Obama voter fraud

Barack Obama Voter Fraud 2012

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Is this what Barack Obama calls a “ground game?” All things considered, on this page and elsewhere, Mitt Romney IS our President elect. Let’s do something about it!

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Evidence of massive Obama voter fraud in Colorado! Ten counties show 104% to 140% turnout!


Fraud: Some told they already voted, others brag about voting multiple times


Crooked Politics: Obama Lost in Every State With Photo ID Law


Philly Polling Stations Where GOP Inspectors Were Kicked Out Had 90% Voter Turnout, 99% Voted For Obama…


[Sounds like those Black Panthers who kicked out the GOP observers and stood guard at the polling stations were not just trying to intimidate voters!  They were hiding something!]

Voter Fraud Watch: Two Election Judges Replaced After Illegal Activity in Ohio – Fox News Insider


Why the Polls are Wrong: Electorate is R+6


Vote fraud alert: One out of five registered Ohio voters is bogus


via @BeachCity55 on Twitter: Senior parents in Florida told not to put their ballots through their reader but in a box. Senior votes in FL not counted?

Data Points To A Powerful Romney Campaign – And Yet…He Lost?

“You have to vote for Dems” NYC poll worker tells GOP Senate candidate #IllegalElectioneering

At least 70,000 report voting problems, mostly in swing states

Obama’s pattern of disenfranchisement of the military vote

Another Stolen Election? Election data HIGHLY suspicious AND the George Soros’ “Secretary of State Project” http://goo.gl/y1ybR

Yes, this is the same George Soros who owns part of the company in Spain Obama outsourced parts of the election to and who has been banned from Hungary because he tampered with elections there.

We will continue to add updates!  Please check back often!

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. 2) MORE VOTER FRAUD for the record

    Joseph Farah on WND:

    Here’s just some of the evidence for the skeptical:

    In September, the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio reported: “More than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote. In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible.

    Read more here:


  2. American Jews have thrown Israel under a bus.Don’t  want to hear Americans complaining about their economy , you get the government You vote for .If it makes my American Jewish friends happy the Arab / Muslim World  ( along with their left wing jewish useful idiots ) are celebrating obama ,s win over Romney who they may have feared and would have broughtBack respect maybe you once had and still deserve.good luck !

  3. Montgomery County Maryland election officials showed up at the Hebrew Home retirement community and proceeded to explain to the seniors the voting process including, I suppose, absentee ballots. The lessons, I am told, included multiple positive statements about the “good man,” Obama, from the county election official. When one resident protested, the management of the retirement home allegedly told him to shut up. 

  4. I totally agree with Bernard Ross, Laura and The Phoenix.
    Questions are, what can we do about it now, and why isn’t anyone investigating?


  5. We have become a banana republic. I knew something was not right after we were told this election would come down to the wire, into the wee hours of the morning and yet Romney did not win even ONE swing state. It just doesn’t add up.

  6. bernard ross says (amongst other things), “Is everyone sure they are not in on this hoodwink?”

    been saying this all along. the outcome of this election was determined in 2008, when de facto the constitution was trampled on with the election of this, this.. this grinning, empty suit pos.
    four years, have gone by with essentially not as much as ‘boo’ from the so called repubs…
    with this kind of an ‘opposition’, combined with the incumbent democRATS…it is a safe bet that the usa as was previously know, is LONG GONE.

  7. Where are the republicans in this?  They are the ones who should be contesting if this is true and they should never concede an election before a final count even weeks or months later, isnt that one of the reasons for the time between nov and jan? ;they should have been working to prevent this in the last 4 years and now they concede on media polls. Is everyone sure they are not in on this hoodwink? This election was too weird and contrived, like a pre determined computer game program with enough tension to seem real but with quick clear results, more like an entertainment event.