Olympic Committee rejects Israel’s request for a minute silence

DFM Danny Ayalon in response to the President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge who refused to remember on the 40th annuiversary of the Massacre of ther Jewish Olympic Team

    “Unfortunately, this response is unacceptable as it rejects the central principles of global fraternity on which the Olympic ideal is supposed to rest”

Today (Thursday , May 17, 2012), Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon
responded to the letter he received from International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge rejecting his request to hold a minute silence in memory of the members of the Israeli Olympic team murdered at the Munich Olympics in 1972 during the upcoming London Olympic Games.

    “Unfortunately, this response is unacceptable as it rejects the central principles of global fraternity on which the Olympic ideal is supposed to rest,” Ayalon said. “The terrorist murders of the Israeli athletes were not just an attack on people because of their nationality and religion; it was an attack on the Olympic Games and the international community. Thus it is necessary for the Olympic Games as a whole to commemorate this event in the open rather than only in a side event.”

IOC President Rogge’s reply was in response to Ayalon’s letter, sent a few weeks ago, requesting the minute silence on behalf of representatives of the families, Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano, the widows of two of the murdered athletes.

“This rejection told us as Israelis that this tragedy is yours alone and not a tragedy within the family of nations. This is a very disappointing approach and we hope that this decision will be overturned so the international community as one can remember, reflect and learn the appropriate lesson from this dark stain on Olympic history.”

Ayalon passed Rogge’s response to the athletes families, including Spitzer and Romano who advocated for the minute silence. Ayalon told them that the Ministry will in the coming weeks launch a campaign that it is hoped will reverse the decision.

Lital Shochat –
Spokesperson of DFM –
050-6203-072 / 054-7732-445
lital.shochat@mfa.gov.il – litalshochat@gmail.com

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15 Comments / 15 Comments

  1. Why bring this up now? What’s so special about a 40 year anniversary over a 30yr, 20yr 10yr or 4yr year one?

    Looks to me that Danny Ayalon is looking to get his name in print and on the news media. The Munich murder of Israeli athletes is for we Israelis to remember but the IOC today? For then it’s big business and a Mass media sports carnival. The Olympics have lost much of their original glow and sporting ideals when they allowed professional athletes to compete against amateurs. When they added such events as bowling, curling and bad-mitten to name just a few non sports to their events. Most of the top athletes are taking banned enhancing substances and have found ways and means in masking it. I’m waiting for them to add Yo Yoing and marbles along with 3 card monti competitions to their events.

    Danny Ayalon is a sleaze who is married to a Christian missionary and has probably converted himself but for political and economic reasons hasn’t gone public with the news.

    In any event the tragedy was Israels and the games were not halted except for the day of the terror events. Mark Spitz won his 5 medals and in a true Jewish heroic manner ran home from Germany in record time. He should have gotten a 6th medal for speed of departure.

    Much a do about nothing. If Israel really wanted to honor our slain athletes and uphold the honor of Israel and the Jewish People put a bullet into Abbas’ (Abu Mazen) cerebellum.

  2. Yes, it would appear that by not participating, Israel could be ridiculed in the loathsome Western press, there is no guarantee that any protests will be covered. Even by the PalestinePost or is that the JerusalemPost?

    I agree that the athletes should not be used as political tools as did Dhimmy Carter did in 1980 as if Americans have any relationship with Afghanistan.

    But we will know that the athletes will not be attacked. We can only speculate that the muslims will try to seize this oppurtunity to highlight their victimhood in England and of course showcase their mega mosque.

  3. James B – Montreal,

    The best place for such a demonstration is in a Muslim friendly city.

    Embarrass the Olympic hosts, the city’s dhimmi politicians and police and, above all, the Muslim world.

    To not appear would give Islam an easy victory and break the hearts of those young athletes who have devoted their lives to attaining the goal of the Olympic competition.

  4. @ James B – Montreal: I am not against the athletes going. I am only commenting on the endless surprise and gullibility of jews. I am against the idea of always looking for something from the former masters. If there is something the jews should have, dont ask just take. The athletes can show the world how Israel, as usual, is able to stand up to adversity, pettiness and unwarranted attacks simply by attending. If the europeans, and their muslim allies, want to avoid discomfort, so what? Why do Israel and the Jews want their participation in something they dont want or feel. Israel must put energy towards independence and not more dependence, whether emotionall, spiritually, economic or military. I am not for using the athletes as a political tool, they also have a life to live.

    However, the participation is also a good opportunity for intelligence work.

  5. Bernard Ross: It is only the fool Jews who believe in this false “global fraternity”. Jews just never seem to get it.

    Even worse, Jews vote for left of center parties whose platform is all about ” kumbayah ” and ” bringing the family of man together” in the hopes that people will like them.

    In all due respect to making a visible show of remembrance, if I were Bibi Nuttinyahu I would not allow the athletes to go and sojourn in a muslim friendly city. And I would say just that in a speech. The bobbies can only wiggle their hips in the face of muslim terror.

    Why go to a party when you know that the hosts hate you. Why? Do the athletes believe that they are going go sign a multi million dollar contract with Sealtest or Wheaties?

    There is something called the Maccabia games. Not the same but at least the athletes will not be going to a muslim friendly city.

  6. I would like to see the Israeli contingent march into the arena along with the other athletes at the opening ceremonies.
    Like the other athletes they should be carrying the flag of their country.
    They should also carry alongside the flag of Israel a big black flag with a bold blue Star of David upon it.
    Half way through their march the Israelis should stop, sing Hatikvah and then stand silently for one minute.
    They should end that silent minute with a loud “Shalom”.

    There will undoubtedly be lots of jeers and hopefully even more cheers.

    There will be repercussions but so be it.

  7. @ bernard ross:
    I agree 100%.
    Further. Sorry about the “opportunity” lost that may be claimed by some athletes but Israel must not take part on the garbage pile up.

  8. It is only the fool Jews who believe in this false “global fraternity”. Jews just never seem to get it. They are always at the feet of their former masters begging for something. Begging for their freedom, begging not to be slaughtered, begging for their approval, begging for their sympathy, begging for their sorrow, even begging for the jews own land. This was understandable when under the boot of the master. The worst is this perennial Kowtowing to the europeans. The europeans owe 200O years of swindling, torture and slaughter. a few shekels of reparations cannot wipe out the blood. As usual they will be behind this move or rubber stamping it. One should expect no less from them. Less time on begging and more time on taking is required.

  9. That the olympic committee would reject Israel’s request for a moment of silence was expected. The world community consistently indulges islamic Jew-hatred and doesn’t consider the murder of Jews to be a crime against humanity. It’s a wonder that Israel is even allowed to participate in the olympic games since their presence is offensive to muslims.

  10. @ Canadian Otter:

    Israeli athletes should commemorate the massacre anyway, during the opening parade of nations.

    Each could wear a picture of a victim on a shirt, which would be hidden beneath the official uniform until the very last minute.

    US, Canadian, German athletes could be convinced to stop during the parade and stand in silence if the Olympic Committee does NOT agree.

    Stop the parade. What can the IOC do, if they stop in the middle of the parade for 1 min?

  11. Israeli athletes should commemorate the massacre anyway, during the opening parade of nations.

    Each could wear a picture of a victim on a shirt, which would be hidden beneath the official uniform until the very last minute.

    They could unveil banners with messages for the world. Then step aside from the main column, and observe their own minute of silence.

    And they must mention to the media, at every instance they can, that the financial mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre was none other than PA President Mahmmoud Abbas.

    All this may have to be prepared in secret by the athletes themselves. I don’t think that the Israeli delegation managers would approve.

    A whole generation has grown up not knowing what happened in Munich during the 1972 Olympics. They don’t know of Abbas’ role, and they don’t know how the Germans bungled the athletes’ rescue.

  12. I truly hope that the muslims will do their duty in London to attempt to commit mayhem during the olympics.

    If I were Bibi, I would refuse to allow Israel to participate. It is unsafe for Jews to be in a muslim country. At least a muslim city.

    The Govt of England has said that muslim terrorists are engaging in anti-Islamic activities.

    I do not want to see any athletes hurt ( just the muslim ones ).