July 4, 2014 22:01

Members of the Jewish Defence League were attacked by Palestinian protestors outside the Palestine House in Toronto.

MICHAEL COREN interviews Meir Weinstein, the head of the JDL in Toronto on the violence.

See the VIDEO of the interview which includes videos of the violence.

The police did nothing to protect the victims and did not arrest the perpetrators. But they did arrest on Jewish demonstrator because he wouldn’t move his motorcycle.

Police policy seems to be to arrest the weaker peaceful protestors rather than the criminals who turn to violence.

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23 Comments / 23 Comments

  1. Just received word via email from JDL leadership that charges are being laid and people are being arrested from the pro-Pali side right now (4:40 pm, Friday the 11th) because of the video(s) taken during the fight. No JDL member has been charged or arrested. This is such good news! Thanks, HaShem!

  2. No problem, Steve. We’re on the same side. You are my brother. The biggest problem there was the savages across the street from us. THEY are the problem. I’m sorry too, that I flew off the handle. I want to keep on the good side of you biker guys. See you in front of the Israeli Consulate very soon (apparently that’s where we are facing off with them again). Again, no problem, Steve. Be well.

  3. M Devolin Said:

    I have NO fucking idea why you would want to make a fellow member of the JDL look bad in public

    It was not my intention to make you look bad–and I apologize that my comments were such that this is the impression you got. I just wanted to make it clear to the non GTA readers who may have little or no familiarity with the Toronto area that the Toronto police should not be associated in any negative manner with the incident last week as they were not there simply because its outside of their jurisdiction. As for my comment about the police not arresting any of the Palestinians who assaulted the the JDL member I have to reiterate my disagreement with you. I think they could have easily arrested the assaulters. They had the manpower at the site of the assault and the necessary equipment to restrain them. This is what I saw and how I interpreted the incident as far as the failure of the police in not arresting any of the Pals. If this makes you look bad then I’m sorry as it wasn’t my intention, just how I interpreted the assault incident. In any case, while not a JDL member, I am nontheless a supporter–just ask Mike S about former YOW pres “Steve”!

  4. OK, I see where I referred to Coren and the Toronto cops. But I’m quite aware that the Peel Regional police were on duty in Mississauga. Coren has had issues with the “Toronto police” before. So why try to make me look stupid or insinuate that I’m lying? You disagree with me, fine. But don’t make me look bad. I’m JDL, remember? We’re on the same side. Next meeting you’re at, ask Meir Weinstein about Michael Devolin (yeah, that’s my real fucking name), see if he will vouch for me. Or, next time I can travel 200 fucking miles for a monday night meeting (or the next prostest as planned), you can ask me yourself about my points of view. I have NO fucking idea why you would want to make a fellow member of the JDL look bad in public (like we don’t have enough Arab Muslims telling lies about us!), but hey, have at me.

  5. Evil Doctor, I know the “Toronto police” were not there but the Peel police were. I was there. Where the fuck did I use the term “Toronto police”? I’ve already discussed this with Trevor. Are saying I wasn’t there? Ask Moshe (one of the bikers and my friend) if I was there. I am on your side, remember? If that’s the way you saw it, then I agree with you. I merely told it as it appeared to me. Are you calling me a liar? I was Meir Weinstein’s bodyguard back in the 80s. Ask Meir Weinstein if I was there. Ask Mike S. if I was there. What is your issue with me? I am only happy that none of the elderly Jewish protesters got hurt. That relief perhaps clouded my interpretation of things. Again, show me where I used the term “Toronto police”. I know well where the Peel Police are situated. Bob Devolin is my first cousin and just retired tree weeks ago. He was their superintendent. He is a personal friend of the sargeant on duty that night, who made sure everyone got out of there safely. But eh, if you want to make me look stupid, go right ahead. Do you not recognize me from the photo?

  6. @ M Devolin:
    In watchng the video I beleive that as soon as a couple of the pals ran out and made physical contact(an attack) the cops should have beat them all down with billy clubs.
    are jews allowed to carry firearms there? the elderly under attack should have the right to defend themselves with arms as one blow could kill them in the wrong place.

  7. @ M Devolin:
    I was there as well. Just a few comments: the Toronto police were not present at Palestine House. Palestine House is located in Mississauga adjacent to but not part of the City of Toronto. Mississauga is part of Peel Region and is thus policed by Peel Regional Police. I disagree with Michael as regards arresting the Palestinians who assaulted the JDL guy. I saw and the video clearly shows that were were about 4 officers standly idly by while the JDL guy was being assaulted. There were several officers standing in the middle of the road keeping the Jewish protesters on the west side of the street. I think it would have been easy for the police to arrest the Arab who assaulted the JDL guy IF they were inclined to do so. Instead they arrested one of the members of my motorcycle club who left his bike parked on the street.

  8. You can tell by looking at their “tough guys” that most of them have never worked a day in their life. No muscle tone whatsoever.

  9. The guy speaking on the megaphone is the JDL member who was attacked a little while later. This is BEFORE the fight happened.

  10. @ M Devolin:

    I thought you were there, I was looking for you, Maple Sugar. The police seemed to act reasonably considering the volatility of the incident.

  11. And I understand your feelings, Mr. Ross. When they know Canadian Jews could possibly be beaten up by these fucking animals, why do they allow them entry into this country? But Coren is excoriating the police unfairly. He is not telling how they escorted many of us (my Jewish buddy and I included) back to our cars afterward. They made sure the elderly Jews were out of there safely. I think Coren has a problem with the Toronto cops, or maybe he’s trying to put a conspiratorial twist on this story. It was bad enough already without aggrandizing it.

  12. I was there, phoenix. And in their defence, the police couldn’t leave their position on the street between our main body of protesters and the savages as (what you’re not seeing in the video above) that would have left an open breach for these sick fucks to charge into our ranks, many of whom were elderly Jews. They came charging across the street at the main body of protester when this fight erupted. Coren was not there. I was. And the police were outnumbered and understaffed (until they brought in the tactical squads (with automatic weapons and shotguns and tear-gas) shortly after the melee started. I don’t know why Coren is saying this. And to arrest one of the jihadist members at that moment would have meant that something even more terrible would have happened. When we regrouped afterwards, these fucking cowards wouldn’t come near us. I just wrote Ezra Levant (who was once very friendly with PM Harper) to ask him to ask PM Harper if he was serious about what he said in Israel about anti-Jewish hatred, whey is he allowing this sick bastards into our country and why did he allow an art exhibition to proceed in Ottawa (right under his and Baird’s nose) that glorified Palestinian terrorists and their terrorism? It is one thing to say, but quite another to do. Will send you more vids and pics.

  13. I wonder what would happen to a police officer if he/she became a conscientious objector when ordered to stop and or apprehend the attacked minority group and allow the aggressive majority to do as it wishes as frequently happens now.
    Would he or she be disciplined, stripped of rank, fired, subject to harassment from fellow officers?

  14. Already Jews are being beaten up in Toronto while the cops stand idly by: perhaps the cops think the jews deserve the beating. That is a sign of the lies being accepted as truth.

  15. “Police policy seems to be to arrest the weaker peaceful protestors rather than the criminals who turn to violence.”

    If that holds true and past actions/inactions prove that it is then the police will always side with the Muslims for they far outnumber the Jews in virtually every confrontation.

    That is probably the reason that the Muslims are always the initiators of violence.

    The only remedy I can think of is to embarrass the police publicly with footage from these episodes being broadcast on TV and radio and pictures published in the newspapers.
    Calling the police cowards when they fail to do their duty might arouse the pride that they seem, at present, to lack but which is necessary for them to be effective and fair.