Netanyahu slams UN cease-fire plan for not addressing Israel’s security needs



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) gestures as he speaks during a joint news conference with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv July 22, 2014. Photo: REUTERS

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday slammed a UN Security Council statement calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza, saying during a phone conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the statement addresses the needs of a murderous terrorist organization, but not those of Israel.

The statement, he said, does not address Israel’s demands for the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip, a principle already established by previous interim agreements with the Palestinians.

“The statement did not deal with the harm done to Israeli civilians, nor to the fact that Hamas turned Gaza civilians into human shields,” he said. Netanyahu, who met Ban in Jerusalem last week, also complained that the statement made no mention of the fact that Hamas used UN facilities to attack Israeli civilians.

Israel accepted a UN request for a humanitarian cease-fire three times, he said, while Hamas violated each one.

“They are continuing to fire even now at Israel citizens,” he said. “Israel will continue to deal with the terror tunnels, which is only the first step in demilitarization.”

Instead of having its money used by Hamas to build terror tunnels to attack Israel, Netanayhu recommended that the international community “should work to demilitarize Gaza.”

The Security Council statement adopted early Monday morning expressed “grave concern regarding the deterioration in the situation in the Middle East as a result of the crisis related to Gaza and the loss of civilian lives and casualties.”

The statement “expressed strong support” for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Netanyahu had to object. Israel can take out the tunnels but it will not be allowed to destroy Hamas. I don’t like it either but that’s reality.

    If this war expands, color me surprised.

  2. Has israel seized territory or is it conducting attacks and withdrawing afterwards? Anybody know the status of postions on the ground under Israeli control? a ceasefire usually leaves belligerents in place until further agreement.

  3. Eric R. Said:

    Putin may be a ruthless, soulless, SOB, but even he has more regard for Israel than the Islamist in chief.

    I pray that BHO will not harm the interests of the USA and its best friend in the Middle eat, Israel any more.

    It is worrisome to see him in continuous campaign mode after more than 4 years in power. America’s leadership had been a force for good through out the world. It seems nobody now pays attention to its leadership because of the misdeeds/incompetence of the current US Administration. The hearts of the majority of the American people are with Israel. The administration is against the interests of the American people and its allies.

    It is the result of electing a novice to the highest office of the land for which those who voted for BHO are responsible.

  4. Egypt and Israel (and the Saudis) should put in a call to Putin, and then their FMs all stand next to Lavrov, initiating a separate cease-fire initiative.

    This would spell the complete and total end of Obama’s influence in the Middle East.

    Putin may be a ruthless, soulless, SOB, but even he has more regard for Israel than the Islamist in chief.