Nice Try, Media Matters Nazis, But Ann Coulter is No Anti-Semite

By Debbie Schlussel

The Internet and Mainstream Media are abuzz in their latest attack on Ann Coulter. This time, they’re claiming she’s an anti-Semite.

It all stems from an interview she did with CNBC’s horrid talk show host Donny Deutsch. Apparently, one of the two viewers watching this incredibly boring show was a Media Matters monkey trained to tape Ann’s every word and think of ways to twist it.

In describing the connections between Christian and Jewish beliefs, Ann said that Jews believe in the Old Testament, but Christians believe in that AND the New Testament. Jews need to be “perfected,” she said. Reading the full script (also read Omri Ceren/Mere Rhetoric’s and Allah Pundit’s excellent comments @ Hot Air), it’s abundantly clear what she was talking about. To wit: That we, as Jews, don’t accept the full Christian Bible, and therefore, it’s the Christian belief that we need to be fully accepting of it. She said “That is what we [Christians] believe we are–perfected Jews.”

Why should that offend me? I’ve had brunch with Ann, and we’ve had many conversations through e-mail, etc. During all of that, she’s never once told me she’s offended that I believe that I am part of the Chosen People. To you far-left Jews and other uber-liberals who want to rush off and call Ann an anti-Semite, that means that we as Jews believe Christians and Hindus and Bahai Faithers (and definitely, Muslims) are not Chosen. Does that make me a religious bigot? Nope. It just means I actually believe in my religion. Just like Ann does. Nothing more. Nothing less.

This whole thing is a lot of manufactured hype in order to try to play gotcha with Ann. Like I said, I know Ann personally and I like and respect her. She doesn’t have an anti-Semitic bone in her body. If anything, she is one of the most philo-Semitic gentiles I know, and her columns–constant attacks on the modern day enemies of the Jewish people and defenses of Israel and America–are strong evidence of that.

Contrast that with the villain here: Media Matters. It’s anti-American, anti-Israel, and funded by George Soros, a Jew who proudly worked for the Nazis rounding up Jews and sending them to their deaths. Hmmm . . . him versus Ann Coulter? That’s an easy choice. I’d much rather go with the woman who looks like an Aryan but is a friend to the Jews and their allies than the billionaire atheist Jew who’s lived his entire life like a Nazi. CONTINUE

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Yamit82, You are right. That was the point of my post. The Christian community is ignorant of our horrific history. By white washing it or ignoring it (blaming Nazi political ideology) we can not acknowledge the sin and repent. This cancerous satanic theology must be exposed and dealt with in order to go forward.
    The fact that Jews would even give us the benefit of the doubt when we say we are your friend is a testiment to the greatness of Judaism.

  2. Nazi ideology did not occur in a vacuum. With out the 2000 years of antisemitism. devised and perpetuated by the Christian Church which included Martin Luther and the reformation with their protestant breakaways; the Nazis would not have had, the fertile ideological ground not only to think up such tripe, but might have even been opposed. It was primarily the Christian church who had laid the groundwork for the Holocaust. The Nazi simply perfected the technique for the implementing of MAS MURDER OF MILLIONS, rather than hundreds and thousands that preceded them in European history, in every country both Catholic and Protestant.

    Forgiveness is not mine to give. Forgiveness can only come from the Dead and from Your G-d. Judaism believes in repentance if it is sincere; we also believe in actions not words. We also believe in vengeance either by us or our G-d. As an ancient people with a long history we never forget either the good or the bad that we have encountered.

  3. The Nazis, while nominally anti- Christian, built upon 2000 years of Roman church and later Luther’s reformation and and blind hatred of the Jews, to easily establish their Anti Jewish policies in every country within their reach. They had almost no opposition from the general Christian population already indoctrinated by almost 2000 years of murdering Jews. Following is a very incomplete survey and for actual events and atrocities perpetrated by Christians against Jews exclusive of the Holocaust I suggest one read any of the many Histories of the times.

  4. I am in total agreement with you Renee. According to this theology, Judaism was to whither away. The Church did its best to insure this would happen. The Church felt that a vibrant Jewish community would put the lie to its theology.

    The rest as they say is history.

    Perhaps you could supply us with a definition of “replacement theology”.

  5. The Final Solution they called it. They nearly succeeded. But while the Germans and Poles and Dutch and French and the many others who participated in this obscene massacre were Christians, it was not their Christianity that impelled them to these acts. It was the vicious political ideology of the Nazis. This is what triggered the Holocaust.

    I must disagree with this part of the quote from the American Thinker article. According to John Hagee’s new book. It was Christian replacement theology that was to blame for the Holocaust. Along with every other major atrocity committed against the Jewish people for the past 2000 years. In my opinion unless the Christian communtiy as a whole accepts responcibility, repents and asks for forgiveness from the Jewish community there can never be trust between us.
    The first step to repentance is acknowledging the sin. Anti-semitism is sin. Anyone who participated in or remained silent regarding the holocaust was equally guilty. This is a lesson to us. We can not sit quietly while Iran is planning the next holocause. We must do everything in our power to stop it.

  6. The fact is that Coulter is often given to creatively expressing herself in a way designed for shocking her listeners.

    She engages in what one might say is verbally expressive confrontational brinksmanship. That however sometimes takes her dangerously close to the edge.

    If one accepts all that Debbie Schussel said of Anne Coulter, then one must conclude that this time she got too close to that edge, teetered and fell.

    It is up to Coulter to climb back up with a little help from her friends like Debbie Schlussel and consider that next time she should leave herself at least a little space between herself and the brink.

  7. That’s right, be an apologist for that shrill harpy ann coulter. There are subtle forms of antisemitism, one does not have to wish to send Jews to their deaths to be considered an antisemite. Pat Buchanan for that matter doesn’t wish to see Jews put to death, but he is an antisemite. This isn’t the first time coulter has made comments about Jews. She made remarks about Lieberman’s Judaism during the 2000 campaign.

    Debbie Shlussel does alot of insightful work regarding the islamic threat, however on a personal level I really can’t stand her.

  8. We all have probably heard the name George Soros numerous times. If you need more background on the man this article today in The American Thinker should be more than sufficient,

    Also in The American Thinker a few days ago was a provocative article written by a secular Jew in defense of Ann Coulter and Christianity which in itself could create controversy,

    […]Moreover, for Jews of any political persuasion to take offense at Coulter’s comments strikes me as deeply ignorant and immature. Do Jews truly expect Christians to pretend that they do not believe in the teachings of their religion? Why? Because so many Jews have discarded the teachings of their own religion? (I myself am a secular Jew.) The “logic” at work here seems to be that, because so many Jews can imagine, along with John Lennon, a world in which “there’s no heaven” and “no religion too,” it is offensive and outrageous for other folks to disagree with this sanitized vision of the future. Many Christians, however, still believe in their religion, still believe it is the path to eternal salvation, and fail to appreciate what is so wonderful about the fairy tale world invoked in Lennon’s song. From a PC perspective, this makes them “insensitive” and “bigoted” and “hateful.”

    I say, thank god that so many Christians in this country still believe in their religion! That is the only thing that will prevent the violent and tyrannical expansion of the Muslim world. And that is the only thing that will preserve the existence of the Jewish people.

    As a Jew, I recognize, with painful humility, that the existence of my person, my people, lies at the mercy of the larger, stronger peoples in whose midst we live. To deny this fact is to deny reality. Not too long ago, the people of Nazi Germany, along with their allies and collaborators, attempted to eradicate the Jewish people once and for all. The Final Solution they called it. They nearly succeeded. But while the Germans and Poles and Dutch and French and the many others who participated in this obscene massacre were Christians, it was not their Christianity that impelled them to these acts. It was the vicious political ideology of the Nazis. This is what triggered the Holocaust.

    The truth is that the Jews of Europe could not have saved themselves from Hitler’s rampage. Practically every Jew alive today owes his or her existence to the fact that Hitler was defeated by the brave and virtuous troops of the Anglo-American alliance, practically all of whom were Christians too. Could FDR and Churchill and the rest of the western leaders have done more to help the Jews, both before and during the war? Perhaps. (Forget what the Soviets could have done; their moral corruption ran almost as deep as the Nazis’.) But I refuse to play that despicable blame game. I simply am grateful for the good people of this country, who made for my grandparents and parents, and now for me, the best home on earth that Jews have ever enjoyed. [….]

    [….] What Deutch and Savage and the other critics fail to understand is that only a Christian people who truly believes in the correctness, indeed superiority, of their religion will be able to win this fight. A secularized people who believes in nothing but watery principles of tolerance and democracy inevitably will succumb to the combination of violent Islamic intimidation and the “nondiscriminatory” imperatives of their own multicultural worldview. If sharia ever does come to the United States, I am quite certain that its handmaidens will be atheists and liberals, not believing Christians.

    As a Jew living in this great country, I have no doubt who my enemies are, and who are my allies. And I know to which group Ann Coulter belongs.

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