Liberation of Iran without warfare. This is a great site working to undermine the regime in Iran.

From: His Excellency, Hashem Hakimi
Retired Imperial Iranian Ambassador

To: The Honorable George W. Bush President Of United States

As one of the remaining senior Iranian Imperial Ambassadors with many years of service in his majesty’s Foreign Office I unequivocally and unconditionally am in favor of regime change in Iran without classic warfare, I further believe by adopting the correct strategy this could effectively be achieved by United States Government stepping up its support of the Iranian Opposition Groups within Iran and outside Iran, together with a complete blockade of Iranian ports and economic routes combined with total economic sanctions, and targeting the Islamic Republics’ heirarchy. I support and respect the aspiration of Iranian people for a free secular democracy and human rights.

I further declare that:

    1. Over the past 28 years the Islamic fascist occupiers of Iran and regime’s apparatus, namely courts, judges and vigilantes have all committed acts of: International terrorism, mass execution of political prisoners, murder, stoning, torture, assault, theft, destruction of property, arson, perjury, falsification of testimonials and material evidence, illegal surveillance, kidnapping, rape, blackmail, fraud, obstruction of justice, creating fear society, conspiracy, cover-ups and every other form of butchery and depredation.

    2. I declare Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Amadinejad, Khatami as Islamic Fascists leadership and occupiers of Iran and they are considered as guilty for crimes against Humanity according to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and established International Law. They have created a society of fear and terror taking 70 million Iranians as their hostages.

    3. Human Rights violations by the Islamic “Republic” of Iran have reached an unprecedented colossal level of cruelty and barbarism.

    4. I further recognize bombing Iran and its infrastructure is not necessary to free Iran because the Iranian people who are the most pro-American nation in the Middle East and possibly in the world should not be considered as enemies of the United States .

    5. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with this unelected and undemocratic regime is to deal with it strongly and with a comprehensive set of measures.

I strongly advocate the following measures:

    * Please consider declaring the clerical regime as an illegitimate government.

    * Please consider completely blockading Iranian ports in the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and other major routes only allowing passage of food and medicine.

    * Stop the flow of oil from and to Iran.

    * Bring Iranian aviation to a complete halt.

    * Indict all the regime’s leader and henchmen in the International Courts and obtain international arrest warrants.

    * Further to above obtain orders to ease all their personal assets outside Iran including the regime’s support organizations such as Alavi Foundation in New York City . Stop, with immediate effect, all international trading with the clerical regime.

    * Publicly identify known Isalmic Republic agents, and aggressively pursue the prosecution of their agents abroad as promoters of international terrorism and abusers of human rights. Shut down all illegal unregistered agent organizations representing IRI interests, their lobbyist and apologists.

    * Stop all IRI satellite TV and Radio programming to the outside world.

    * Freeze IRI assets outside of Iran and impose prohibition on investment, a travel ban, and asset freezes for government leaders and nuclear scientists.

    * Worldwide announcement to all nations that any deals and contracts made with IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) by any entity is null and void and the US Government will back all efforts for future legitimate Iranian Governments to seek compensation from all those helping the current regime transfer assets and monies abroad.

    * Close or limit Islamic Republic’s embassies and its activities including travel limits on Iranian diplomats.

    * I am requesting from United States as friend of freedom-loving Iranian people to freeze all the deposits of the criminal leaders of IRI, its officials and Mullahs in Dubai ‘s financial institutions. These funds belong to ordinary Iranian people and must be frozen for future legitimate government of Iran to use for its finances and and not be penniless. Or for these Islamic thugs to use the billions of dollars of stolen and hidden Iranian assets to create terror and violence in order to overthrew future governments of Iran or to be used for supporting terror in the West or America .

    * Please release part of the frozen assets of Iran to the IRI opposition or provide funding to be spent on funds supporting a General Strike in Iran and promotion of democracy.

    * Please push to expel IRI representatives from UN since the IRI constitution is contrary to the UDHR (Universal Declarations of Human Rights).

Any regime change in Iran must adhere to the principles of democracy defined by Iranians themselves in 1906 and adhere to the vision sought by the fathers of the Constiutional movement in Iran who took the vision of the American Founding Fathers and other democratic movements as their guiding principles namely:

Secular democracy protecting all not just the rights of the majority; universal Human Rights; and a free society.

After the liberation of Iran and the much desired overthrew of the unpopular Mullahs, the situation in Iran will be very different to Iraq:

1- There will not be another terrorist sponsoring regime to fund insurgency and terror neither to Iran itself nor in to Iraq.

2- Iranian society is very different to Iraq . The issues of Shia or Sunni will not be a problem the way it is being in Iraq.

3- With a totally different culture, the people of Iran are truly sick and tired of this regime and all they need is a positive signal from the USA Iranians will do the job with non military invasion of their country .

I hope that the United States Government honours its historical commitements to respect territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran after regime change in Iran and reject any possible federalist ideas along NONEXISTENT racial lines in Iran.

Please remember; the key to salvation of Iraq is also in freedom of Iran The freedom-loving countries of the world must unite and assist Iranian people to end this embarrassment to humanity and civility called Islamic Republic and allow Iran to come back to the arms of the civilized nations.

In helping Iranians, you have stopped the violence in Iraq and have made Iran reach democracy with minimum bloodshed and have preserved the peace and freedom worldwide.

Yours Sincerely,

Hashem Hakimi
Retired Imperial Iranian Ambassador
Oslo, Norway

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. I supose you mean the second Tiananmen square massacre, keelie, the second one in 1989 where there were CNN cameras…and there it is… few people know the dead or count them in totalitarian regimes. China is a land of shadows , silence and lost souls.

    I don’t see how those actions recommended would be anything less than an act of war. The Iranian people and government would be mobilized militarily against the US and not their their leaders most probably it would initiate an Iranian attack and the US would be forced to go all the way. No, overt actions like that are declarations of War. They might as well declare war or at least just make that strike which maybe, might maybe, delay the coming cataclysm until we are better prepared for it.

  2. It’s a wonderful idea in principle, but the fact remains that the fascists control a huge, well-trained and well armed army, an army (I assume) that’s grounded in their own form of SS mentality.

    If the Iranian people try to bring down the fascists, this army will be used against them to the hilt. Tianamen (sp) Square will look like a kids birthday party in comparison

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