1. @ yamit82:

    I see it as g-d manipulating history with the world as pawns to edge you [Jews ] to move in the direction the almighty has mapped out for you [and us].

    Thank you for the patience, yamit.
    I GOT IT!!!

  2. @ the phoenix:
    @ honeybee:

    Between Giving the Torah and Receiving It
    by Dr. Israel Eldad

    Therefore one does not decide on ideas. Ideas are given by revelation and they exist. You decide and fight for their acceptance, to spread them or allow them to penetrate. Therefore Mt. Sinai was held over the heads of the nation during the giving of the Torah [in the legend in which Israel was offered a choice between the Torah or being buried under the mountain], because the Torah is not the result of evolution, during which all the right conditions were quietly and calmly prepared till the bodies were ready and eagerly awaiting it. It is always a revolution, meaning something coming in opposition to what the nation is ready for and consciously desires.

    Now, from the world of the Torah in general to one part of it: sovereignty.
    In the past few generations, only a few extraordinary prophets taught sovereignty, gave the Torah of modern Hebrew sovereignty.

    But great is the distance from this new revelation to its acceptance. And apparently it, too, must pass through two stages: first the stage of being forced upon the people from above, and only afterwards, the stage of learning it from below, from inside.

    And if you want to know where we stand today on our journey through the desert, let it be told: we are standing before the golden calf.

  3. @ the phoenix:

    Ever eat young grapes not yet ripened??? Ever eat green apples not yet ripe etc.

    For the proper changes to take place the conditions must be right otherwise it can be even more disastrous.

    Another context. Benguion abandoned Jerusalem for ceasefire when we were winning and I believe had the capability to capture Jerusalem in 1948. Many were angry at his capitulation but 19 year later Jerusalem became the jewel in the Crown of our Victory in 1967… It helped awaken the Jews of silence in the USSR which brought to Israel a million Russians and for the first time in 2000 Jews held their heads up with pride and galvanized the religious Zionist push to settle the Jewish heartland. The building of Jerusalem so de facto it can never be separated or divided. Never!!!!

    Israel needed the Yom kippur Shock to bring us out of the 67 clouds and help bring down the 27 year hegemony of the Political left in Israel and the Bolshevik one party system.

    In the existential national interest our individual worth comes second to the national interest that’s why there are holocausts and pogroms etc. I see it as g-d manipulating history with the world as pawns to edge you Jews to move in the direction the almighty has mapped out for you and us. I don’t have his timetable just an idea of what he wants from us and that’s stated specifically in the Torah. A chosen people and a Chosen Land. We are Hashem’s Ensign>

    This is not for us it’s for Hashem.

    For 200 years the Jews were the doormat of the gentiles and the world and then suddenly a complex set of events occurred one tied to the other and in a very small window of opportunity we gained control off our destiny and declared statehood won miraculous victories and became a light to the nations in so many ways…. Anyone who believe that all that has happened to us in the last 150 is coincidence is simply brain dead. We are only in the middle of the second act of a 5 act play with a Greek Chorus for effect and drama.

  4. yamit82 Said:

    Shirley you Jest!!!

    My Aunt Shirley NEVER jested, if she [my she rest peace, tho I doubt it] run the Israeli Govt, yawl be in a different place now.

    the phoenix Said:


    Up there in Canada doesn’t it freeze in the air.
    yamit82 Said:

    Note the under the table deals with the Vatican and the christian fundamentalists.

    What Christian Fundamentalist??? In Texas they are very pro-Israeli military.

    the phoenix Said:

    Obviously, I STILL don’t get it!

    You’re to pure and innocent. Think like my Aunt Shirley, she ran Hadassah like a police state.

  5. @ yamit82:
    Please help me with this one,
    So we ARE IN AGREEMENT that these are corrupt vile creatures. They are working overtime to undo and destroy everything Jewish and revise Jewish history, and in effect attempt to mould Israel to be a people like the rest of the nations.
    We KNOW this is wrong and should be attempted to be stopped, yet nothing seems to be in the works (as far as I know) as well as the argument that “it is all by divine design” …

    So, if I may, YOU, yamit, are you favoring the : 1. “let’s try to do something” (whatever that something might be … I dunno.. End this pathetic charade posing as goi and bring in some REAL nationalistic israel/Jews first and formost type of a leadership)
    Or 2. To everything there is a season etc…

    Obviously, I STILL don’t get it! 🙁

  6. @ the phoenix:

    The other half is that they are traitorous!

    Note the under the table deals with the Vatican and the christian fundamentalists.

    Peres was always the Vatican’s man in Israel. The rest are willing to let the fundamentalists have a greater and greater foothold giving them free reign to convert Jews, while they turn a blind eye for the tens of $$$millions $$$these groups pour into Israel. The are an effective substitute for the UJA!

    One way or another they are all vile creatures and totally corrupt.

  7. @ yamit82:

    The left protects their own

    I just started reading feiglin’s “where there are no men” … It describes how the labor party was holding illegal meetings and agreements with the enemy (PLO) in Cairo.
    The BASTARD Peres (spit!!!!) wrote a promissory note to be given to the Egyptian foreign minister by yosi beilin (spit again!!!) , whereby he pledges freezing construction in yesha, and will nullify the law which outlaws meetings with PLO. This, is to come into effect if the PLO will make sure that Israel’s vermin (the Arabs) will vote for the labor party….
    All this was funded by Israel’s ‘staunchest ally’ …..
    And today….
    These bastards and all the other oslo’ites are slithering freely and CONTINUE to give speeches and write articles…..
    Yeah, I guess you could say that the left protects their own… 🙁

  8. woolymammoth Said:

    If the attorney general refuses to cooperate, indict the attorney general for treason and so on all the way to the supreme court

    Shirley you Jest!!!

    The left protects their own and all of the Judiciary from the top court down are members of the elect club. they protect each other. The media is in bed with them and the politicians are scared stiff of them. They run the country and the IDF.

  9. Hmmm, sure seems like a textbook example of treason to me….”…Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially THE BETRAYAL OF ONE’S OWN COUNTRY BY WAGING WAR AGAINST IT OR BY CONCIOUSLY AND PURPOSELY ACTING TO AID IT’S ENEMIES. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY, 2ND COLLEGE EDITION 1985. Every signatory should be investigated for treason. If the attorney general refuses to cooperate, indict the attorney general for treason and so on all the way to the supreme court, if they can not protect the country and it’s people what good are they, throw them out. IMO