Official: Civil Admin ‘Stealing’ Jordan Valley Land for PA City

The Jordan Valley Regional Council will fight to prevent the construction of a PA city on its lands, the Council’s head said.

By David Lev, INN

Greenhouses in the Jordan Valley

Greenhouses in the Jordan Valley
Hagai Huberman

David Alhiani, chairman of the JordanValley Regional Council, told Arutz Sheva in an interview Tuesday that Israel was set to lose the Valley – and it was all the fault of the government. The construction of a new Arab city in the Jordan Valley, as announced by the Civil Administration, will effectively close off a large portion of the Valley to Israelis, he said.

“The city will consist of over 1,100 lots, and will have housing for 10,000 people,” Alhiani said. “In addition, a smaller Arab village is planned for the area.”

Alhiani blames the Civil Administration for trying to steal lots that belong to Israeli townsin the areal. The government was not informed, he said. “The people who are going to be getting this city are criminals who started out by squatting and living in tents, then moved on to makeshift shelters, and finally began illegal construction of homes. Now the government is giving its stamp of approval to this behavior,” he said.

The problem has been clear and growing for years, he added, but the Civil Administration chose to ignore it – and is now trying to “cover its tracks” by officially legalizing the city.

Alhiani said that he and other officials would fight hard against the move. “If they were building in Area B, under PA civil Administration, that would be one thing. But this newcity is going to be on Israeli public lands, in Area C. The Civil Administration acted like a thief in the night, arranging everything in secret, and only revealing its plans at the last possible second. The are building this project on land meant for development by the Jordan Valley Regional Council. We will not allow this to happen,” he added.

The Civil Administration said it had no comment on the matter.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. follow the Qatar trail
    back to pre faux pal state and the strange gaza cease fire to the present day.
    Was pillars of defense meant to sever the Iranian influence in gaza and hamas to the delight of GCC and with Israels collaboration? what about qatars request to Israel to invest 500 mill in gaza development? what about offshore gaza gas yet to come and qatars ownership of biggest offshore gas field?
    I do not subscribe ot suggestions of current conflict between saudi and qatar(good cop bad cop)their actions demonstrate collaboration in the bigger picture evidencing reconcialiations between the 2.
    I expect the use of al jazeera in this long pre ordained drama
    as for the west in all this:
    the west has a long experience of many decades of stable relations and stable energy supplies from the GCC. The GCC, especially Saudi, have more than a century of fundamentalist jihadi connections evidenced by thee saudi wahhabi pact, structure, relationship. It makes sense that the west would ally with the GCC to replace the secularist national govts, who have obstructed western goals,with GCC controlled Islamic and/or monarchical govts who have evidenced decades of political reliability and energy supply. Viewed in this light there emerges reasonable explanations for many strange and seemingly unrelated and inconsistent events ranging from tunisia to turkey and including Azeri and the Kurds. russia and china are struggling to maintain their influence and sources. Note tha europe has been in the forefront because it is primarily their energy supplies affected.

  2. Don’t worry – the Civil Administration is working overtime to kick Jews out of their homes.

    As though they have not been aggressive enough on that front. And now they want to give Area C away to the Jew-hating Arabs.

    As Shy Guy would say: spit – this is moderation in all the wrong places!

  3. the bigger picture: Qatar seeking to bolster trade ties with Israel
    al-Thani is expected to meet with senior Israeli officials from the high-tech and venture capital industry.
    Qatar funding egypt; qatar in libya; Q in syria funding jihadis; q brokering gaza cease fire;qatar making state visit to PA after faux state declaration;qatar requesting to make large redevelopment in gaza from Israel; Q has largest offshore gas field and gaza has offshore gas; Q allied with MB and Hamas put on Q leash; Q funding arabs in jerusalem; Q had prior ties with Israel, etc.
    How long has it been in the works? I would say it preceded the faux state(being part of the plan) and became clear at the strange gaza cease fire which targeted iran hamas ties.

  4. Do these attempts at fighting the approval of an illegal Arab settlement have any meaning at all? Because the time to protect the land is when the first squatters come in. After that it only gets harder. They all know this.~~~ The procedure has taken place hundreds of times. A small group sets up a tent, then two, and it goes on from there until, “Oops, it’s too late to do anything about all those illegal buildings, so let’s just give them official authorization so that they won’t riot”. ~~~ Let’s say that this situation happened once, maybe twice. But over and over, year after year, all over Israel, in the Negev and across the Green Line? It even happens in Jerusalem. Why isn’t it stopped within hours, instead of waiting until it’s too late and whole Arab neighborhoods have been built? ~~~ Jews know their authorities are reluctant to enforce the law, so it’s up to citizens to make them. But there is only tiny Regavim hard at work calling attention to this Arab takeover. Why?