Manhattan Transfer

Why Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project would fail today.

As the three-hour Oppenheimer shows, to build the first atomic bomb required the best scientific minds, the finest facilities, and the construction of an entire community. Today, a project of that magnitude would be doomed to failure.

The Manhattan Project scientists were pale males of European extraction. Such men are no longer acceptable, regardless of scientific merit and proven experience. Biden’s diversity forces would demand “scientists of color” and LGBTQ activists without regard to experience. This would be only one of the hurdles.

The candidates would need instruction in critical race theory, lest they hold mistaken ideas about their nation’s achievements. Scientists of Jewish and Christian belief, should they gain any consideration, would have to be screened for Islamophobia, lest they hold false ideas about people who seek to harm America in the style of 9/11. The medical standards would also be tough.

Joe Biden proclaimed that Covid was “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and under Biden, Air Force pilots who resisted vaccination were discharged from the military. Regardless of past experience anyone who resisted vaccination, on any grounds, would not be allowed on a modern Manhattan Project. The “fully vaccinated” would also face a security test.

As Biden made clear last September one, those who want America to be great pose the greatest danger. Candidates for the new Manhattan Project would have to be screened for conservative types in general and Trump voters in particular. Anyone less than worshipful of the federal government would be rejected out of hand, regardless of scientific capability.

Such people, and parents who protest at school board meetings, are now branded domestic terrorists and violent extremists. Under Biden, they can have no place in weapons design and the military strategy, but there’s more to it.

Joe Biden is on record that the Chinese Communists are “not bad folks,” and the Biden DOJ is declining to prosecute Chinese scientists on visa fraud charges. The Chinese are setting up their own police stations and covert biological laboratories in the USA.  Biden even allowed China’s surveillance balloon to overfly the nation’s most sensitive military bases.

The security check would disregard any collusion with China, and approval of these actions would be required for inclusion on any Manhattan Project that happened to arise. As for the real one, it didn’t happen quite like Oppenheimer shows it.


Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Yes I Con: United Fakes of America, Barack ‘Em Up: A Literary Investigation, Hollywood Party, and numerous other works.

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