YITZCHAK RABIN knew that Israel’s SC endangers lives

Currently, the history books tell us that former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin is a hero of peace. It is true that he approved and signed the Oslo peace process with the arch-terrorist Yassar Arafat and his PLO terror group, even though Israeli law forbid all talks with that terror organization.

Rabin wasn’t the only leader of the political left in Israel who understood that we have a major problem with our Justice System. Former Labor party leader, and former Justice Minister Chaim Ramon, also knew that changes needed to be made to the justice system. He even tried to make those changes when he was Justice Minister, yet he was stopped. Today, Chaim Ramon, even though he still associates himself with the political left, is a big supporter of Netanyahu’s judicial reform. Click here to find out all the details about Chaim Ramon.

The political left says that judicial reform is a coup. However, today’s judicial reform is not a coup, it is a clearly articulated legal process for all to see, understand and follow as passed into law. It is trying to undo the undemocratic coup that former Chief Justice Aharon Barak did 30 years ago, when he publicly announced that he was turning basic laws into a quasi-constitution, not voted upon by the Israeli voters or the parliament. He then used that quasi-constitution to implement a judicial activism that today allows the legal system to basically run the country without any checks and balances

How so?

Here are some high-level examples:

1. When politicians make a political appointment that the legal system disagrees with the legal system cancels the appointment.

2. When politicians try to fire someone that the legal system disagrees with the legal system freezes the termination.

3. When right-wing elected governments want to pass laws that the activist-leftist judicial system disagrees with the legal system kills the bill during the legislative process or has the Supreme Court annul the law.

4. When a left-wing elected government makes an international decision without Knesset approval even though according to law it requires Knesset approval the legal establishment approves the deal without problems.

5. While Israeli law forbids terror-supporters from serving in Israel’s parliament the Supreme Court constantly allows terror-supporting Arab Muslim representatives to serve in Israel’s parliament.

Those are just a few of the many examples.

Since we have 30 years of examples of the judicial overreach thanks to the true coup done by former Chief Justice Aharon Barak, tt is extremely unfortunate that the leaders of the political left are today using lies and misinformation to create societal chaos instead of accepting the will of the Israeli public via democratic elections that voted for judicial reform, since all the parties in today’s governing coalition all promised to institute judicial reform.

My Full Presentation on Israel’s Judicial Reform


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