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In his latest essay, Takuan Seiyo notes the many ways in which the bill is now coming due all across the West for mass Muslim immigration. He also details recent examples of denial and repression against anyone who dares to identify the cause of what is happening.

Vincent van Gogh, ‘Prisoners Exercising’, 1890

Vincent van Gogh, ‘Prisoners Exercising’, 1890

by Takuan Seiyo

[I have left his great opening paragraphs to focus on his remarks about France.]

France is already choking. 10% of its population (per official stats, but there is more) are feral Muslims imported from Africa; Marseilles has been permanently transformed into a backward region of Morocco; native Frenchmen are mowed down by imported Muslims’ cars, bullets or blades seemingly every other day; 1000 cars of Frenchmen are torched every year for a Muslim celebration of Christmas; and 750 areas with over 4 million “Frenchmen” are officially designated as “Zones urbaines sensibles” i.e. zones where no real Frenchman, if he is sensible (that’s my esoteric translation, the weasel French word means “sensitive”), ought to set foot, or else it’s his limbs or life.

And still, the fanatical socialist Francois Hollande can deliver an impassioned speech in mid-December hailing the benefits of immigration to his country and unloading on the “scaremongers and prophets of doom, “who dream of a smaller, spiteful, retreating France that is no longer France” He follows suit with a New Year speech setting a “fight against racism and anti-Semitism” and a battle against staunch conservatism and “dangerous” populist movements his national cause for 2015.

As though the “scaremongers” and “dangerous populist movements” were not the thin line opposing dangerous Muslims’ racism and antisemitism. As though native white Frenchmen have less right to their own territory where their ancestors lived already in the Iron Age, than the Abron or Dyula have to their homelands in West Africa.

Hardly a week after Sydney, the same occurred in France, without guns. That was Reality, asserting that what kills people is Islam (and black or imported narco-brown dysfunction in the United States), not guns. In Dijon, a “man” screaming Allahu Akbar drove his car into a crowd and injured 13. In Nantes, a “man” screaming Allahu Akbar drove his car into a crowd, injuring 11. In Joue-les-Tours, a “French convert” screaming Allahu Akbar attacked three policemen with a knife.

And the same sick syndrome: pronouncements by the politicians and the clucking classes were all about “mental illness”/ “lone wolf”/ “no connection” [between the three attacks]. Islam was specifically excluded from consideration.

A few weeks later, three imported Muslim “Frenchmen” burst into the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, open fire with automatic AK-47s, kill 12 and injure 8, then get away, screaming Allahu Akbar. French police officers who arrive on the scene are unarmed and have to flee. The clucking class (e.g. Piers Morgan) remains strangely silent about this obvious failure of France’s highly restrictive gun laws. Such proscriptive laws obviously cannot restrain Allah’s soldiers; they acquire military-grade weapons on the flourishing black market.

Alain Juppé — Mayor of Bordeaux, former Prime Minister and a possible future President — goes on television that very morning of January 7th, saying, “Islamophobia is a mortal peril. It’s a danger of war. We cannot allow ourselves to develop that detestable movement.”

As if to prove how detestable Islamophobia is, within 48 hours two more gifts of Muslim Africa to France kill another policeman in Paris, and the male of them, armed with two AK-47s, shoots up and takes over a kosher supermarket, resulting in the death of four hostages. In Montrogue, an unarmed police woman is shot with an automatic firearm and killed, and a street sweeper is injured. Two “suspects” are later arrested and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warns against “jumping to conclusions.” In Nîmes, an “automobile driver” rams a police car and is shot for his trouble. In Carcassonne, a French soldier in uniform — they still wear them in France, unlike in the Netherlands — is assaulted by an “imbalanced” man armed with a machete, tear gas bomb— and Allahu Akbar.

French intelligence services are busy 24/7 foiling terror plots by “Frenchmen,” the vomitable Hollande is begging to buy off Muslims with an official jizya that he calls “tackling inequality”, but it’s obvious that the situation in France is out of control, as it is in the rest of Western Europe. It’s equally obvious that the situation will continue deteriorating — after all, demography is destiny — and that the ruling elites will continue every possible lie and means of suppression available to them, to prevent the flock from any effective counteraction.

It’s no wonder that on January 15, a French journalist, Laurent Obertone, will publish a book entitled La France, Big Brother, subtitled (in translation) “The lie is the truth.” French Amazon.com synopsizes: “Who is Big Brother? The peak of the pyramid. The government. The administration. The media. The experts. The ideologues. Intellectual orthodoxy. The screens. An organization that assumed all the appearances of a free and democratic society.”

To which I might add: multiply all that times every single Western country, plus all international organizations of any kind.

The madness and the pertinent social controls have burrowed deep also into the flesh of what used to be the sanest, best-managed country of the West, Switzerland. One who has seen the brown and black loiterers at a Swiss Railway station, or who reads between the lines of crime reports, soon realizes that this once-great country has done itself in, in the manner of its neighbors.

After research into the effect of imported barbarian tax-eaters and lawbreakers on Switzerland in 2007, I wrote:

“Last year, there were 639 rapes in Switzerland. 309 of the 489 identified perpetrators, i.e. over 63%, were foreigners. 198 homicides were committed in Switzerland in 2006. Of the 226 identified perpetrators, 51% were foreigners. There were 9272 assaults with bodily damage and 8568 identified assailants. Almost 50% of the assailants were Swiss residents of foreign extraction. All these and statistics on kidnappings, theft, burglary etc — all the specialty of foreigners — may be gleaned in the 2006 Statistical Report on Crime, issued by the Swiss Federal Police. [snip]

It is common knowledge here that Albanians and other European Muslims commit crimes far out of proportion to their numbers [snip]. The names one reads in drug and smuggling arrest reports are usually Balkan-Muslim or Turkish. [snip]

The Federal Department of Justice and Police ordered a study of delinquency and nationality that found in 2001 a criminal conviction rate about 12 times higher among asylum seekers (4%), and twice as high (0.6%) among other resident foreigners, compared to Swiss citizens (0.3%). Given the enormous share of crime by Third World asylum seekers, one would think that a wide consensus existed to shut down this and other immigration-related gates to dystopia. But Switzerland is as PC-bound and multiculti handicapped, as confused about its identity, as the rest of the West is.”

And the Swiss keep packing them in. According to Eurostat, between 1.1.2014 and 30.9.214 Switzerland took in 2220 refugees per million inhabitants, second only to Sweden. At the same time, Swiss jails are so overloaded — and as I showed above, the majority of the inmates are the same people that the Swiss ruling elite keeps inviting in large numbers — that the country is now seeking to export its prison inmates to France and Germany.

Germany, waking up after decades of treasonous demographic malpractice by its establishment, is marching under PEGIDA banners (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) in Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, Kassel, Hamburg and Munich. But a powerful counterattack has been mounted by what I call SWORIL (Swells Who Ride in Limousines).

Frau Merkel diagnosed that the will of the people was moot when clashing with the fancies of SWORIL. It’s done easily these days: you just call PEGIDA “right-wing extremism, hostility towards foreigners and anti-Semitism” — the very words Merkel used — or “nationalists and racists, who are fanning people’s fears and want to divide society” — the magic mantra of a leader of the Social Democratic party, Thomas Oppermann.

Both Cologne’s famous cathedral and Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate switched off their lights to protest against the anti-Muslim rallies. The head of the confederation of German employers opined that Germany’s image is being damaged by an anti-foreigner movement, and that “Germany needed immigration to sustain its job market and social system, given that its population is aging.” He refrained from elaborating further whether Germany needed immigration of sub-90 IQ, fanatical followers of a 7th century desert brigand to sustain its job market and social system…

If only Merkel and Oppermann and the German anti-PEGIDA demonstrators were that insightful in 1935, when the time was right and proper… If only Cologne Cathedral’s Cardinal Schulte switched off the lights in 1936, instead of staging a fawning reception for Hitler as “The Liberator of Rhineland.” If only German factories enticed foreign immigrants to power the industry of the Third Reich, instead of forcing millions of Slav slaves to work nonstop on a bowl of potato peel water a day, under whip and cudgel, until they died…

How grotesque, to be a German counterpolar idiot to the German idiots of the other pole — the one of the 1930s-40s. How stupid to destroy your country by toppling it into an abyss this way, just because your grandfather toppled it into an abyss that way…

But there must be even larger forces abroad, and who knows to whose orders the political and cultural SWORILs march. The hysteria, the bold-faced, desperate lying, the besmirching and persecution of resisters, the packing into every Euro peoples’ land of more imported voters for the Corporatist-Socialist-Feminist Multiculti Oligarchy, though they be also soldiers for the Caliphate — all that bespeaks of cataclysmic forces roiling the ruling class under its cultivated surface.

One of the agitprop tools of the European Union opined: “Anti-Islam protests ‘tearing apart’ German society — the inverse of the obvious truth that Islam is tearing Germany apart. Geert Wilders, who alone among major political leaders has been warning that Islam tears all of Europe apart, is now to stand trial for “insulting a group of people based on race and incitement to discrimination and hatred,” after similar legal chicanery against him failed in 2011.

Brigitte Bardot, who merely challenged Muslim treatment of our furry friends, has been hauled to court by the French nouveau Vichy permanent regime and punished five times, over eight years. Fjordman gets out of line with his critique of Eurabia’s insane captains, they remove the shoelaces from Anders Breivik and tie them onto Fjordman, with much media fanfare in Quislingland.

European president Jean-Claude Juncker warned “established political parties,” i.e. those that do not challenge the accepted lies, not to imitate “populists” parties — i.e. those that timidly challenge some of the lies, particularly about the wonders of Immigration and Islam. Should mainstream parties like Christian Democrats become “populist,” warned Monsieur Juncker, European countries would become “ungovernable”.

Oy vey, what will all those Europeans do, if they are not “governed”!

But this portends a deeper tragedy. The French and other European ruling elites lie to their state serfs and repress dissent to save their own sinecures, their perverted schemes. They wish to evade accountability for the greatest malfeasance ever inflicted on a people since Stalin and Hitler, to kick the time bomb downstreet so that it explode not in their own times. But the United States was always there since its inception: liberty’s last, best hope, as the inspiration of Europe’ liberty and, for the past 100 years, its guarantor.

No more. The same cabal of progressive politicians, self-dealing bureaucrats in giant Leviathan structures, postmodern-Marxist academics, labor socialists, financial criminals, mega-crooks, emotive airhead celebrities, feminists, self-haters, and their large, immigrant clientele has transformed America just as it has Europe. Should Eurabia become “ungovernable,” the U.S. Multiculti Marines will be landing in Normandy to help not the wrecked, conquered people but to protect their “governors” and their pet Muslim minority from the horrific consequences of the former’s madness and the latter’s barbarism. United States’ “majority minority” population will be cheering them on.

These are the times that try men’s souls.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For links to his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

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  1. the more the pendulum swings in one direction the more it swings in the other direction….. Newton. A time will come when the opposite takes place and once more the “civilized” veneer of europe will be ripped off. However their foe will be stronger and more commited than them, it will be too late for them, the numbers tell the tale. They will not be assimilated and they will not embrace euro values. tough merde, froggy.

  2. The leaders of the EU are petro$ dependent. If Qatar and other remove their $, the EU could collapse economically???