New RNC spokeswoman calls on Republicans to unite behind Trump

By Rebecca Savransky, THE HILL

The new spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee (RNC) used her first interview in the position Tuesday to call for Republicans to rally behind President Trump.

Kayleigh McEnany, a former CNN commentator, said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily that there are a “wealth of voices in the Republican Party.”

“There’s no doubt about that. That’s kind of one of the things that’s the beauty of the Republican Party: We welcome everyone’s viewpoint,” she said.

“Look, we have to stand behind this president.”

McEnany pointed to ObamaCare, saying Republicans made a promise to repeal and replace the 2010 healthcare law and that the GOP needs to come together as the law “crumbles.”

“I welcome alternative voices, but look, these Republicans and the senators who have stood against Obamacare – at least publicly, but then in their votes did not – they’ve got to come around,” she said.

“This law is crumbling, and, to me, that’s a microcosm of the diversity of viewpoints within the Republican Party, which we welcome, but that need to come together because, at the end of the day, when you make a promise, it must materialize into results and successes and better outcomes for the American people.”

The RNC spokeswoman argued that future elections will be determined based on what the GOP does for the public.

“Ultimately, the election will be determined by having successes on behalf of the American people,” she said, calling for congressional Republicans and the White House to work together.

“You know what that means? It means going out and actually talking to the people.”

McEnany said a crucial part of getting Trump elected to a second term is “just getting out there, what President Trump’s doing, what Republicans are doing.”

“I think a big part of my year-and-a-half at CNN was just wanting to give the CNN viewer the other side of the story – wanting to give them a perspective that, in earnest, they probably hadn’t heard,” she said.

“In terms of moving forward, I want to be a part of this fight.”

McEnany frequently defended Trump during her time at CNN, where she was a paid contributor in 2016. She was named as the RNC’s new spokeswoman on Monday.

McEnany told Breitbart that she has been welcomed by the RNC staff.

“It was so heartening to see that this party, that the RNC, is staunchly behind this president,” she said.

“They realize that for our party to succeed, that means the president must succeed.”

McEnany has also been a contributor to The Hill.

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