Liberman: Qalqilya Expansion a Done Deal, Arab Homes Already on Sale

By David Israel, JEWISH PRESS

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Monday told his Yisrael Beiteinu Knesset faction in no uncertain terms that the Qalqilya plan, permitting a section of the Arab city to expand into Israel’s Area C, is on, 360 reported. Liberman stressed that construction plans for Qalqilya had been implemented, and an estimated 6,300 homes are being built alongside the fences of Israeli settlements – effectively choking their connection to Israel.

During the meeting, Liberman pointed to the map behind him and showed that the construction in Qalqilya is expected to remain within the fences of the city, emphasizing that these were “Area C parcels within the Qalqilya boundaries.”

The Defense Minister added that “6,300 houses will be built,” pointing out that “While 19 terrorists have come from Hebron, in the last wave only one ramming attempt came from Qalqilya. These are the sticks and carrots. The housing units are already being marketed, there is no room for debate.”

Speaking of the arrival of Donald Trump’s emissary to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt, Liberman noted that “Greenblatt is coming to promote an agreement with the Palestinians, but I have my doubts when I look at the Palestinian Authority and its leader, and their refusal to condemn the murder of a policewoman –I ask, where is their good will? With such intentions it is doubtful whether it is possible to advance a [peace] process.”

On Wednesday, the cabinet is scheduled to discuss the plan to expand Qalqilya. Details of the plans which were published last month aroused outrage among rightwing ministers and MKs. Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud), sent a letter to the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister demanding that the cabinet be convened, arguing that “the Civil Administration is leading the political echelon by the nose.”

The Settler community has been critical of the Qalqilya plan, both for its danger to at least two Jewish communities nearby, and the fact that while the Arabs are receiving anywhere between six and fourteen thousand housing permits, Jews in Judea and Samaria are yet to receive their promised 2,000 housing units.

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10 Comments / 10 Comments

  1. We tried to present facts for a decade or more. Now, if our people is brain dead, not much more we can do.
    Lieberman is the handy peon for Netanyahu.
    And Netanyahu will destroy what may remain of Y & S as well as crushing Jerusalem Jewish Icons.

  2. I have long contended that Netan yo yo is worse than any Meretz or Labor potential PM…. As long as he is PM there is no right wing opposition….. BB has been trying to destroy the settlement movement since his second term and I think it is revenge for them ousting him after 3 years 1996-99. He never forgets an injury and is so pathologically paranoid that he will do anything not to be placed in a similar situation where the right can topple him a second time….. So far he has succeeded. That said our only hope is his removal asap before he can do more damage and endanger all of us for his hubris and ego…. He has no moral compass is as corrupt as any politician in Israel … I guarantee within a month of his leaving power he will return to the USA where he really belongs with his puppet masters.

  3. @ yamit82:
    First… Happy to hear from you. And…
    I fully agree on your as well as mine long held understanding of the speechster’s inner works and objectives. He is deadly against Jewish national interests and vengeful, corrupt and determined.
    No worse enemy than the specimen. And his peons.

  4. Oh, well, “only one ramming incident’? That’s ok. And, I mean, since the recent waves of attacks haven’t been coming from there but Hebron (19 terrorists most recently, but, 19 is only a number, right? Same number as carried out 9/11, which these demons celebrated) — I mean — it’s not like Arabs move around or anything, right? And, hey, Israel is a democratic state first and only then Jewish, right? So, it’s only fair that the same number of houses should be built for Arabs – 6,300 being built and Jews — 2,000 promised (ha ha). And right up against the Jewish houses separated only be a fence, soon to be taken down, no doubt. Anybody remember the Fogel family, Hallel Yaffa Ariel and so many others?

    I’ve never liked LIeberman. LIberals here hate him, the fools. They think he’s right-wing. They think Netanyahu is right-wing.
    Never occurs to them to read an Israeli newspaper. Free. online.

    Probably think it would be all lies.

    So, they believe the mainstream media here, who gets all their information from the Arabs.

    Because they support Israel.

    Cukoo, Cukoo, Cukoo.

  5. This is truly outrageous and appalling. The Israeli national camp and its American supporters should organize massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins,anything at all to stop this outrage. And all true American supporters of Israel, AFSI, ZOA, etc. should join in the pressure on the Israeli government to reverse this insane, self-destructive decision.

  6. @ adamdalgliesh:
    Netanyahu has never been any different. Every single action of his, is anathema for the Jewish people.
    His histrionics and stage face making pose hide a vicious destructive intent.
    He must be shown again the door, on way, before the next election.

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