Obama is a radical

Obama wants to
1. undo Israel
2. transform America
3. have detente with Iran
4 inter alia.

September 7, 2014 | 5 Comments »

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. “The Churchill Bust” – it’s speculation taken as fact.
    -an example of twisted thinking – demagoguery.
    Yeah,maybe in a slender secret shadow it means Obama hates the UK and is a Jihadist

    maybe he just cleaned out Bush’s Art collection (returned it to Bush) so he could put his own signature on the White House (including changing decor, drapes etc) like all incoming Presidents do.

    Which is the more everyday reasonable explanation and which is the fruity cakerss way of thinking??

  2. In the 2016 US election, a President Romney is a strong possibility. If he gets the Republican Party nomination again, he is not likely to go out of his way to run as a Tea Party Republican, which was his key mistake in the 2012 election.

    And yes, I think Romney could easily beat Hillary Clinton in a presidential run. Her political star already is sinking, and she will be a 70-year-old woman in 2017, with obviously increasing physical disabilities.

    Worst of all, for her, there is lots of politically damaging stuff in her background that will be put under the spotlight and kept there, if she is the Democratic Party nominee. In the era of liberal control of the news media in this country, all that would be hidden. But the news media that counts today are a totally uncontrolled internet and Fox News.

    Joe Biden, as vice president and long-time US senator, probably would be a better Democrat nominee for the presidency than Bill Clinton’s wife.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  3. In this video, the good professor is making no major revelations. I might quibble on the margins in terms of what Obama’s priorities are, but in the main, there is little to argue with.

    The larger question he does not address is HOW it came to be that someone so toxically unqualified to be POTUS got into the Oval Office.

    The sad and scary truth is that Obama is not a very unusual person. Go to any liberal arts department of any major university, and nine out of ten professors will agree with Obama on nine out of ten issues. The history and polisci departments of every major U.S. university – and universities of many if not most other Western countries – are crawling with Islamist butt kissing Marxist Israel haters, like so many cockroaches (I know, I just insulted cockroaches).

    Obama is where he is on a “screw Israel scholarship”, so to speak. All the other items on his agenda – e.g., “transforming America”, etc. – are what he and his cronies think they might be able to get away with while they are at it, but “it” is first and foremost undermining Israel. The forces that paved the way for him to be there did so in order to have someone at the helm of the most powerful country in the world in order to use that power to screw Israel. The rest is all secondary.

    I would have hoped to see more insight presented into the mechanisms that have brought this about, and how they may be countered.

    If we get President Hillary, President Christie, or possibly President Paul, Obama’s policies towards Israel are not likely to change, given that the forces that brought us Obama are likely behind the three candidates I just listed (esp. Hillary and Christie, IMHO). It is worthy of note that at this point in time – a year and a half before even one primary vote is to be cast – the major national-level print and broadcast media (even FOX) have been already touting Christie and Paul as the “front runners” for the GOP nomination (gee, go figure, the two GOP contenders who happen to be most likely to be anti-Israel); Hillary is a foregone conclusion on the Dem side.

    Obama is A problem, albeit a very big one. He is not THE problem. The problem is how he got there. We don’t address that, things are not likely to improve.

  4. Israel should have decimated Hamas and fenced off wide security zones. To not have done so was an error. Israel can survive the error, but it must take urgent action now to prevent a more virulent terrorist threat from rebuilding in Gaza.
    PM Netanyahu is not up to the task, he is burnt out.
    Bibi, you are a dinosaur. Step down now before you follow the arrogant fool Arik down the path of defeat. Israel will be fine. Resign today.