Margaret Thatcher transformed a nation. Will Sarah Palin do the same?


By Sheya ,Conservatives4Palin

In December 2008, shortly after the conclusion of the 2008 campaign, John O’Sullivan wrote a great op-ed (Conservative snobs are wrong about Palin) in the Wall Street Journal in which he compared Margaret Thatcher and Governor Palin. O’Sullivan, as a former special adviser to Prime Minister Thatcher, has more credibility than most on this particular topic:

    But, as it happens, I know Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine. And as a matter of fact, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin have a great deal in common.

    They are far from identical; they rose in different political systems requiring different skills. As a parliamentarian, Mrs. Thatcher needed forensic and debating skills which her training in Oxford politics and as a tax lawyer gave her. Mrs. Palin is a good speaker, but she needs to hone her debating tactics if she is to match those of the Iron Lady.

    On the other hand, Mrs. Palin rose in state politics to jobs requiring executive ability. Her successful conduct of the negotiations with Canada, Canadian provinces and American states over the Alaska pipeline was a larger executive task than anything handled by Mrs. Thatcher until she entered the Cabinet and, arguably, until she became prime minister.


    She has obvious intelligence, drive, serious moral character, and a Reaganesque likability. Her likely Republican rivals such as Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney, not to mention Barack Obama, have most of these same qualities too. But she shares with Mrs. Thatcher a very rare charisma. As Ronnie Millar, the latter’s speechwriter and a successful playwright, used to say in theatrical tones: She may be depressed, ill-dressed and having a bad hair day, but when the curtain rises, out onto the stage she steps looking like a billion dollars. That’s the mark of a star, dear boy. They rise to the big occasions.

    Mrs. Palin had four big occasions in the late, doomed Republican campaign: her introduction by John McCain in Ohio, her speech at the GOP convention, her vice-presidential debate with Sen. Joe Biden, and her appearance on Saturday Night Live. With minimal preparation, she rose to all four of them. That’s the mark of a star.

    If conservative intellectuals, Republican operatives and McCain “handlers” can’t see it, then so much the worse for them.

Read the rest of O’Sullivan’s piece here. Nothing that has happened since O’Sullivan wrote his article a year and a half ago has contradicted his analysis. Since that time Governor Palin has been THE leader of the opposition to Obama’s disastrous policies, more so than any other leader in America, elected or otherwise. That she has accomplished this while holding no formal position of power is, as O’Sullivan would say, the mark of a star.

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  1. We desperately need good news, so here it is. Geert Wilders’ party apparently won big yesterday, and he’ll get a cabinet post. Let’s hope it’s US Secretary of State.

    That is good news, Thanks.

  2. We desperately need good news, so here it is. Geert Wilders’ party apparently won big yesterday, and he’ll get a cabinet post. Let’s hope it’s US Secretary of State.

  3. Don’t be silly,this is a shallow and empty woman, neurotic and hardly and executive thinker.

    If that’s not ad hominum, I don’t know what is.

    Palin merely hangs on the coattails of the Republican power base and serves the superclass with no compassion or understanding of any of the great suffering masses around her.

    Just the opposite. She has always challenged the Republican power base. She took them on in Alaska and she is taking them on now.

    Just because she is a against an entitlement society doesn’t mean she has “no compassion or understanding of any of the great suffering masses around her”. But this is too complex to argue at this time. She has yet to dirctly comment on her ideas about suffering humanity.

  4. Ok good enough the drift is there and I drift away.
    Good Luck

    You don’t like her then?

    Real Bummer.

    I was raised in the Jewish tradition, taught never to marry a Gentile women, shave on Saturday and most especially never to shave a Gentile woman on Saturday. HOW ABOUT YOU?

  5. Yuck! I’ll make this the end of political posting and go back into retirement after this. Darn lousy news bringing me back again. I’m not gonna read anything else on this site for a wile just to stop myself from getting involved..No offense to the site.

    Reading, commenting and posting is an addictive vice of mine and burns up a lot of time.
    Not that it isn’t useful for learning but I need to live my life.
    Why the sudden abreaction about Palin? I posted my opinions, observations and conclusions, months ago it was – ho hum – people disagree, so what!

    OK, So here’s what doesn’t matter anyway. But I absolve my conscience my responding, then I can get out of here.

    I don’t want to write for weeks – so just a rough overview.

    Sarah’s Personality: neurosis versus wellness, performance under stress, toughness, dedication and commitment to what and reasons for such what.

    This depends on each person’s own level of personality development and life experience. I’ve seen her on several TV interviews as well as followed her progress and I am very unimpressed.Perhaps I can simplify my observations but people don’t care anyway so I’ll just say my bottom line conclusions are extremely negative I ‘d say she couldn’t even come close to Thatcher, she is not not upper management material nor presidential nor deep thinking – she’s mid management – tops. You don’t want upper level people who get hung up on trivialities, you want the people who will suffer and bear without complaint in order to follow their vision – if they have one and I don’t think she has one – a policy is not a vision. Tough talk is not tough, compassion and sorrow is tough.

    Sarah’s’ class affiliation, her relations to her class , the role of that class in the larger society – the final effect to the world through America’s powers especially through economics

    Most important thing here is this a class that totally embraces the system – not a hope of any reform to the system. Her solutions apply to her class – the people that live as she does (good old boys and good old gals) a class totally unaware of the structure of their society, their role in it and brainwashed by system propaganda – all other classes, indeed the entire human race is excluded, no matter what Sarah’s base hypocritically pretends (and they will pretend) – outsiders do not fit in. All the world is excluded. A dozen Israels could be burned. and are burned worldwide and this is the “I’m all right Jack” class.

    The stuff on tonight’s Dinner Plate: The political Platform.
    Israel – great – everything else totally revolting and horrifying – Why? It is a platform of appeasement to interest groups, lobby groups and a program that serves the American superclass, the economic fascists that own America. She gather power by catering to religious fascists. The health services denial she supports is a program of mass murder that has been extant for over 60 years but that is incidental as wealth and prosperity denial as practiced by the superclass also has achieves an even greater death and destruction of the masses. Robbed the population of their evolutionary heritage.
    And it’s all underlined by a program of propaganda designed to undermine the masses ability to think for and defend themselves. Getting people to support Health denial services is a ultimate propaganda masterpiece!.

    The reason for the dinner plate – what is the foundation of Sarah Palin
    The point is the plate will change Sarah has no life experience to care about fascism, for pity’s sake, she is part of a fascist system. If she is in the White House she follows Republican Party’s agenda , not Israel’s, She will have the same advisers from the superclass that Bush and Obama had. The American elites play both sides looking for the best possible advantage for themselves. Considering current events they may have already sold Israel out, Sarah’s voice may be yesterday’s (republican/superclass) program. They leave it there, it’s a voice that sounds nice but propaganda in the ethershpere is nothing without power.

    She’s done nothing to hone herself to have that “Great Understanding of Life” that so many other leaders have, nothing she has tested herself or sharpened herself against, to deepen her emotional capacity. She has no understanding or experience of being under fascism, or suffering or understanding the suffering of others. she hangs up religious slogans that are no deeper than the text they are printed on. Even scholars who apply themselves deeply to books and mediation can achieve this deep experience but she is just the superficial will-of-wisp person. She is hidebound, provincial has has done nothing to absorb the great multi-cultural ism of the world. , no extended travel abroad, no education abroad no stint in the peace core nothing to really develop character. Totally unimpressive for a supposed world leader. You have to know the world and it’s peoples to the heart or be worthy of leading them.

    Projections of the future.
    Other than rallying certain propagandas amoung her base for the absurd mixture of good and evil cause she represents (the characteristic of superclass political orgs) – she is an non entity.
    If she will ever be back I promise to eat an entire Durian Fruit.

    To add to these confusions – a consideration of which I will bypass which is the aware or unawareness of the Israpundites to be the advocates of various fundamental powers in the existing system of fascism and repression.

    I mean : Ask the question: Do you consider yourself a member of the palace guard? It’s not written by social position or wealth, it’s an aware or unconscious decision to support the system and everyone makes this decision for one way or the other in their lives. To sell one’s soul and deliberately sacrifice others or to do the best to retain one’s integrity and not stepping into the world of willful blindness… amoung other things.

    To answer this question requires awareness of themselves, of their society’s structure and of their role in it. You can only transcend above what you can understand.

    But, nevermind. Too much to write about, no ROI.

    So, here is a problem. – Sarah writes in support of Israel – It reaches a lot of people. Good! Ok! Pass it on to Sarah’s base – “Hey! -read a good article that Sarah wrote.”
    Fine – that’s all it’s worth – no big deal – the Thatcher fantasies are science fiction and horror police state science fiction at that.

    To put it in a final way, Sarah is not a good longterm friend to have actually very bad . Maybe she’s fun at the party for a little pro-Israeli speech etc but count yourself lucky she’s only visiting.
    To make more clear Israel will just get use same old same old and very possibly dumped and burned – she will be no different – there will come the call from Washington to to stop winning just like the Republicans in Hezbollah II and so much other stuff..

    Ok good enough the drift is there and I drift away.
    Good Luck

  6. yamit82 says:

    I don’t agree with Max but I don’t see ad hominem in His opinion

    Truly amazing! A voice of rationality amoung the hysterical voices here. The rest of you people really need to use your smarts to think a little or if that’s not the problem you need to get some integrity.

    I just expected something like Yamit82’s reaction, simple – “I agree to disagree – I feel differently” etc no big deal – and maybe I might see something else or probe to see what else there is to this Palin Dysfunctional syndrome.
    I don’t want to write as much as this might take and I am reluctant because it’s almost too much to bother. I had decided you people were too hopeless but then I saw Yamit’s comment.

    When a person’s personality and character is the subject of debate and analysis ,it’s not an “ad hominem” to have a negative opinion of said person!
    An ad hominem is a logical fallacy in argument. It is when the speaker is attacked instead of the speakers argument.
    The subject here is not the Speaker’s argument but the Speaker, especially I responded to the tone of the article comparing Palin to Thatcher to which I have the mental equivalent of a nauseated spit-take.
    So I’m not allowed to express how I feel? Really?
    How about positive evaluations of her personality? Are they acceptable?
    Will I be accused of irrationality and castigated for my “rhetoric” if I praise Palin’s character?
    Is that not hypocrisy?
    And I’ve got to “prove” how I feel ? Really?

    Is not Sarah Palin and every other politician being sold as a product? Are they not presented to be sold on the basis of their personality and character amoung other things? Are voter required to pass a test explaining themselves when they vote? Isn’t her personality and character the basis for most of the people’s decisions here.

    blockquote>But just saying the policies are stupid doesn’t cut it.

    I haven’t said anything at all about policies being “stupid”. I am not discussing “polices”. Real life is not “policies”, Real life is everything. It is precisely this idea of cardboard politics that I oppose id blindly supporting someone because superficially it looks like their “policies” might help. A dog supports his bone but he’ll take another one if it suits him.
    Now if you want to find out why a person has a negative opinion you actually have to ask in order to get an explanation or a debate instead of denouncing the expression itself for existing, or ….as being “irrational”, “reactionary,” just “rhetoric, “name-calling”, “babble etc.

    But then I can see why people do that, it’s to avoid debate, , it actually prevents discussion of any evaluation I actually made of her such as her being neurotic IMO.
    In fact, despite all the responses I got , nobody addressed anything I actually said.

    A Palinpundit site that brooks no negativity about Palin, is not necessarily an Israpundit site IMO. I can see now, it’s clear, it’s not only that you “accept help” from Palin, it’s that you embrace her world. This group represents the “palace guard” for the elite, you help repress the majority of the masses, the other classes of which I am one. So there can be no harmony between us. Pain’s world is a nightmare for the rest of us, for those that are not in her circle. If you are in her circle then you have your payoff.

    Yes, you oppose Islamofascism, but the world you wont to create and are creating is one that I would not want to live in and cannot survive in.

    I’ll write more specifically on Sarah Palin in the next post. The differences are many interlocking pieces , far from simply a few “policy statements” on paper.

  7. Ted is on my list of people I e-mail my articles to, Yamit. For whatever reason, he does not publish them and I have not asked.

    If you or anyone else wants some samples of my articles and to be on my mailing list for future articles, just ask Ted for my mailing address and then write me. It would be good to hear from one and all.

  8. I don’t agree with Max but I don’t see ad hominem in His opinion.

    Narvey I never saw you defend yourself against ad hominem, You whine a lot though.

    Why haven’t you graced this blog with a copy of your newsletter or excerpts?

    I can guess.

  9. Bill
    You miss my point which was namely that critics of her will have to support their case or ad hominum attacks won’t be permitted As for attacks on mere mortals, your right, I tolerate them to a degree.

  10. Laura, you’ve confused me with Max.

    My comment was not about Palin, good or bad. Rather it was about Ted, who is a big fan of Palin’s making it sound like ad hominem attacks on Palin will not be tolerated. Ad hominem attacks against others including other commenters have been tolerated by Ted, save when they go too far.

    If such attacks are not to be tolerated vis a vis Palin, then such attacks by anyone should not be tolerated.

    I challenged Max to make his anti-Palin case, but he has yet to take me up on my challenge.

  11. To max and Bill Narvey, Sarah Palin IMMEDIATELY came out with an uniquivocal defense of Israel after the flotilla incident. Nearly a week later I have yet to hear from any republican in the House or Senate. What are they waiting for? Not even the Jewish Republican Eric Cantor. Sarah is the opposite of being shallow, empty and stupid. The ones who are truly stupid are those liberals who have a childish outlook on the world and believe we can talk and reason with genocidal madmen and avoid using military force. These are people who believe passivity in the face of evil is virtuous. Yet these are people who believe they are brilliant and that Sarah is stupid.

  12. Max’s rhetoric and name calling are empty of any substance whatsoever. All I read was babble of a reactionary that cannot be taken seriously by anyone who is carefully honest.

    I love that Palin is so divisive; I’m sure it is because I mostly find myself on the same side. And I am wary of the idea that we have to be ‘moderate’ in order to have a big enough tent to win elections. Look where that has us.

    I say go hard right! Why? because politics has gone so far left, hard right today is actually where the middle should be. It is not extreme at all.

    Yamit, you think Palin cannot win. Maybe today she can’t; but, tomorrow she may be able. A lot of things are developing right now, some so big and so serious they can change the course of everything.

  13. ayn reagan says:
    May 19, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Why support Palin, given her obvious flaws and low approval ratings?

    Because someone must belatedly make the case that liberalism is inherently wicked.

    Liberals empathize with evil, whether that evil is represented in the form of street punks who violate grandmothers or terrorists who bomb school buses.

    Liberals disdain individual liberty and emulate failure.

    They are a pox upon civilization.

    They must be defeated and discredited, once and for all.

    But that cannot occur unless they are confronted.

    The only candidate I currently perceive as (possibly) being willing to provoke that needed confrontation is the former governor of Alaska.

    She is The Candidate Most Likely to make the case that society suffers when it is run by incoherent ideologues who believe it is wise to replace G-d in the public school classroom with Noam Chomsky.

    Until a debate over the illegitimacy of the liberal philosophy occurs, America will merely continue to oscillate between malevolent progressivism and ineffectual conservatism.

    We need a real man to run in 2012.

    The only real man I see out there is Sarah Palin.

  14. “Magnificent Obsession” Edition…

    Don Surber:

    “She simply is the most fascinating American politician since Ronald Reagan.”


    “Sarah Palin is hated by the progressive left with a degree of obsessed derangement that Cotton Mather would have called ‘a little over the top.'”

    CSU Stanislaus:

    “The latest accusations by Senator (Leland) Yee are nothing more than a continuation of his efforts to create scandal where there is none.”

    Tha Malcontent:

    “It would be hard to even imagine Sarah Palin behaving as badly, stupidly, and as cynically as this President. And even after he’s been in office for a year and a half the left is still on Sarah Palin’s case.”

    Allen Ball:

    “Can anyone tell me why Sarah Palin, a Christian, a loving mother, and a faithful wife, is so hated by Henry Winkler… Matt Damon… and other lovely, kind-hearted, unbiased Hollywood celebrities, liberal media, and liberal democrats?”

    Jim Hoft:

    “Sarah Palin is one conservative who gets it. She understands that the leftist democratic-media complex will distort and lie about you and misrepresent your words if you are conservative.”

    Moe Lane:

    “Palin went on to ask Ambassador Huntsman by name whether he agrees with this… unique… initiative of the State Department. I’m not sure whether she’s asking him to answer in his capacity as an ambassador, or in his capacity of a potential future leader in the Republican party; either way, she’s quite keen to hear Huntsman’s response.”

    Charles Reynolds:

    “The crowd loved both Palin and Haley. And the addition to Haley’s campaign of Palin’s support is not only a much needed and appreciated boost to her name recognition, but it has become talk among the other GOP candidates.”

    Patrick S. Adams:

    “Can she hear her words through our ears and know that she is that Reaganesque character she so desires to see in the White House?”

    Another Black Conservative:

    “The next lesson Republicans need to learn is not to allow Democrats to disguise themselves as conservatives. Critz, a Democrat running in a heavily Democratic district, made himself sound like he was Sarah Palin’s little brother. He ran as pro-life, pro-gun, anti-Cap and Trade and anti-ObamaCare… Put the simple question before the voters, ‘can you really trust Democrat ____ to stay a moderate when they get to Washington?'”

    Ed Morrissey:

    “Sarah Palin keeps the debate and focus on immigration enforcement, making the point that the impact of uncontrolled immigration falls hardest on those who entered the country lawfully, and implicitly making the point that the federal government created this problem by refusing to enforce its laws. ”

    Ruth Graham:

    “Recently, Olbermann taunted Sarah Palin by saying she doesn’t have the courage to come on MSNBC… The truth is, he wouldn’t know what to do with Palin if he actually nabbed her as a guest. This taunt is coming from a man who hasn’t encountered an opposing viewpoint since his makeup artist timidly suggested a Maybelline foundation with less orange in it.”

    The Conservative Son:

    “I used to have some respect for Juan [Williams], but when I saw him acidly attack Sarah Palin on Hannity, again, as not being as smart as Obama, it was obvious there was one reason only. Funny, but he never mentions anything Obama ever did to prove himself to be so smart. All Juan did was make fun of how pretty Palin is. That’s what a sexist does, he writes off a woman because she is either too ugly or too pretty. I suppose that makes him a sexist too. Sheesh!”

    Michelle Easton:

    “More and more conservative women are stepping up into leadership roles, in part because of fabulous role models like Sarah Palin”

    Sally Shupe:

    “[Going Rogue] is very inspirational and has left me with a feeling that I can accomplish anything I set out to do.”

    Michael van der Galien:

    “Whether you agree with her politics or not, you have to admit that Palin is one of the bravest women in America. She says what she believes, no matter how much she’s criticized for it. Not only does she seem ready to go to war with the mainstream media, I get the impression she’s even eager to do so.”

    Melissa Clouthier:

    “Once again, I see @SarahPalinUSA calling out the President. She’s like a voice in the wilderness.”

    Sissy Willis:

    “Sarah’s necklace was probably a signal of support for Gov Brewer. Turquoise jewelry is AZ signature”

    Marooned In Marin:

    “Of course, any mention of the truth hits a nerve with President Thin-Skinned, and so he sent out his little lying press shill, Robert Fibbs, to take a swipe at Palin, which missed by a New York mile.”


    “Little Sarah Palin knew how to handle the big oil guys, and that meant not being bought by their money.”

    – JP

  15. I like Sarah Palin and have from the first time I saw her at the convention. I don’t think she would be a worse president than any preceedeing her in the last half century or so and probably better than most. Who can really know beforehand. That said, my problem with Palin is her electability, not her persona, speech mannerisms and seeming lack of depth on many issues.

    I do have a serious problem with the fruitless Jewish delusion that any American President will in the end be our ultimate protector and savior.

    The Jew and the Israeli must be forced to confront the reality that we are alone. That is Jewish imperative and a biblical imperative. Relationships of course based on interests but certainly not the master/ vassal relationship that now exists between Israel and America.

    Obama might be considered the best President Israel could hope for if he affects or causes such a breakdown between America and Israel. Our leaders here in Israel won’t do it on their own initiative.

    An Israel tied to a vassal status with America has no future.

    At this point I am not sure whether America has a future.

    Palin yes, but not because she would return the situation to status quo ante but that she may do least amt of harm to us. I just hope that when the elections are held in 2012 Israel will have extricated herself out from under the American heavy boot on our collective necks.

  16. Ted, you’re love of Palin has affected your judgment. I quite agree that ad hominem attacks are not useful at all and should be discouraged.

    There are a number at Israpundit who do engage in that style of commentary be it towards pundits or politicians or other against other commenters.

    You can’t really stop commenters from expressing ad hominem attacks unless they cross the line into the objectionable. It is for others to hold ad hominem attackers up to whatever umbrage or ridicule their ad hominem attacks deserve, if they even dignify a response.

    I would encourage Max to make a cogent rational case for his negative views of Palin.

  17. Let me lay down the law. You are free to argue against her policies anytime. But just saying the policies are stupid doesn’t cut it.

    If you want to attack her personally that’s another story. I will not permit ad hominem attacks.

    If you want to argue that she is not intelligent enough then make your case. Prove it. But while you do so factor in what she does well or right so we know you have made a considered opinion ie considered the good and the bad ie considered all the evidence.

  18. @Max: Be careful about criticizing the Sage of Wasilla on this website, Max. Just a word to the wise.

  19. Don’t be silly,this is a shallow and empty woman, neurotic and hardly and executive thinker.
    Palin merely hangs on the coattails of the Republican power base and serves the superclass with no compassion or understanding of any of the great suffering masses around her.
    The Dems, the republicans, the Christians, the Marxist-Leninists ,they just want to use you ,Israel. You’ll be in the ovens like popover tarts as soon as you’ve served their purposes..
    And Palin.. she doesn’t even have the smarts to be sincerely evil, she’ just a caricature . You will trust your security with someone who [em]you betcha by golly wow [/em]exists as only a shadow in the eye of a camera?