On the ground inside Gaza, where Israel is trying to save civilians from Hamas

By Douglas Murray, NY POST Nov. 15, 2023, 1:40 p.m. ET

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  1. It is truly remarkable how convinced the progressives of the world are that Israel is bad and Palestinians are victims.

    This victimhood ideology is completely pathological. Would people say that the members of Hitler’s panzer division were victims because Hitler didn’t allow anyone to disagree with his policies?

    Did anyone tell the Allies they were committing genocide? Did anyone say to the Allies, “you have to have a cease fire or you will be guilty of war crimes”?

    There has never been a time when a country, which was the victim of genocide, (which is what October 7th was), was BLAMED by the international community instead of the other way around.

    The international response of criticism of Israel and the demand for a delusional two state solution at the end of this war are simply unacceptable.

    Americans BY A LOT support Israel. Only a small number of people by contrast want Israel destroyed. What is worrisome is that instead of having a nation of educated college students we have a nation of indoctrinated college students who are ignorant and rooting for team genocide.

    That has got to change.

    And there is going to be no TSS. It was dead before October 7th and it is even more dead now. Biden can keep insisting on it until the day he dies, it isn’t happening. The Israeli people will never let the PA run anything anymore, nor will they let Hamas run anything. Nor should they delegate the security of Gaza to an anti-Israel biased international group.

    I think there are 2 articles by Tony Badran that are important here:
    one is the need for Israel to deport all those Palestinians who celebrate their death:


    And the other is looking into the role of the US in damaging Israel’s intelligence in the lead up to this war:


  2. Since IDF holds a 20 km sea shore , it can provide these people with a sailing cruise towards Turkey which will be eager to show the world how much they really support their muslim brethren .