On the Syrian Front

By Ted Belman.

The NYT has a major article noting Assad Suffering Reversals in Fighting and Diplomacy the upshot of which is to report that Russian and Turkey see eye to eye in that they say that a deal should be negotiated to get Assad to give it up in exchange for his survival. He can’t simply run away when he wants to because his own security forces will kill him.

JPOST reports that ‘Israel sought Jordan’s permission to bomb Syria’ twice and was turned down for fear of retailiation by Syria. Israel reserves the right to bomb the WMD depots in Syria.

Mudar Zahran reports:

    May this be latest alarm to all; Syria seems to be disintegrating quickly and Assad is coming closer to falling every single day.

    The King of Jordan has technically lost his power over Jordan, he is now barely a facade and he will be leaving within months in my estimate.
    People in Jordan are openly calling for toppling the king and he will fall, nonetheless, the media is not reporting one per thousand of what is happening, but it will soon have to do so.
    The Muslim Brotherhood is hated to a great extent and now has FREEZED its participation in the protests all in support of the king.

    With all of this, I’d still say if elections were held today, the MB has the money while we the seculars have NOTHING, and therefore common sense is: they will win; even Obama needed money to win the re-elections, imagine if he had none like we do now?

    We need, support, financial and political, we need money, we need someone to connect us to 10 Downing Street, and the MI6….

    My estimate, we have less than 40 days to work out this before things get out of our hands, otherwise, expect the Muslim Brotherhood ruling Amman ,,,,,

    It is as simple as that.

    If anyone can help us with the underlined part above, that would be great….otherwise; we should all mourn Amman very soon,


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  1. It was said several months ago that the Assad regime is dying a death of 10,000 cuts. He simply doesn’t have enough population support. He doesn’t dare even put his troops on the front line for fear they would mutiny or desert.

    Assad’s about to bleed out but it doesn’t looks as if it’s going to end well -add to that Al Qaeda now has a foothold and the West did not get enough support and liaison to the FSA to promote Western Influence.

    “His mood is that he will be killed anyway,”

    There is the chance that he could get asylum in Russia or Iran but he has to even escape from his own security forces.

    Will Assad make a suicide strike against Israel when knows it’s over? Try to heroize himself with the Jihadist World?

    If Assad uses the chemicals against his people or in any way that will green light American or Nato intervention – but will they act quickly enough?

    Looks very unpredictable but seems there is a lot of possibility to smash the Shite power from Iran to Hezbollah.

    ” The source said Israel has been saying for months that it was concerned about the possible transfer of Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons – the third largest in the world – to “unsavory actors” such as Hezbollah, Hamas or al-Qaeda.”

    They’ll all be scrambling for those chemical weapons to fill the next rocket attacks against Israel.