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An Israeli girl in Beersheva examines ball bearings embedded in the wall of a school building damaged by a Grad missile fired from Gaza. The school was closed when the rocket landed, and no one was hurt.An Israeli girl in Beersheva examines ball bearings embedded in the wall of a school building damaged by a Grad missile fired from Gaza. The school was closed when the rocket landed, and no one was hurt.

While southern Israel hunkers down under a massive barrage of deadly rockets — only effective warning and anti-missile systems have so far prevented any deaths — the usual suspects in the media are pumping out the usual message: Israel is the aggressor, killing Palestinian civilians.

For example, an AP report begins like this:

Israel Airstrike In Gaza Kills 2 Palestinian Militants, Schoolboy

Israeli airstrikes killed two Palestinian militants and a schoolboy in the Gaza Strip on Monday and Palestinian rocket squads barraged southern Israel, in escalating fighting that has defied international truce efforts.

Leaving aside the fact that the 15-year old ‘schoolboy’ was almost certainly not killed by an Israeli airstrike, but rather when an explosive device that he was carrying went off, the emphasis in the article and the headline is placed on Israel’s actions to suppress the attack in which about 240 rockets have been fired at Israel since Friday, and not the attack itself.

This morning NPR broadcast a report from its Jerusalem correspondent. I’ve transcribed some of it and I’ll intersperse my comments:

[Steve Inskeep] …and we’re also reporting on violence on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip: The shooting stretched through the weekend and into today. Israeli airstrikes killed two more people today in Gaza, that Palestinian-held area, bring the total to 20. Israelis have been bombing, Palestinian have been firing rockets into Israel, and NPR’s Lourdes Garcia Navarro has been following the story. Lourdes, what’s the latest?

Note that they take the same approach as the AP, emphasizing defensive Israeli actions against combatant targets and de-emphasizing terrorist rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. ‘People’, not ‘militants’ or ‘fighters’ or (fat chance) ‘terrorists’ were killed.

[Lourdes Garcia Navarro]: Well Steve, this morning we’ve seen more sorties by Israeli aircraft, and multiple strikes inside the Gaza Strip. Medical officials in Gaza confirm two men were killed so far today. The Israelis say they were targeting a team preparing rockets to fire into Israel. Overnight there were rockets successfully fired and landed inside Israel. In fact over fifty rockets were fired in total yesterday. For a second day today Israeli schools have been closed in the area around Gaza and people are staying close to shelters. Around one million people lie within reach of those Gaza rockets.

The reporter begins again by emphasizing Israeli actions and Palestinian casualties. Palestinians ‘confirm’ that two ‘men’ were killed, while Israelis only ‘say’ they were attacking a terrorist rocket squad. Only after this does she mention the rocket attacks themselves.

Inside Gaza, you can hear the sound of Israeli jets circling overhead. There are around 1.6 million Palestinians who live there in densely populated areas. We already know that two civilians were killed yesterday, a young boy and an old man.

She continues, making sure we understand that Israel is deploying massive military force against helpless Palestinians. I rather doubt that ‘jets’ were ‘circling’; more likely helicopters and drones hit the rocket squads, but it sounds so much more frightening. We ‘already know’ — of course, we don’t, really — that two civilians were killed, and the suggestion is that this is just the beginning.

[Inskeep]: There have been rocket firings, many, many of them over the years, along that border. What caused an escalation here?

[Garcia Navarro]: Well, this current flare-up began when Israel targeted and killed the leader of one of the main militant groups in Gaza. Israel said he was planning an attack on Israeli civilians in the Sinai…

So we see that not only is this a story about Israeli violence against Palestinians, Israel started it. But the terrorist that was killed, PRC leader Zuhair Mussah Ahmad Qaisi, was responsible for an attack in southern Israel from the Sinai (not in the Sinai as the reporter incorrectly says) in August 2011 in which 8 Israelis were murdered, and it is quite credible that he was, as Israel says, about to launch another one (Qaisi was also responsible for the attack in which Gilad Shalit was captured in 2005, and also served as a conduit for money and weapons between Hizballah in Lebanon and terrorist groups in Gaza).

After Garcia Navarro talks about the remarkable success of Iron Dome in intercepting so many of the rockets, her partner cuts to the chase:

[Inskeep]: OK, no fatalities in Israel, quite a few of them on the Gaza side, is anyone talking seriously about a cease-fire?

Thus NPR manages to turn what should be a story about terrorism and defense against terrorism into one about the imbalance of power between Israel and the Palestinians, and how Israel initiated fighting which has killed Palestinian civilians (well, maybe one).

There is no mention that the event that began it was a classic case of eliminating a ticking-bomb terrorist, or that despitethe density of the population in Gaza, Israel is killing the fighters that are firing rockets without killing civilians.

Only a few lines of the report allude to the massive disruption of the lives of Israelis, who have been running to shelters for four days (read the story of an Israeli schoolgirl here). And there is no comment about the fact that the objective of the Arab terrorists is to kill as many Israelis as possible.

And here is something else you won’t hear about on NPR: despite the fighting, Israel is continuing to supply necessities to the Gaza population! Every day, truckloads of food, goods and cooking gas are supplied to Gaza through the border crossings. Yesterday more than 180 truckloads passed through the crossings. This morning, truck traffic was interrupted for a few minutes, when Palestinian terrorists attacked the trucks with mortars. Think about that.

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. The “Megatron-Goliath” (that’s a good term, btw!) is primarily the Globalist Criminal Syndicate. The Syndicate’s prop-agenda organs have been very successful in creating mutually re-enforcing scripts which most people – be they pro or anti-Israel – are largely following.

    Exactly! There is a big vacuum there because of their indoctrination. They are living in big empty houses , they never look around see what is in the rooms – hypnotized blindness!

  2. Maybe it has done some good, but you are the Micro-David against the Megatron-Goliath.

    LoL! It often feels that way!
    The “Megatron-Goliath” (that’s a good term, btw!) is primarily the Globalist Criminal Syndicate. The Syndicate’s prop-agenda organs have been very successful in creating mutually re-enforcing scripts which most people – be they pro or anti-Israel – are largely following.
    I hope I’m at least putting a few grains of truthful sand into the cogs of this sick and sickening machine.

  3. The message should be put out “You lie, you die.”

    I understand the sentiment, however their lies are so easy to refute that their existence only continues because those who should be exposing/refuting them are deliberately refusing to do so.
    As I mention in this vid – – the *real* crime Israel has committed against the Arabs is allowing these thugs to lord over them. The Globalist puppets in the Israeli Establishment can be relied upon to empower and continuously re-empower Hamas and the far worse Fatah. Until Israelis whip their government into line and force it to do its duty, little will change.

  4. Full name: Diana Buttu. What a S-t-i-n-k-e-r!

    You have been busy Nigel. Good work!
    Maybe it has done some good, but you are the Micro-David against the Megatron-Goliath.

  5. Max says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    …(missing text is moderated)..
    The message should be put out “You lie, you die”

  6. Thanks.

    Wow this Diana just is an absolute liar. She is just as responsible for the deaths as are the bombers themselves..

    The IDF needs to declare propaganda liars in Gaza as terrorists and as legitimate targets for assassination and airstrikes.

    The message should be put out “You lie, you die.”

  7. All the things I read from the Middle East literally blows my mind. No matter what the Jewish people do or don’t do, others around them will find a way to blame them. When there is ‘shooting’ all around in those countries, how does anyone expect that women/children won’t be killed. War is War. And while it hurts me to no end to read about the suffering, etc., I have such a hard time understanding how that no matter what the countries around Israel do, it seems that the Israelis are the ones who are blamed for it.
    Nina M. Lawrence

  8. I have much to agree with Greg about the US MSM condition and who controls at least some of that.
    Yet equivocation, wordmanship, histrionics, outright treason, sabotage, soft shoe tap dances and other such things have long ruled the smoke screen factory set in place for decades by the perennial controllers of the Israeli media.
    Very many key words have been kidnapped, spin doctored, twisted and have lost all meaning.
    “Peace”, “victims of peace”, “painful sacrifices”, “land for peace”, “partners”, “two peoples”, etc. Every day another avalanche of such things hit us all.
    We, the people, must retake the systems away from the unJews.
    The Jewish people must remove the wordmanship stock and start issuing true, credible, real messages.
    We must inform one and all that any form of attack on our people or interest shall result on terrible responses.
    We must be credible and that will never happen for as long as the Oslo cadre remain in any function of state.

  9. Get real! The American Jewish establishment is largely to blame because they have clout and remain mostly silent. The Tom Friedmans of the NY Times and their ilk all lean to the left. Most prominent Jews keep quiet because they still support Obama. Jews are also prominent in the media and they too keep silent. It is their silence that enables the MSM to go unchallenged.

  10. 1. Find the “journalist” who wrote the article.
    2. Drag him out into the street. Into the light
    3. Tar and feather him
    4. Take photos and post them on the net with clear reasons why it was done

    These bastards lie for money and to keep their jobs
    Their bosses instruct them to lie because it is only the oil money that keeps their rags going.

    Rant over
    Self control regained

  11. Ok I went out and looked at a Canadian Newspaper first time in a year…
    .special occasion..
    OK brace yourself, standby with a vomit bag…

    ..buried in the back-pages of the first section…
    (Sorry, front page is dedicated to a local traffic accident – after all the proper relevance of news must be indoctrinated er… respected)

    A small square box of text with the two line headline…
    Israel Pounds Gaza,
    Refuses to Back off

    And the second paragraph key statement..

    “Hamas…warned that it expected the Jewish state to hold fire first and that talks has so far been unproductive.”
    (Hmm ‘talks’? What talk is that: “Hold still Jews while we kill you”?)

    Ok take two aspirin… whatever watch your blood pressure… take some time to recover..

    With friends like the Canadian Press Israel doesn’t need enemies.

  12. Welcome to reality, it’s been going on for years.

    Now pull back the screen and the obfuscation.
    It’s not the MSM it’s the people who own the MSM that is killing Israel.

    It’s not the MSM it’s the POWER ELITE that owns the MSM that is killing Israel.
    Start getting some names, Demand accountability. Ask who their bosses are, who determines the policy?
    Ask who are the friends of their bosses and what interlocked business interests are there with the owners of the MSM?

    They don’t want to tell you.
    It’s the one rule of MSM Club.
    MSM Club does not talk about MSM Club.

    Wake up and smell the perfidy – Follow the money.