PA Technocratic Government Calls on World Community to Stop Israel From Acting to Save Kidnapped Boys

Sunday, June 15, 2014

International Community Should Intervene to Stop Israeli Collective
Punishment against Palestinians, says Government

RAMALLAH, June 15, 2014 (WAFA – PLO news agency) – Spokesperson for the Consensus Government, Ehab Bessaiso, condemned in a statement Sunday, the Israeli military occupation’s attacks against unarmed civilians in the West Bank and Gaza.

He condemned the latest air strikes on the Gaza Strip, which led to the injury of several citizens, including a woman in Rafah, and the arrest campaign waged by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank, which included more than 100 citizens, among them Legislative Council members.

Bessaiso said that the Israeli military occupation’s escalation is part of the collective punishment against the Palestinian people, calling on the international community to intervene through its legal and humanitarian institutions to protect the Palestinian people from such attacks, which included abuses by the Israeli occupation’s prison administration on the Palestinian prisoners, and preventing their families from their right to visit, in addition to the Israeli military occupation’s siege imposed on the city of Hebron after the disappearance of three settlers, on Thursday in the so called area C surrounded by colonial settlements situated between Hebron and Bethlehem.

Bessaiso stressed that the continuation of the Israeli colonial settlements’ expansion and violence by settlers prevents the Palestinian Authority from the its right to control and govern the so called ‘C’ areas, which consist of 62% of the West Bank, and hampers the Palestinian and International efforts from reaching a political solution to ensure justice and security, and provide political and economic stability in the region.

He asserted that the Israeli occupation can’t hold the Palestinian Authority responsible regarding security in the occupied areas which are not subject to the Palestinian full control and are occupied by tens of colonial-settlements and Israeli military surroundings.

PA ministry condemns Israel for seeking clues to rescue kidnapped boys
Palestinian Foreign Ministry Condemns Latest Israeli Arrest Campaign in West

RAMALLAH, June 15, 2014 (WAFA – PLO news agency) – Ministry of Foreign
Affairs condemned, in a statement Sunday, the latest Israeli arrest campaign
in the West Bank against the Palestinians, which included members of the
Palestinian Legislative Council, as well as threats made against President
Mahmoud Abbas.

The ministry condemned what it described as the “fierce attack” by Israel
against the Palestinian people and their leaders, stressing that Israel’s PM
Benjamin Netanyahu is responsible for the “terrorist” and “aggressive”
behavior of Israeli settlers as well as for their illegal presence in the
Occupied Palestinian Territory in accordance with Geneva conventions and
the international humanitarian law.

“Netanyahu’s method of holding President Mahmoud Abbas responsible [for the
missing settlers] is a clue to the inability and failure of Netanyahu,
stressing that he will not be able to convince the world [with this],” said
the statement.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian National Council strongly condemned Israel’s
arrest of members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in addition to
tens of Palestinians on Sunday.

The Council stressed its rejection to the Israeli “collective punishment”
against Palestinian towns, village and refugee camps, calling for the
implementation of the Geneva conventions in the Occupied Palestinian
Territory (OPT).

Chairman of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) Salim Zanoun warned of
Israel’s continued military operations against the Palestinian people under
the pretext of “searching for the missing three setters.”

He called upon the international community to put an end to the illegal
Israeli practices against the Palestinian people and provide them with
international protection in light of the ongoing military procedures in the

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  1. Awesome video, Yamit. We were protesting across the street from Omar Khadr’s parent’s apartment (Ontario Housing/Welfare funded), and there was an Indian man and his young boy standing on our side of the street facing the protesters on Khadr’s side. I went over and ask him if he was a Hindu (I assumed this because a lot of Hindus support JDL Canada). He answered that he was not a Hindu but a Muslim. I asked him why he was protesting against Khadr’s supporters, pointing out to him that it was dangerous for him and his family to do so. He answered that he wanted people to know that those animals across the street were not real Muslims and that they did not represent real Islam. As much as I detest Islam, I had to admire him (and his little boy!) for publicly standing with the JDL against Khadr’s group. This experience has always stuck in my mind. My thought at the time was, “Where are all the other Muslims like this guy?”