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  1. @ Philippe:
    1974 according to Bat Yeor (same year as Arafat’s phased plan and (I can’t find it now) Sadat’s proposal in a joint Arab conference to destroy Israel in stages through “peace” initiatives about which Eidelberg writes in great detail.( I wonder why he puts “Professor” before his name, all professional historians and political scientists are professors whose work is vetted by their colleagues, so they don’t bother with formal titles before their names on books and articles, as a general rule. It’s like saying “everything is up.”)

    “A machinery that has made Europe the new continent of dhimmitude was put into motion more than 30 years ago at the instigation of France…An association of European parliamentarians from the European Economic Community (EEC) was created in 1974 in Paris: the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation. It was entrusted with managing all of the aspects of Euro-Arab relations – financial, political, economic, cultural, and those pertaining to immigration.”

  2. Islamization of France started in 1977 on a massive scale ; that year the Giscard-Chirac Government voted a law ” réunion familliale ” which allowed each foreign worker staying in France for work purpose to bring in its family from outside France . Since the french civil code defines ” family’s member ” as afar as the seventh kin of relation , the one million foreign workers population which was less than one million ( mainly algerian ) morphed into a 4 million in 10 years . A second pro-immigration law was the soil law , which gave automatically the citizenship to foreign children born in France . 40 years after those two suicidal laws , the french-muslims citizens are 12 ( twelve million ) .A third factor is the yearly legal welcome of 200,000 to 300,000 african-mideasterners newcomers . We can take for true the declaration of the algerian embassador in Paris who has on his consulate list 8 millions of dual citizens ( both algerian & french ) plus approximately 2/3 millions of morrocans plus 1 million tunisians plus one million turks-egyptians-lebanese . So today 1/5 of fenchmen are arabs . France wanted to compensate its poor demography , it succeeded beyond all hopes, and now it’s a nightmare.

  3. Mohammed Atta was an engineer. Ayman al-Zawahiri Was a surgeon. Education means nothing. It is almost always the educated who lead uprisings. @ oldjerry:

  4. Frank, you are ignoring the real problems, the problems of culture and assimilation.

    Moslem Jihadis are not the only problem. As important is the complete lack of respect by moslem males for women. They prefer to treat all women worse than animals. For your average Western male that is wholly unacceptable, as is their propensity to rape and traffic under-age children.

  5. @ Frank Adam:

    Frank Adam Said:

    “Finally NOT all Moslems are jihadi idiots. Look around the professional door plates and any number of Moslem citizens have settled in professionally as in Britain.”

    [SZ: Except for dentists, of course.]

    The dentist terrorist: British Muslim who planned to murder UK troops jailed

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-506841/The-dentist-terrorist-British-Muslim-planned-murder-UK-troops-jailed.html#ixzz4gVJqiEcM

    3 Arab dentist terrorists nabbed in Israel


    When Dentists Become Terrorists
    By Stephen M. Flatow – 2 Tammuz 5776 – July 8, 2016 8

    What Is Dental Anxiety And Phobia?

    Can’t imagine.



    Why so many jihadists are Westernized and come from the upper middle class.
    January 19, 2010 Wm. B. Fankboner 0”


    “There is a stereotype that young people from Europe who leave for Syria are victims of a society that does not accept them and does not offer them sufficient opportunities… Another common stereotype in the debate in Belgium is that, despite research which refutes this, radicalization is still far too often misunderstood as a process resulting from failed integration… I therefore dare say that the better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence.”

    “That was the result of extremely important Dutch research, led by a group of academics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Terrorists seem to be models of successful integration: for instance, Mohammed Bouyeri, the Moroccan-Dutch terrorist who shot the filmmaker Theo van Gogh to death, then stabbed him and slit his throat in 2004. “He [Bouyeri] was a well-educated guy with good prospects,” said Job Cohen, the Labor Party mayor of Amsterdam.”

    Islamic Terrorists not Poor and Illiterate, but Rich and Educated
    by Giulio Meotti
    November 19, 2016 at 5:00 am

    R. Kahane made the same observation in “They Must Go” https://www.amazon.com/They-Must-Go-Meir-Kahane/dp/0448120267

    So, it’s not about “islamofauxbia, but about “dental phobia!” See, All that fuss about nothing. Here, have a placebo.

    Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song

    The Little Shop of Horrors (Original) – Dentist Scene Jack Nicholson

    Bodes well for the prospects for “peace.”

    “Let them eat cake.” – Marie Antoinette

    “They make a dessert and call it peace.” – Tacitus

    “Abscess makes the heart grow fonder” – anonymous.

  6. Macron’s plan for Muslim immigrants is simple. Inasmuch as the Muslims won’t assimilate and embrace French culture the French will have to adapt Muslim culture to ensure peace with the invaders.

  7. This initially sounds parallel to the arrangements already existent since Napoleon for the Jewish Community.

    Instead of panicking over teaching Arabic remember that a lot of immigrants from villages and a lot of Moslems settled in the West or non Arabic Moslem countries – like Catholics do not know Latin or Jews do not know Hebrew properly so are liable to all sorts of bigoted manipulation. Some proper teaching of the language would actually break the religious establishment and the fanatics by opening them up to questioning.
    Finally NOT all Moslems are jihadi idiots. Look around the professional door plates and any number of Moslem citizens have settled in professionally as in Britain. The problem is how to get all of them to settle don and drop the stupid excuse of young failures and loosers to misuse radical Islam as a form of vengeance for their own failure to profit from their schooling.