NYT supports Hamas

By Ted Belman

Increasingly Hamas is getting better press and more political support. I believe the reason is that many of the elites in Europe and the US want to see the destruction of Israel just like Hamas does and according lies and terror are justified.

Today, NYT featured a major article on Hamas, A Life of Unrest by Steve Erlanger, which begins with

Palestinians never used to do these things to one another. Putting bullets in the back of the heads of men on their knees. Shooting up hospitals. Killing patients. Knee-capping doctors. Executing clerics. Throwing handcuffed prisoners to their deaths from Gaza’s highest (and most expensive) apartment buildings. There is a madness in Gaza now.

Says who? Then continued with sentences like this

Poor young men from the squalid, stinking refugee camps of Gaza, their heads filled with religious slogans and revolutionary cant, took off their knitted black masks to pose in front of the gilded bathrooms of the once-powerful and rich men of Fatah.

[..] The civil war that Palestinians insisted could never happen just has, a civil war abetted by Israel and the United States in the name of antiterrorism and stability — another policy that has failed, at least here, where a burning smell still fills the nostrils

Well you get the idea.

Last week Both The New York Times and The Washington Post ran op ed pieces by Ahmed Yousef, a senior political adviser to Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, one of two competing Palestinian Authority prime ministers and JPOST called them on it.

Now to get an accurate picture of what is happening read, Hamas settling old scores a month after seizing Gaza

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  1. It could never be the fault of the fucking arabs themselves. It must ALWAYS be the fault of Israel and the U.S. Steve Erlanger can go to hell.

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