Mounted Israel police break up Palestinian demo at US consulate

DEBKAfile Special Report September 14, 2012, 5:49 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hundreds of Palestinians lobbing rocks clashed with Jerusalem police as they marched from Friday prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount toward the Old City’s Damascus Gate – the first Palestinian demonstration against the anti-Muslim film made in the United States. As they neared the US consulate, mounted police forcibly dispersed the Palestinian protesters firing stun grenades. At the Old City’s Herod’s Gate another group of Palestinians injured a few police officers with stones. Some were detained.

Islamists also demonstrated against the US in the Gaza Strip and the southern Israel Bedouin town of Rahat, On the fourth day of violent Muslim riots outside the US embassy in Cairo, protesters hurled rocks and bottle bombs at police officers who responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

In Khartoum, radical Muslims attacked the British and German embassies, storming the latter and torching it. Berlin earlier announced the closure of some of its Middle East embassies. Some remained open with reduced staffs.

Angry anti-American mobs continued to batter the US embassies in Sanaa and Tunis and fill the streets of Bangladesh and Lebanon.
Thursday, Sept. 13, DEBKAfile reported that Israeli military and security forces were on alert for Palestinian and Israeli-Arab riots against the United States. Read the story here.

In the wake of the anti-US Islamist turbulence sweeping Arab capitals, Israel has posted additional military, police and security forces in the West Bank, opposite the Gaza Strip and among Israeli Arab communities following information received that all three are preparing to stage big anti-American protests Friday, Sept. 14, which could easily spill over into Israel.

DEBKAfile: The Palestinian Authority hopes to re-direct West Bank and East Jerusalem anger against PA leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayad into an anti-US channel, while Hamas is under orders from the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo to fill the streets of Gaza with protesters against the alleged anti-Muslim film produced in the US in sync with a big Brotherhood demonstration in Cairo Friday.

Several scores of Israeli Arabs, members of the extremist Northern Section of the Islamic Movement, demonstrated outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv Thursday, chanting anti-American slogans and praise for the Prophet Muhammad.

Israeli authorities are bracing for this small demonstration to swell in numbers after Friday prayers at the mosques and send large numbers of Palestinians and Israeli Muslims out on the streets to replicate the riots against the US spreading Thursday through Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and Bangladesh since the deaths of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his staff in a premeditated Al Qaeda attack in Benghazi Tuesday, Sept. 11.

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that the anti-US ferment sweeping Arab capitals in the last three days finds Obama administration policy-makers in two minds about how it fits into the bigger picture of the Arab Spring and its aftermath. According to one interpretation, the tumult has a domestic motive, and was stirred up or exploited to weaken the new rulers thrown up by the Arab Spring while at the same time dimming US influence in the region.

This view holds that radical Islamists, ranging from Salafites to groups associated with Al Qaeda, are fanning the flames to start a process that will lead to the overthrow of the overly “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood, which is the bedrock of the relationship President Obama is striving to build between the United States and the post-revolution Arab world.

The advocates of this approach say America must maintain the flow of economic and political assistance to Brotherhood-led regimes, notably President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, to help them stay on their feet against the violent buffeting of radical Islamists.

The other Washington camp takes the opposite line, arguing that “moderate” Islamic rulers like Morsi are in no danger at all and are in fact riding the anger of the masses over the film deriding Islam to solidify their grip on power at the expense of America’s unpopularity among Muslims.


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  1. SHmuel, I saw a post of yours and put it on my facebook page….everyone knew it was so…about what you heard in the Shuk. We people who have discernment and love Israel and America watch as the insanity whirls all around us to the voices of the irrational;from politicians,to protestors, homosexuals, abortionist, radical ideologists, torahless people with no Godly perspective. Of course a country should be able to protect the embassies, but when an increasing number of people behave savagely and victimize people due to so much evil within themselves and all they do all day long is think in terms of destruction, it’s only a matter of time. If people only knew how stupid we think they really are when they still stick their hand out to shake for peace or bend over to let the intolerant walk on their/our back they might start feeling as ridiculous as they truly are. But as a believer, they are blinded and for whatever reason it is being orchestrated divinely this way. I was just praying I would not see this in my day or have my children have to be burdened with all of this poison. I told my son yesterday..have you heard of Jim Jones and the Koolaid? No…I told him about the misty eyed people who follow a leader blindly to their death. Like robots or a term coined by an American recently: O’bots. After that he went to a school group and he said ‘they were serving Koolaid…so I let the other kids drink it first.’ have to have some humor in this nightmare!

  2. I am sure most of us have seen the movie. “JURASIC PARK”.
    In one of the most thrilling scenes an actor, accosted by a pair of velociraptors shouts to his associates… SHOOT HER!, SHOOT THEM!
    They did not and he was torn to pieces by the monsters.
    Any awakenings out there?

  3. How is it that israel can protect its US embassy against the muslim mobs whereas egypt, libya, etc. cannot? Perhaps it is because those govts were complicit.