Nix 13 Republicans Who Voted For Massive Spending Bill

Must Be Stripped Of Their Leadership Positions


Mark Meadows, President Trump’s last chief of staff, talks to Steve Bannon about the 13 RINO Republicans who gave Joe Biden a great big gift by voting for his socialist “infrastructure” bill.

“The blame doesn’t just stop there with the 13 Republicans. Let’s be very clear. Kevin McCarthy and his leadership team should have whipped this harder, and they should have made the Democrats get to 218 votes as a threshold. … If we continue to do this when we’re in the minority, we’ll never be in the majority, because the American people want something that’s authentic… But here’s the problem… the same leadership will continue to give money to those 13 Republicans to get them re-elected… You can’t have it this way.”

November 10, 2021 | 1 Comment »

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  1. The rinos must be expunged from the republican party. They are crypto-democrats!
    These blue republicans were proslavery and racist like the “KKK party”. Already in existence during general Grant’s time.
    With these rinos, Pelosi has a good chance to pass a $4-5 trillion bill full of goodies for the elitocracy.