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  1. According to reliable reports, the Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, is insisting that the only basis for any future political arrangements with Israel is “the 1967 borders.”
    It is increasingly assumed that there once was a recognized international border between the West Bank and Israel in 1967.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  2. Obama warns Turkey that it must change its attitudes to Israel, Iran, if it wants American weapons.

    This sounds too good to be true unless you consider the midterm elections are heading towards the stretch, then it makes sense.

  3. In explaining the new public tender, the Housing Ministry said that as far as is known, the current settlement construction freeze does not apply to development designed to serve existing buildings. The ministry spokesman noted that as part of the work under the new tender, a road will be built connecting to Route 1, a ramp will be constructed, and safety will be improved.

    Israel is a sovereign nation which doesn’t need to explain its actions to the international community. The rest of the world needs to stay out of Israel’s internal affairs. Damn yentas.

  4. I wish I had a snappy line to end this post but my brain is shutting down due to hypoxia.

    All in the noble cause of achieving a final solution.

  5. Abbas has been insisting that Israel be coerced to accept the 1949 Armistice Lines as a precondition for him to agree to direct talks. There are indications that Ashton and the EU may incorporate this language into their letter to the PA. Although Netanyahu has said that Israel will not agree to preconditions and there will apparently be a separate letter from the US to Israel which will omit reference to the Armistice Lines, Israel will be entering the talks with this expectation in ink from the EU/Quartet.

    We’ve now gone from UNSCR 242 which made no mention of a Palestinian state, to Oslo which surrendered control of much of J&S, to the Roadmap which was to result in a Palestinian state on a negotiated basis only after the dismantlement of all terrorist infrastructure, to Annapolis which jumped to final status negotiations, to today where the Palestinians are being promised a state on the Armistice Lines by the EU/Quartet.

    I wish I had a snappy line to end this post but my brain is shutting down due to hypoxia.