Palin stands by “our beloved Israel”

By Ted Belman

With the GOP somewhat divided on what to do in Egypt, NYT asked the question, “Could Palin Use Speech to End Silence on Egypt?”. The speech was the one she was slated to give last night at the celebration of Pres Reagan’s one hundreth birthday. In fact it was attempting to goad her into taking a stand so it could attack her on it.

    It’s possible that Ms. Palin could use the opportunity to deliver a broadly conceived foreign policy speech that uses the turmoil in Egypt to advance an understanding of her national security beliefs that goes beyond her use of Twitter messages and Facebook posts.

Well Sarah Palin took the bait in a way that eluded criticism. She said at the end of her speech that Reagan believed in,

    “peace through strength, even our allies, our beloved Israel, look to us for strength.”

In this simple short sentence she showed where she stood. Don’t appease. Defend our allies.

February 5, 2011 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. We need Sarah Palin in 2012; she would restore our nation to peace thru strength, and respect.
    The constant sniping, and condescention towards proves my point that they are afraid she would win against the ignoramus in 2012.