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May 28, 2020 | 2 Comments » | 376 views

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  1. Notice that Black Lives Matter, which was quiescent for nearly four years during the Trump administration, has resumed its campaign of rioting and looting, with the support of the MSM and liberal politicians in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and elsewhere. We are now for a long, hot summer of race riots in addition to all our other tsuris. Is this some kind of tactic to defeat opposition to mail-in voting and ballot-harvesting? A penny for your thoughts, everyone.

  2. We really should have a conversation in Israpundit about the Black Lives Matter riots in Minneapolis, St. Louis, California and elsewhere. Black Lives Matter was extremely active during the Obama years, with rioting, looting, killings–all reported by the MSM as legitimate “protests” against police brutality. It became clear that Black LIves Matter had a close relationship to the Democratic Party, with Barak OBama personally, and with mainstream black organizations such as the NAACP. Then, when Trump became President, they suddenly became quiescent. Presumably, they realized that Trump, unlike Obama, supported the police, and wouldn’t tolerate burnings, looting, etc.

    But now, they have been reactivated in a Presidential election year, with the full panoplay of arson, looting, adbuctions, murders, etc. The Democratic mayor of Minneapolis and the Democratic governor of Minnesota are backing them. So is the MSM, which is doing everything possible to whip up the violence, much as they did during the Obama years. But why?

    Obviously, it is connected in some way with the coming election. The Democratic party leaders, and their allies in the organized black community, obviously think that will help them win the election to have a “long hot summer” of riots and violence , maybe into the fall. But what do they hope to accomplish by this? Why do they think it will help them? How should Trump respond? We need answers.

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