Omert’s Chinese Puzzle

by Barry Chamish

[I have never posted anything by Barry Chamish but this intrigued me.]

I just read a long, near-idiotic analyses of what awaits Ehud Olmert in China. He will find a nation buying world resources and will want to get a piece of the largesse for Israel. (The author pulls his hair out).

China does not simply invite Israeli prime ministers for live snake dinners. There had to be one serious proposal in the air. We know Olmert returned from the Vatican with the order to bring down all roadblocks in Judea and Samaria. That would effectively open Israelis to a mass pogrom. Condoleeza Rice came to town on a whirlwind of global destruction. Victim one was Foreign MinisterTzipi Livni. They gave her a few simple lines to say and she muffed them.

Nonetheless, Condy insisted she was “inspired” by Livni’s empty headedness and learned a lot about “political horizons.”

Victim numero two is Avigdor Leiberman, political hack. Last week YNET released the results of their poll, and what do you know, 80% of Israelis believe ALL of their politicians are corrupt. In short, Israelis have all lost faith in their system. The only thing left to fight for is a few family and friends.

Of the politicians whom 20% felt were not corrupt, Lieberman led the political pack with a full 5% believing he’s honest.

Now, they’d better hope not. After meeting with Rice, we discover that he suggested putting 30,000 NATO troops in Gaza. But wait, isn’t that the Vatican plan? We see Rice and Rome working hand in hand.

So Olmert escapes to China. Now, we saw him milk a cow. But behind closed doors, on January 11, 2007, China changed the world. And all they did was knock down a satellite in space with another satellite 500 miles away. From here on, Space Wars is not science fiction. Twenty good shots could send the world hurtling back to 1700. China is now a first-rate military power.

Now you may say, “So what if Olmert just happened to be in China on that day?”

But the chief of the KGB is screeching, “Why did Olmert get the show?”

And the head of the CIA must be a little put off, anyway, by Olmert.

But the head of Iran’s secret services got the message. China could get rid of their satellite Sinah-1 and they wouldn’t be able to watch Israel get up every morning.

Something drove Olmert to China and he was well rewarded…but for what? On the surface, China would lose far more customers than Israel is worth. But Israel is a player and can make offers. And this is what I think may well have happened.

Olmert knows Israel is through in the Western alliance. And somehow he wants to save his land. Even if it means teaming up with China and throwing out the Vatican and CFR.

One thing is certain; Olmert and China produced an earthquake felt by military planners and their political bosses throughout this planet, being primed for war.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. The German-Jesuit EU would instruct the Israeli oligarchy to eliminate Ehud Olmert as they appear to have done with Yitzhak Rabin if he attempts to woo China at their expense. The Vatican has its evil eye on Jerusalem and will not be deterred from their grand design.

    Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

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