MSM ignore that shooting rockets into civilian areas is a war crime

I was interviewed today on a Canadian radio show and they told me that all the major papers have ignored that so many rockets have been fired at Israel civilian centres, let alone the fact that the firing of each one is a war crime. No. The story was how many did we kill topday. Ted Belman

At NY Times, the only photo of Gaza fighting that’s fit to print

On March 12, after three days of fighting between Israel and rocket-firing terrorists in Gaza, the New York Times had ample choices to run one or more pictures to illustrate these events.

The Times could have featured pictures of Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committee terrorist launching some of the 150 rockets from amidst civilian areas in Gaza. Or pictures of the rockets flying in the direction of Ashdod, Beersheva, Ashkelon, or Yavne. Or pictures of frightened Israeli tots cowering with their parents in bomb shelters. Or funerals of the 16 Gaza rocket-firing terrorists killed by Israeli airstrikes. Or hundreds of truckloads of food supplies and other necessities still crossing from Israel into Gaza.

The Times, however, ignored all these obvious pictorial subjects and chose a quite different picture — a four-column photo of a 12-year-old Gaza boy killed while playing outside in northern Gaza. The headline over the picture: “Gaza Fighting Continues, Claiming a Boy’s Life.” (full size image here)

Since this was the only picture in the March 12 edition, it gives exactly a false impression of the actual fighting — i.e. that the salient point about the fighting involves civilian casualties in Gaza, when the opposite is true. In the first three days of the Gaza flare-up, Israeli airstrikes killed 16 Palestinian terrorists belonging to Islamic Jihad and the PRC. The only collateral casualties were the boy in the Times photo and a guard of an orchard.

Rarely in the annals of military combat has any army used as much caution and precision targeting as the IDF in its retaliatory airstrikes so as to minimize collateral civilian damage and casualties. And the IDF has managed to do this while Gaza rocket-firing terrorists are deeply embedded in heavily populated areas.

The Times, however, is so determined to stick it to Israel that it abandons all journalistic objectivity, proportionality and fairness.
Leo Rennert is a former White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief of McClatchy Newspapers

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Apparently the Israeli govt does not consider it a war crime, why dont they bring charges? Better still why dont they bring hamas leaders to Israel for an Eichmann trial? Israel sees the “peace” negotiations as bargaining as if over a purchase. It is Israel who should claim its lands in their entirety but it is the arabs who are doing so. Israel position is not based in any argument other than being there, therefore it cannot get more than what it has. It should base its arguments on legal, moral, cultural,archaelogical, biblical, etc and should claim all. It should repudiate agreements made under duress.

  2. It is about time Jews stop buying The New york Times and any other publication that serves only propaganda against Israel.

  3. Since it seems the whole world hates Israel (it really isn’t true), why is Israel trying to hard to ingratiate itself to the whole world by feeding the hand that bites them. Isn’t it time Israel went in and reclaimed Gaza as their own rightful land. Clean out the nest of vipers and send them to Jordan or to any of their so-called defenders who love them so much (NOT). What would happen if this were to be carried out? Would the world hate Israel any worse than they do now? I think the more Israel stands up and takes control of her destiny, the more respect she would earn (verbal abuse and condemnation, yes, but also respect). Go in the power of the Lord!

  4. Yidvocat is right one hundred percent.

    Not until the government of Israel will assert, loud and clear its rights to the land according the the Sane Remo Resolution, can we expect any change.
    Respect begins with self respect. Period!

  5. The utter contempt and disdain of the NYT and most media towards Israel is the fault of Israel and not the media. It’s a classic “kind to the cruel ends With cruel to the kind”. When Israel starts to show higher regard for the lives of its soldiers than it does for the enemy population and starts asserting its sovereign rights this might change. What sane country would give material support to an enemy population that fires thousands of rockets at its civilian population? This media contempt might abate once Israel starts to display some self respect.